Creation of an Aarcade DAO

Sign me up fren. Happy to be a part of this.


Sign me up good sir!


Always interested in helping :raising_hand_man:t4:


Is it possible to get involved even if one hasn’t created a mini-game yet?

I’d love to be involved and feel like I can contribute some unique perspective toward the greater Aarcade with regards to attracting new players to the gotchiverse. One suggestion I’d thrown into discord seemed to gain notable traction (letting non-gotchi owners play minigames on a separate leaderboard with the default gotchi, new dimension for FTP). I don’t think there’d be any conflict of interest with being on the Wearables TF already (if anything, could be useful at times).

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Yes Signe me Up please.
Im glad to be part of this Adventure.
So I explored the DAOHaus option and me and Coyote think it is too slow to add members within the DAO…
So essential tools we need to have:
Snapshot, so that we can gather hard consensus from the group.
Ecosystem: how do we operate

Anything to add? I have no experience in such things…

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Sign me up fren. Im’m in


I’m so down for this fren!


We could probably use a multisig Gnosis Safe, then before distributing any funds/NFTs for a game put a SigProp/CoreProp proposal through the Aavegotchi Snapshot to get the Aavegotchi communities approval.


This is good idea.

So this left the Aarcade itself and what games to include into the Aarcade itself.
So what’s left is how we design the whole eco-system…

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Looks exciting, sign me up as well!

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Hi Fren, Yes I would be happy to be involved.

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I would love to be involved thanks!

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Sounds awesome!!! Im all for it fren!

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We have some exciting community games near their final stages of development, so now is a better time than any to start mobilising.

Due to the Aarcades MASSIVE scope, I believe we should break the responsibilities of the ATF into milestones for the DAO to vote upon.

The first milestone is the ability for a community dev(s) to request Raffle tickets to be used as prizes for their game (from the current Aarcade staked DAO treasury). The ATF is then in charge of approving and signing off if they are ready for a Raffle ticket event. After a successful raffle ticket event and issues raised during the event are resolved. Then Pixelcraft can host an official XP event for the game.

What does everyone think?


Attaching the stats of ticket sales from aavegotchistats,

Are you letting the devs decide the raffle ticket rewards distribution ? Is there a template that one can follow ?

Also how shall the devs be componsated after they launched a successful XP event ? Do we collect player fees (like arcade machines) to fund mini games development ?

If player would like to try minigames first they can play for free. If they want to compete for prizes we can charge for that. How does that sound?

A lot of questions, not many suggestions Ric!

These are the sort of things that will be broken into milestones and for the most part will be for the Aarcade DAO/Task Force to decide.

With my Pixelcraft inside knowledge, I know the Cartridges contracts have been written, however, they haven’t undergone any rigorous auditing as of yet. If there is popular demand for the Cartridge Pay2Play system then more life would be breathed into it.

But first, we need to give players an incentive to Pay2Play.

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Following Coyote’s suggestion, we could submit a SigProp to create the Aarcade Task Force (ATF) with the initial goal of reviewing new games and assigning raffle tickets to stress tests. Further goals, milestones, as well as other responsibilities of the ATF will be voted by the DAO in new SigProps.

The initial members who have shown interest to be involved in the ATF are the following:

Although Coyote was the person leading on this topic, he mentioned that, since he’s directly working for PixelCraft, he can only be part of the ATF as an advisor and not as a regular member. If anybody on the list above would like to write the initial SigProp, please go ahead! Otherwise, I’ll prepare something by the end of the next week. Exciting times ahead frens!


Some of the members of the ATF caught up before the weekly hangout to discuss redoing the SigProp for the formation of the ATF as we have a couple of games that have been worked on by community members that would like to run some leaderboard events some time during November - December to give out some player rewards.

The SigProp will be out in the coming days it will include:

  1. A refreshed list of 12 members that are still active and want to be on the ATF multi-sig
  2. Given the frens emissions have ended, a proposal to convert 95% of the 100,000 GHST acquired through AGIP16 into wapGHST to stake for GLTR to be used for player rewards.
  3. A proposal to have the remaining 5% of the 100,000 GHST available to purchase other NFTs off the Baazaar to give out as player rewards. These will be spent on a per-game basis, and will try and match it to the theme of a game. This should keep the player rewards a bit more diverse / interesting

I would like to seek some early feedback on this before the SigProp is raised over the next few days.


I would like to see a larger amount available for direct purchased player rewards and not define a set percentage split between GLTR stake and cash funds for purchase.

Proposal would be:

  • ATF may set staked GLTR ratio at their discretion
  • ATF may draw down on 100k player rewards fund at their discretion with the following max amounts per drawdown:
  1. 100 GHST for stress test events
  2. 500 GHST for xp/release events

EDIT: Regarding the 87 Fake Gotchi Cards. Preference for these would be that they are not given away directly and that they are predominantly used to generate artwork pieces that can be given away during leaderboard events etc. This would make them excellent commemorative prizes. E.g. the top 100 scores in a game might get a custom piece of FGC art commemorating that event.


The SigProp to form the Aarcade Taaskforce (ATF) is now live:

Aavegotchi Snapshot: Snapshot

GotchiVault Snapshot: Snapshot