Collectors Edition vs Playability

The first Haul was limited to 10.000 portals and while it was obvious that not everyone would get a portal this way an overwhelming majority approved of buying up to 25 portals. As I already stated before the top priority should be that everyone can create a character (Appart from that there is not even a game yet so stop saying you just want to play).

BUT: The way things evolved the first 10.000 should not be devalued. There are limited editions for many things and you should not try to produce more simply because you want more. Let the first 10.000 be the collectors edition, maybe give them a slight edge in some way or another to make them stand out.

Solution: Let everyone who missed out get their “private sale” but make a clear differentiation between them and the first Haul. Maybe award an animated background or a special badge to Haul 1. Another solution could be to make the “private sell” gotchi temporary and you have to transfer your gotchi in exchange for a portal of Haul 2 (which should be reserved for every temporary holder for a few days).


Whatever is the case, if they actually WANT to do another haunt for the people constantly bashing on the ones that managed to get their hands on a few portals it must NOT devalue the first 10 000 portals in any sort of way!