CoreProp AGIP 29: 24h Windows for Alchemica Channeling

Hey frens, the SigProp for adjusting the current channeling 24 hour cooldown to a more general 24 hour window has successfully been upgraded to a Core Proposal!

There have been no changes from the SigProp to the CoreProp in wording or options.

Read the full CoreProp below and let’s use this thread for raising any concerns, questions and ideas before we all go to cast our votes!

Link to Snapshot vote:(Snapshot)

[AGIP29] 24h Windows for Alchemical Channeling

Author: Quincy1971#6786 & Slick#2526
GotchiID: 5375 & 233
Quorum requirement: 20% (9M)
Vote duration: 7 days
XP Reward: 20 XP for each Aavegotchi in the voter’s wallet

Original SigProp Discourse Thread: Giving Gotchi Owners The Ability To Reduce Cooldown Time For Solo Channeling


As specified in Gotchiverse Bible Chapter 3, solo gotchi channeling will work via a 24 hour cooldown timer that starts immediately after a gotchi channels at an altar. We propose that this be revised to a windowed 24 hour system that runs from 00:00 UTC to 23:59 UTC in which a gotchi can solo channel once, anytime within that 24 hour window.


Proposal to be implemented on or before May 18, 2022 (the commencement date of solo channeling) or as soon thereafter as Pixelcraft can ship…


With the introduction of the 12 hour petting cooldown system a year ago, we have all come to realize that a set interaction time with your gotchi is hard to maintain given real world events, network congestion, family and work commitments. We do not want to repeat this limitation with solo gotchi channeling.

The above limitation has led to the development of automated bots to guarantee interaction efficiency which, arguably, results in lower user engagement. By removing this limitation for solo channeling, it is much more likely that players will organically engage with their gotchi for solo channeling on a daily basis.

Many players have multiple gotchis, multiple parcels and multiple altars spread all throughout the Citaadel. These players have shown amazing support in our community and should not be restricted in their efficiency by a 24 hour cooldown. They should still be able to comfortably channel once per day with all their gotchis when their busy schedules suit.


The 24 hour channeling solution would:

  • Improve quality of life for gotchi owners,

  • Mitigate unfavorable interaction times,

  • Mitigate network congestion at interaction time, and,

  • Increase daily engagement for time-poor players.


Proposal implementation date may be delayed if Pixlecraft encounters technical challenges or is otherwise unable to meet the May 18, 2022 implementation date.


Option 1: Each Gotchi can channel once per day anytime between 00:00 to 23:59 UTC.

Option 2: Each Gotchi can channel once per 24 hour period beginning at the time of last Aaltar interaction.


That wording is easy to misunderstand. At the moment, Gotchi channeling resets at 0:00AM UTC.
Relevant part of the contract:

//Gotchis can only channel every 24 hrs
if (s.lastChanneledDay[_gotchiId] == block.timestamp / (60 * 60 * 24)) revert("AlchemicaFacet: Gotchi can't channel yet");
s.lastChanneledDay[_gotchiId] = block.timestamp / (60 * 60 * 24);

Once ‘block.timestamp’ reaches a new day (at 0:00 UTC), the Gotchi is good to go.

The 24h shifting window is actually with the aaltar:

//How often Altars can channel depends on their level
require(block.timestamp > s.parcelChannelings[_realmId] + s.channelingLimits[altarLevel], "AlchemicaFacet: Parcel can't channel yet");

Here the time is relative to when the parcel was last used for channeling.

So once you upgrade your aaltar to level 2, you have a 6h buffer to channel your alchemica without any timeshift.

Not trying to be a smartass here, I just thought it’s worth pointing out, since the proposal makes it sound like the issue is with the Gotchi, when in fact, it is the parcel (which can be upgraded to circumvent the issue).

Personally, I like the way it is now, since it puts pressure on people to upgrade their aaltars, which counteracts some of the downward price-pressure on alchemica that we experienced from having so many new frens collecting and swaping for stable coins or other tokens outside our ecosystem.

With the wording of the CoreProp’s options, I’m not entirely sure, how I’m supposed to vote now, if I want to maintain status quo :man_shrugging:


I fully support this proposal. I would add that I would be in favor of (if possible):

  • Increase the interval from 24 to 72 hours for the same reasons (and multiply the factor by 3)
  • Do the same thing for petting by allowing to pet your gotchi only once a week because there is only automation that makes things viable for petting theses days

Forcing people to log in every day is like the daily quests in World of Warcraft, it’s a bad idea.

Anyway, thanks for this proposal.

Its a retroactive proposal, really. Were already doing option 1, and option 2 was the original plan from the bible.

It seems like everyone is enjoying it so far :slight_smile:
I fully agree that we need to explain these mechanics as if we are talking to a toddler, because there is still a non stop stream of people who are very confused or have trouble finding the key mechanics that affect each stage of gameplay.

Theres been an uptick in angry people who misunderstood things and threw their bag in the wrong direction due to misconceptions, so this CORE Prop would be a great p[lace to have the most clear and basic wording, to send people as a reference, when they don’t understand what its going on.


Thank you for clearing that up fren. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

I agree. Despite having multiple tabs open with blog posts and bible chapters, I only understood what’s going on after looking at the GitHub repo. Would be great to have a Wiki page for every installation and their mechanics. Maybe they’re already working on it.

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I think we as a community, could pull it off with boards. If different people explain their way of thinking about it, well get different results that might be understandable to different learning styles.

As it stands, the only ones who really understand everything, are those of us who argue about it a lot, because that’s how we get to the bottom of the mechanics. Once we get there, we should be making signs, not just leaving breadcrumbs.

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I just had one other thought on the 24 hr window implementation and that was to let a gotchi owner set their “midnight”. i.e. instead of having everyone reset at 0000 UTC you can set 0000 “insert your timezone” as the reset point.


  • People can no longer complain about network congestion at 0000 UTC (although I’m yet to see significant congestion around this time anyway)
  • You can set the reset to your personal “midnight” and not even have to think about it. e.g. “I’m awake, it’s a new day, I can channel my gotchi” so has somewhat nice UX.


  • More dev load for arguably smol benefit. PC were already extremely accommodating getting the window system implemented before May 18th and I would not want to push it.
  • Only owners would have this functionality so its still highly unlikely to be the correct midnight for borrowers.


  • Let owners set a personal “Midnight”
  • Leave as-is.

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Yes we are, the new docs at will become the new source of truth, sourced from the Gotchiverse Bible.