Alternate Proposal for Post-Curve Allocation

Hello frens,

Taking all feedback from our initial proposal into consideration, we believe we have another solution that maintains the principal of equality between PC and the DAO while further strengthening guarantees regarding liquidity.

Many have expressed concerns around not having enough liquidity earmarked in the original post. From our viewpoint, that 20% was a guaranteed minimum and the other two allocations could be more flexible but also contribute to LPing.

However, we see the benefits of an explicit priority here and are open to rebalance our Sigprop at a 40/30/30 split, where 40% is earmarked specifically for liquidity, and 30/30 goes to DAO/PC. This liquidity will still be provided by the DAO (via the Foundation multisig) and any fees accrued from this activity will go to the DAO treasury.

30% to PC still ensures sufficient capital to spend on the original 7 areas outlined in our forum post, and 30% to DAO provides plenty of flexibility in regards to holder rewards, extra liquidity provision, or development budgets.

We believe this adjusted proposal meets the needs of a post-curve GHST, while still maintaining fairness and equality between the DAO and PC.

Thanks for your consideration! :ghost:


Id love to see the DAO take initiative and put 1/3 of its allocation into protocol rewards, as a guarantee that RF and other asset owner rewards are funded with enough runway for the development portion of the funds to start refilling the treasury.