Alchemica + GLTR economic taskforce

Hello frens, I’d like to propose the creation of an Alchemica + GLTR economic taskforce. Please have a read and let me know your thoughts/feedback.

The problem

Pixelcraft have stated they will not get involved in any tokenomic changes and that it is the DAOs responsibility to do so. This is not because PC thinks the current tokenomics are perfect and don’t require changes, but because their philosophy of a DAO-driven ecosystem requires the DAO to make these decisions/proposals on its own. Whilst this has the many benefits of decentralisation we’re here for, it has also resulted in some issues:

  1. Lack of accountability and inactivity in addressing issues with Aavegotchi tokenomics.
  2. Proposals have to be created by individuals. This results in their motivations/bags/character being brought into question and creates a lot of in-fighting, accusations and hostility in the DAO.
  3. Proposals and counter-proposals from individuals can be rushed, poorly written and sometimes chaotic with counter-proposals contradicting one another causing confusion to the wider community.

The solution

I propose to create a taskforce of 8 members representing a diverse selection of the community. These 8 members will have different types and sizes of holdings and different political and philosophical viewpoints to represent the diversity of our DAO as closely as possible. They will be responsible for researching the tokenomics, identifying any problems or possible improvements that can be made and generating proposals to be put to vote in the wider DAO. Each member will be compensated to keep them accountable, and to make sure the DAO is always working to improve our tokenomics.

Vision, mission and values

Member details

8 members
5 hours per week
Responsibilities include:

  • Weekly public voice meeting to present research, ideas, provide feedback and vote.
  • Ideation
  • Research
  • Discord public collaboration
  • Writing proposals

Compensation is 25 GHST/hr
Total cost to DAO:
8 members * 5 hours/week * 25 ghst/hr = 1000 ghst/week = 4.5K ghst/month

Next steps

  1. Assembling a diverse set of members. If you’re interested in applying to become a member of the taskforce please fill out the following application (please note, these answers will be published to the DAO as they will vote on the members):
    Alchemica/GLTR economic taskforce application

  2. If/when a suitable team has been assembled I will create a sigprop for the funding. The choices will be a) Fund the taskforce with the proposed team, b) Fund the taskforce with a different team, c) Do not fund the taskforce. In the event of b) the DAO/community can decide how best to select the team.


I think of this as a Gotchiverse Economics core team. Great idea and thanks for taking it on. There are lots of opportunities here. I encourage you to ask for some grant money that you could use to help fund projects that people want to build relating to gotchiverse economics (build new token sinks). This core team would be well-equipped to review those apps, fund, and measure them. Something like 5000 GHST would be a fine start.

From what I get this is exactly what he is proposing. Not in form of passive funding council, but in form of working group that are actively seeking for solutions

This is right up my alley :slight_smile: I’m absolutely obsessed with markets and efficiency and virtuous cycles and value traps. Im always looking for solutions that make doing the best thing for whole economy be the best thing for the individual as well. All our failed mechanics/tokenomics have required a greater fool or irrational behaviour in a prisoners dilemma to function as planned.

We need to put all of our rewards in places that only a person who is doing the behaviours we classify as being growers of the economy would end up. In the past, we’ve put all our incentives at the exit door.
The original deal of RF was not this… it was a promise of a small reliable yield forever, if you just hodl and reinvest your divdend into better stuff. We all saw that, compared it to rest of DEFI, and decided to value the assets extremely highly.
Everything broke when we started inflating without a designation of where the inflation would stop. That made it most logical to dump most of what you get and only keep the most profitable items, creating the initial prisoners dilemma.
The first wearables with duplicate stats was the moment it started. That broke the trust. The forge is the first step in reestablishing trust.

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I would like to make it standard procedure for teams to include a small budget for bounties so that they can farm out some of the work to the rest of the community, because no matter who we pick to do things, there will be opportunities to leverage other community members for special task that come up.

Thanks for your work and for assembling such a nice team.

However, something is not clear on the proposal for me.

I can read

We are asking for funding for 5 hours of work per week at 25 GHST/hour for each of our members on a monthly rolling basis.

And also

The total funding for this month will be:
10 members * 25 GHST/hour * 5 hour/week * 4 weeks = 5000 GHST

My question
Is this a request for one month or is it a never ending funding proposal?

If it’s only for one month trial, with additional monthly sig prop in the future, that’s fine, I will vote yes.

If it’s never ending, I have an issue there.

If it’s medium term funding (like a 3 months funding), I would be OK but since it would be medium/long term, it should be denominated in USD rather than GHST.

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Hi @Transistor the sig prop is for 1 month of funding. Any additional funding would have another sig prop.

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I like the idea, funding amount is appropriate, and I like that you propose to have a diverse set of voices with different economic backgrounds :purple_heart::sparkles:

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