Aavegotchi X Sandbox Experience Proposal

GM Gotchigang,

During the last few weeks, the Gotchi French Army (GFA) community team built in the shadow the Aavegotchi X Sandbox Proof Of Concept (POC) experience. This is an original GFA’s idea which was brought to Pixelcraft (PC) during Q4 2022 with already some promising visuals of the concept.

This proposal marks a big milestone for us in the overall process of creation initiated in October 2022.

Already knowing the Sandbox creation tools, we took the decision to go deeper in the process of experimenting in order to understand the full possibilities offered by this ecosystem and to brainstorm about what could be the Aavegotchi experience in The Sandbox. We decided to present the projected narrative, some visuals and the vision to Jesse and Coderdan (PC) in order to understand if that proposal would make sense in the Aavegotchi ecosystem and to PC’s eyes. That was a very important part for us and we were thrilled to receive great support from the team. Since December, we have scheduled a weekly sync call in order to push the updates about the project.

The GFA Team signed Mid-November a Licence IP with Aavegotchi in order to be able to use the Aavegotchi products trendmark, legitimating the creation of the first draft (POC) of what could be the Aavegotchi X Sandbox experience.

We submitted at the end of November a DTF (DAO Task Force) proposal to receive financial support for the creation of this POC. We want to deeply thank HEFE for his help in the overall submission/presentation process and DTF members for their support. You believed in us !

We received a 16k GHST grant in order to deliver the POC. The DTF funding process is an incubator for new Aavegotchi ecosystem projects. For us, promises should be filled over there before hoping to present something consistent to the DAO. That’s the reason why we have reached the DTF before delivering this DAO proposal.

At the same time we were already in contact with the Sandbox team discussing the possible terms of the collaboration between the ecosystems and synergy to create …

As a reminder the Sandbox metrics are :

  • 1M Twitter Followers
  • 40k daily users during the alpha Season 3
  • Large KYC user base

End of December we presented the POC to PC. They confirmed that we were ready for Take off :rocket:

Proof Of Concept

In 2023, the POC was revealed to the community through this trailer https://youtu.be/IWMlM26UWqY.

During the 14th of January Hangout was organised a live gameplay event. You can watch the full POC experience here : https://youtu.be/mdoVbQUObkc.

The POC release was a great way for us to measure the enthusiasm and the trust that the Gotchigang community and the DAO would put in our initiative to bring Aavegotchi in the Sandbox’s world.

With the massive GotchiLove received through the release process, we are now presenting this proposal request for the creation of the main Aavegotchi X Sandbox Experience.

Now that main ideas and design have received great support from the community, the GFA team has big ambitions for the whole Experience to be created and is going to improve the assets quality in order to provide AAA visuals for already existing and new ones to be created.

Create the Aavegotchi X Sandbox Experience in 2023

This proposal’s purpose is to request the support from the DAO in order to deliver an Aavegotchi experience in Sandbox by the end of Q2 2023.

Multiple goals are to be fulfilled with this experience :

  • Bring Aavegotchi to one of the top metaverse project in the crypto space
  • Deliver a marketing product that would bring more light to the aavegotchi project
  • Provide educational content about aavegotchi to the sandbox player base in order to discover Aavegotchi project features, mechanics and narrative
  • Onboard new Gotchigang members / communities by discovering Aavegotchi project
  • And more …

The new release of the GameMaker 0.8 (January 2023) is also bringing major changes in the process of creation that needs to reshape our past work. But it’s offering many possibilities for the gameplay and the mechanisms to be implemented. Please note as a consequence that the work already financed by DTF would become a whole new project to be financially supported.

This new version conduct us to consider having 2 experiences :

  • One single player experience based upon the POC
  • One whole new multiplayer experience with a lot of fun !

With our clear vision of what this project would require as firepower, here is the presentation of the projected costs with a release timeline by the end of Q2 2023 :

This budget covers all the incentives, developments and side costs generated for the Single Player Experience. A negotiation for getting a Sandbox Grant is being discussed by now. The same share allocation that the one presented above would be applied if granted. The aim of this grant is to finance a new Multiplayer Experience.

We are presenting this proposal that way as we don’t want the Aavegotchi DAO to support the risk of not getting financial support from Sandbox.

New updates or features to be added after those releases are out of this scope of work.

As mentioned in the main goals, the aim of this product won’t be about direct financial returns. Nevertheless, the Sandbox platform gives the opportunity to use the marketplace for curated collections and creators. The GFA team is working with PC on creating the products and assets to be sold on this marketplace in order to generate some yield to the DAO to be added to the onboarding indirect revenues.

Waiting for your feedback on this proposal Gang … WAGMI :+1:


Too bad they do not have Gotchi-like avatars because that would be :fire:


Its pretty sweet already! It can only get better!:100::heart::pray:

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I support this proposal, the work done for POC shows that it’s possible and that the team is capable of doing it. This proposal is exactly the definition of why Web3 game is better than the other, the combination of community and therefore more liberty and option to play, and this proposal will benefit the two communities.


Don’t forget to have a look at the discord Thread also :sunglasses: