Custom Aavegotchi logo Sail for Catamaran charter boat

Hello gotchigaang ~ I’ve been a supporter of Aavegotchi since presale and run a busy catamaran charter here outside Corpus Christi, TX in a very busy tourist destination.

Last night a thunderstorm blew out one of my sails on our boat (built by family 20+years ago), and I also just had to replace an outboard engine this week. I do over 120 trips a year and have a lot of visibility while out sailing. What about a replacement sail with an Aavegotchi design/logo on it for marketing and support of an OG gotchifaam?

I estimate the cost of this new GENOA/SCREECHER sail by Calvert Sails to be not much more than $5,000 USD, probably less. Our last one cost $4780 in 2004. We would get many many years (10 avg) of use out of this sail and it would allow me to onboard moar frens everytime we use it. Please consider a proposal to get me back in biz with a fresh sail that would get a lot of normie eyes on our project.

Eventually I’d love to get the boat out to Miami and overseas to the Caribbean/beyond for crypto gatherings and events around the world. Regardless of support from the DAO, I’ll be ordering a replacement sail after Hurricane Season and it WILL have an aavegotchi logo on it, so any help would go a long way.

Any amount of funds would help and even if we split 50/50 costs that would go a long way for a smol business owner trying to keep the family boat going. We have smaller sails we could order with logos on it too but this sail got destroyed overnight and I’d love to replace it with some Aaavegotchi marketing on it. Just testing the waters here to see if there’s a chance to collaborate with some unique marketing while helping me stay sailing.

I don’t want to dox my business but we get all 5* reviews (of course) and are top rated on tripadvisor and other sites for our area. Thank you for your consideration.



YES!!! We need more adverts out there anyway and what better way than to help out an OG in the gotchigaang! let’s help support each other as a community while building our community up!


we have the Harvest Moon Regatta in October we could get a group of gotchi sailors to compete and flex our new sail :slight_smile:


A resounding YES! The sailboat would be a visual delight to the multitude of cruise ships and tourist traffic around the area.


Update on cost for new sail- Costs have gone way up since 2004.

Triradial cut 7.1 Newport Pro Radial dacron, $7,658.00

Less “Special discount” $6,509.00
still waiting to see costs and options for graphics on the sail


We need a gotchi on the water.

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I’ve heard of Gorilla marketing but never Fish marketing :joy: This would be awesome to see out on the open sea!

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I added this to the meeting. Put your brainstorming caps on, let make this a reality, and make it special.


In reality the boat needs a haul out at the end of this season, late Nov./early Dec 2022. I’d be game to allowing total aavegotchi marketing makeover of the boat. Below the rub rail needs to be repainted and is blank canvas for us to use for vinyl stickers/logos on bows, wraps, etc. down the line. I’m in the process of getting other quotes for a similar sail and options for adding logos/images to the sail from Quantum Sails :arrow_left:see options for printing application.
What really drives the price of a custom graphic is size, complexity, and the number of colors—the more colors and the more complex, the more expensive a graphic will be.


I think we can spend the same money on Twitter ads and get more return in terms of ROI for the project, if we join the campaign with the supposed “h3 hunt” we are thinking about, will be huge the return in terms of new users.


I have another idea, for later, but I can’t say it now, because I need to get mine done first.

In ten years, the Gotchi Regatta will be a global presence, though :smiley:


I think this is a great idea.

You are exposing customers that probably have more disposable income to Aavegotchi and it’s the perfect conservation starter for you to have with your clients.

Maybe we can get some video footage of it when it is done to promote it even further.


We get mainly visitors from Austin/Houston/Dallas/San Antonio from all professions and backgrounds. Our client base over the last 4 years has been very upscale and our prices for trips are marketed towards folks with the $$$. I get many people asking what else I do besides sailing and I go straight to the shill :sweat_smile: and tell them how Aavegotchi has made my quality of life, and many others lives, better in every way.

Our family business is are ranked #7/50 on TripAdvisor in attractions in our area and did over 120 trips last year with the average group of 4 onboard (often 10+guests). We get lots of visibility from the beach/shore/corpus christi ship channel with our highly popular beach location.

We get many people that hold crypto in some form and have second homes in the area or are visiting from large cities. I really get to know each group and we always have repeat customers.

I have had the boat in St. Petersburg/Miami/Ft. Lauderdale/Key West/ Bahamas over the last 20 years and would love to start doing some Regattas. Our boat is a custom high-performance cruising catamaran capable of sailing transoceanic passages and I have long term plans to travel faar and wide with as much Aavegotchi marketing as we can put on the boat. I’d get logos on all my sails eventually and would even consider a name change for the boat currently named “MASALAMA”.

