CoreProp for AGIP 30: Have Land Auction/Raffle #3 in June

Hey frens, the SigProp for launching the Gotchiverse Land Distribution #3 in June has successfully been upgraded to a Core Proposal!

The only adjustment from SigProp to CoreProp is a broader range of dates to hold the raffle and auctions. The SigProp suggested the first half of June, the CoreProp broaden this range to all of June.

Let’s use this thread for raising any concerns, questions and ideas before we all go to cast our votes!

Link to Snapshot vote: Snapshot

[AGIP30] Scheduling Land Auction/Raffle #3 for June

Author: Dr Wagmi#6629
GotchiID: 16635
Quorum requirement: 20% (9M)
Vote duration: 7 days
XP Reward: 20 XP for each Aavegotchi in the voter’s wallet

Original SigProp Discourse Thread: Proposal for Land Auction/Raffle #3 Within 1 week of Citaadel Release - #14 by HARDKOR

Land Auction/Raffle #3 Proposal:

Proposed Revenue Distribution:

  • 40% of Revenue to the Rarity Farming Rewards Pool

  • 40% to Pixelcraft Studios

  • 20% to the AavegotchiDAO

  • 0% Burn

This proposal is synthesized from community feedback over the last few weeks and attempts to balance the following: NFT dilution; an auction/raffle feeling too rushed; inadequate available GHST liquidity; concern for the funding of Rarity Farming Season 4; capitalizing on the momentum and marketing of the full game release. A June Auction will allow >2 weeks of Citaadel gameplay and will allow sufficient time for marketing and business development efforts to capture maximum investment. There is an adequate Gotchiverse Rewards Pool after the first two land auctions, and this sale will help fund RFS4 and perhaps even some of Season 5.

This proposal has been discussed with the Pixelcraft team who support it and feel the target date is feasible.

Option 1: Yes, distribute 8k REALM Parcels in June

Option 2: No

edit notes: added link to snapshot + added image of distribution map


I am against this proposal.

My opinion is that the game needs to be more polished before releasing new parcels. There are too much bugs at this moment and it’s just not flawless to play Aavegotchi, especially the social part. Also, we need to be able to build the infrastructures (harvesters) and mint our parcels before too in my opinion.

I don’t blame you, I know it’s a huge job :hugs:

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I feel like throwing the aesthetica raffle in the beginning of the month balances the 8K vs 10K vs Ticket inflation nicely. This gives long time holders a chance to either get some cool stuff or make some money, and will dilute the ticket supply enough to make the land raffle far more competitive.

All the guilds would love a chance to fill in their districts, and new groups need those empty districts, so they have a chance to make their own estates and guild zones.

Setting an actual date, would be most helpful for market participants. With all the chaos in the outside world and the nature of how building as we go is, its very nice to have a few things actually scheduled, so you can at least plan for those.

TL;DR - full support, please set a date.

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Fair concerns and I share some of them but regarding harvesters and reservoirs, I expect the next major release to be FARM RELEASE. That will include surveying parcels for how much alchemica is included with each parcel.

The “farm release” immediately preceding or following the third land distribution seems like a great one-two punch imo.


Right now, baby.


should be a hunt… we don’t need a dump of the lands…