Capitalocommunism , Network equality and creation of a news center and library

i would like to make some suggestions for proposals which seem to me essential and haven’t been done by the team …

I’m a polygon user because i’m no rich and i don’t want to pay too much for gas .
So i always connected through matic network but somehow one day i connected for the first through ethereum network and i discovered some features on the welcome page are not the same than in polygon .

in fact it is missing 3 essentials sections which are very hepful to understand how AAVEGOTCHI work

they are : the official wiki , the bonding curve and community
why it is not on the polygon network ?
so poor people using Polygon don’t have a direct access to these informations

Don’t forget that in the past the informations were controlled by the powerful

Priest who kept the words of gods only accessible in a language that only the rich knows (Latin)

Let’s be clear , i know that the DNA of AAVE is finance but if the capitalism is not working better than communism it is only because that in fact some people have more privilege and some don’t or can’t access the game because they are not wealthy .

We start a new society lets try not to do the same mistakes , let try to make mistake because it’s a new world and we don’t have any experience of this kind not because we are repeating them

i understand that people who own rare Gotchis get more rewards than others because they are essential they bring money to the community.

In fact Finance+Community=Capitalocommunism ,
Marx who is one of the greatest economist of the History wrote the Capital for us not for the guy of the factories in Manchester and his inspiring a lot of actual economist despite which politic side their on

Capitalism is a failure as the communist experience except for the successful kibbutz .

The main reason is that not everyone who played the game have equal rights and chances to win despite if they are wealthl or not

So why not trying to make a fusion of both ? The DNA are here : Finance and community … what an expérience

But to be sure everybody have to get the same rights and the same access to anything (except liquidators they are the bad guys we love to hate).

My first proposal is equality : if any feature in on one network it has to be and all the network present at this time and if by exemple a feature is ready for polygon but not for ETH this update will not be release

The second proposal come from the two informations features missing on Polygon welcome page :

we should create a press center with a library

A place where we can get all the informations we need and accessing to all the knowledge we need to evolve to the best in the Gotchiverse

you have to understand most of the Defigames i played are really time consuming regarding the rewards i got .

Most of them i finished by stacking my NFT’s for a passive income because if you react like a real investor to have to count also the time spent.

if you want to know everything about something you have to go on the wiki or twitter or discord or telegram ( i’m sure i’m forgetting one )…

I’m a « old » journalist I knew about getting informations long time before Google exist , and working on the blockchain is really difficult .

Too much informations everywhere it’s crazy because also they are so many news feed that you will miss some , sometimes essential .

You know i missed the games challenge because i was plugged onto the good channel

My professional occupation explain that i’m more sensitive to this , but remember that we are one of the pillar of a democratic country… in fact it’s not us … it’s the informations we bring to the people which are the pillars

So it would be normal that on the welcome page or in the gotchiverse to have a news feed compiling all we can find and reuniting all the social network

The time we save not going for one information source to another is more time to take care of our gotcha socialize and fighting lickidators for our survival

And in the same time a library section for all the docs and this one will not burn like the one of Alexandria this could be a legacy for the future to show start the gotchiverse …

This start naturally by the first day of the creation of the Gotchiverse which have to be a paradise by the creator YAAVE (Let’s give some opium to the people too )

We have to hope that the Gotchis will not messed up by being fired from it by giving him all the knowledge he need to be smart and so there will be no forbidden fruits and no original sins which should be a better start that what happened on others paradise

And why not make a real newspaper with a news company or entity like journal du coin we could have a building with news and picture displayed on the facade like on Times Square ( I always loved this since I’m a kid)

Voilà , that’s it … sorry for the faults my computer is french speaking and so do i
i hope you’ll find my proposals useful and you have pleasure at least to read me

Have wonderful day in our one way world …