As far as media and video go, myself and crew mate are both photographers and we’d start to document every sail (already building social media following). I think a starting an aavegotchi centered cruising youtube channel similar to “Delos” and “Sailing La Vagabond” would be aavesome. We could discuss sailing as well as building wealth via the Aavegotchi ecosystem so we can travel passively and live teh dream while marketing the amazing world of Aavegotchi. My 2 year goal is to take off after a few upgrades and updates for Solar/navigation/comms systems to produce episodes on the go and even target crypto conferences around the globe. I’m single with no kids/no wife and have flexibility and the “shillmobile”. We’ve had the boat surveyed last year and she is in remarkably good shape and is a blank canvas for whatever we’d like to put on her for marketing/adverts.

I’m freeing up next Sunday for the DAO discussion and I’ll hopefully have more information about the production costs and costs/methods of adding logos to sails. I have a Mainsail, and several others that are already in good shape we could just add vinyl laminates to, or order fresh sails that are totally custom but more costly( Spinnaker, Screacher/Genoa)

Attached is a screenshot from a quick price quote(for new Screacher) from our sailmaker we’ve used in the past. We are open to any sailmaker and there are many to shop around to get best costs. I’ll need to see how much more a logo printed/added to sail would cost and if they can do it. Looking to order sails and add marketing logos to boat or sail in Nov, after Hurricane season. Any support would help, could be 50/50 or 40/60 or just one sail. I’m looking at repainting the sides/transom and bottom this fall or winter so might be a great time to pimp it out with aavegotchi marketing, or just a few logos at each bow.


Why KNOT both? This is a paartnership proposal that would be an organic marketing opportunity with many years for people to see the artwork and adverts. Anybody can do twitter ads but how many communities also own custom 45’ racing/cruising catamarans for marketing?

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cause it costs $$$…
I’m the marketing manager for a really big company, we always use every dollar in a smart way, trying to maximise our ROI, so, if we spend 9k on your catamaran + some more $ to make it aavegtochi branded, and we compare this spending reflected to twitter ads, i think the return in terms of ROI on twitter would be higher, cause will see a lot of more people the ad, and in more targeted people, that already use crypto, I don’t think is a good spending.

Catamaran there’s nothing related with crypto or digital assets, no connection, if we spend 9k in a lamborghini branding would be better… or something like this.

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Gotta say…I love this boat idea. Since you’ll be waiting until after hurricane season to do these upgrades and you’ve said you plan to purchase an Aavegotchi sail with or without support, it is reasonable to say support is probable, possibly at 40 or 50%, to be revisited in 6 months for a progress check and final decision?


I believe that Aavegotchi is a community driven project, not a corporate entity and doesn’t always have to be run like a yield machine focused strictly on boring twitter ads, I personally block most promoted ads on twitter.

I shill/advertise Aavegotchi on the daily on my twitter anyways for free. I never asked for 9k, or do I NEED it from the community. Just curious how many years of advertising 9K on twitter will get you? Any where close to 10+ years? Our last sail was bought in 2004 and lasted till last week. The logos and other graphics have lasted 20 years. I just thought I’d offer up some advertising space for the community while I’m about to start getting new paint and sail this fall.

Twitter ads are effective but no where close to the 1 on 1 connection I make with my guests on the boat, and IF I received 9k from the DAO it would replace the screacher and do all the logos/graphics for the sides and back that would last 10+ years, that’s less than 1k a year. Check the DAO treasury think we got that…

This Catamaran is still alive because of crypto/digital assets, so i strongly disagree that there’s nothing related. Lambos are kinda cringe IMO, and this boat is a 1/1 custom that’s got more $$$ put into it over the last 20 years then 4 or 5 lambos. I rather have an AAVEBOAT.

Thanks for your consideration~tburd


I appreciate your support, and it’s whatever the DAO wanted to help with. 40-50% help would be aavesome. I’d offer 40-50% off any sailing for gotchi gaang too. I truly think this is a good long term advertising opportunity for all of us, and admittedly a bit selfish, but a win win for all partied involved. 6 months should be plenty of time to finalize costs and proof design options.



Update from CalvertSails owner willing to give us a discount for being repeat clients.
“We have a great source for graphics at very good prices. Best to have this done when the sail is being made. I would just need the size and Pantone
colors to get a quote.”

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Personally, I don’t use twitter at all(I despise it, actually), I only repost stuff there to help out. Twitter is where a certain part of the market goes, and honestly, its not the best part of the market. The signal to noise ratio is high, and it’s not the most intelligent blogosphere, IMHO.

On the community driven tip… I think this should inspire some other people that have perfectly located land, high visibility activities, and other things, that might be leveraged for ‘sponsorship’

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