Cannot buy anything in Gotchi Baazaar!?


I Just recently got onto Aaavegotchi and have GHST in my wallet, for some reason I cannot make purchases through the Gotchi Baazaar when I have enough GHST Tokens to purchase what I want.

The button for buying anything when on the Aavegotchi/Raffle Ticket/ Realm etc it is greyed out, is someone able to help on why?

Also what does it mean when we click on the “approved to spend GHST” button?
Thanks heaps!!

Welcome, fren. The reason you can’t buy is that you haven’t approved the contract to spend your GHST. When you click the top button and the tx goes thru, the bottom button will become available (unless you revoke this permission, you only need to do it this once for all baazaar purchases going forward). Hope that makes sense!

Hey @actaeon ,

Appreciate you reaching out. I clicked the approve button but for some reason now it will not allow me to
make a purchase. The button reads buying and then nothing else happens after it is done?


When trying to make the purchase the quantity shows as 0? Is this normal?

It looks like you got past the 1st problem, which I think probably just needed the page reloaded (happens to me too).

Yes, that “Confirm # of Items” screen was added because the actual blockchain and the subgraph the website uses to quickly access the info on the chain can sometimes be out of sync, which meant that occasionally a gotchi could look like it has wearables equipped but actually doesn’t. This makes sure that people don’t think they are buying something that includes more than it really does. So if you like that gotchi at that price, just enter 0 and confirm.

Hey @actaeon, tried entering in 0 multiple times on seperate days and it seems to not allow me to purchase the Aavegotchi unfortunnately. I am not sure what is going on :frowning:

It could be the other game that’s clogging up matic at the moment. Other than trying again, you could try resetting your metamask account (it just clears your tx history; you won’t have to enter your seed) and doing a hard refresh on your browser. Hope something works!