Bot Control Deflectoor

This is an idea I had to make Bot control a fun part of the game, Now if this idea can be implemented or not is a different story ( these Giga brains can do anything)
If anything have a read, have a laugh, add to it,

GotchiVerse Bot Bounty hunting
Ideas :

Bounty pass ( pay Alchem unlock shooting) pass expires (?)hours (Un/limited shots)
Reasons: bots causing problems / unrealistic to unlock shooting for everyone

Pros: Bot control / alch usage + attractive rewards / Fun + productive alch sink side hustle
They say " you’ll be forever fighting bots, All games have got them…"
Well we should be harvesting them with bot bounties,
Make it a stable play in the game so our defenses are always there…
Rewards ( Not only the gotchi spill but also bounty reward from failed hunters)

Where this idea could lead…
Bot Bounty Hunter / BBH leaderboards
Challenges ( most bots in a day / richest bot spill )

how it would work…
player buys bounty pass for 5 hours costs a few Gltr well 5 hours worth . this unlocks player the ability to open fire on suspected bots!!
But be careful… as if you hit a real player they can Deflect the shot and you lose time on your Bounty pass,
Players will be prompted on screen to hit (a) button to show they are real + possibly gain a reward for being falsely accused !!
Hit a bot wait to see if shot is deflected / Its not… Get into’em!!
Gotchi spills its goods, gotchi Bot death recorded = account gets notified 1st then blocked? or did they stay logged in while cooking dinner or walking the dog??? how many ACTIVE players are there??? Need to be there to deflect that shot! or maybe you should have logged out then we would have an Active player count.
active player Deflects 1st shot then gains auto-deflect for 5/10/20 mins ( toilet break ya know) or just log out…

Possibly players could “Mark” Bots, they would be displayed in BHC Bounty hunter Chat ( Bot Identified in District 2 ) then the hunt pursues!!

I feel like the bots will pretty quickly figure out how to start detecting being shot.

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I like ideas like Gotch Police. Some people may want to volunteer to maintain security.

This sounds like a fun addition to current gameplay.

I’d be up for it but, to Xeko’s point, I don’t think it would do much to discourage bots. They’d probably end up with the best aim and defense skills so it would just be more of a limited PvP mechanism - but still fun!

Sounds like the OP is describing a 1 shot → kill mechanism though. I think it would have to be smaller HP hits and take a few to take out a gotchi like previous heart shooting stress tests (dependent on BRS etc).

Otherwise I think you’d need to be able to hold down a defense button constantly, b/c people could follow you really closely and take you out before you had time to react - and that would lead to ppl just sticky taping the defense button down every time they entered the gotchiverse.

This also leads to the necessity of HP regen being activated - otherwise gotchis just become sitting ducks over time.

Then there’s also the need to implement the penalty for quitting/closing browser as you’re about to lose all HP. The more I think about it the less practical this becomes lol…

At some point I think we need more heart shooting stress tests. I suspect from previous tests that a few thousand hearts cruising around would make the game way too laggy - but important to find that out.

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