DAO directors : Officer roles

Hey frens !

We’ve been talking about the roles of DAO officers between directors for some time. We believe these roles are important because some of the tasks for DAO directors go beyond just signing TX on DAO proposals. The issue arose when we discussed who will be responsible for setting the standard for DAO TXs for each proposal that must have a TX on-chain. That’s why I’m running for the position of treasurer.

Purpose of the treasurer role :

Role would be to be responsible for ensuring that all movement of funds given to the DAO is completely clear, without missinterprertation possible and fund movements are done in due time.
Additionally, the role could also be an “expert” role, advising on how directors should swap funds to minimize losses to the DAO. For example, we could swap DAI to USDC through Paraswap but we are losing 5,000$ for each 1,000,000$ swap. Maybe a better alternative would be 1inch limit order and wait until someone fill the order at 1:1 ?

Honestly, I take a lot of time explaining to discord members how the funds are distributed in the DAO, so I could do a monthly summary of the DAO treasury, explaining all fund mouvements that occured (can be combined with a dashboard revenue for the DAO). Knowing where all the funds are is perhaps every director’s role, but having someone who will see the big picture and push all proposals to be made in a timely manner is important in my opinion.

What do you think of this role ? Useless ? Is certain tasks of a treasurer missing ?

I’m planning to draft a sigprop to become the treasurer of the DAO.
In the proposal, I will ask to increase my payment to 5,000 GHST per 3 month as it is not just about signing what the DAO wants but more of an active role

Why me ?

I have market maker knowledge, I’m used to swapping large amounts while losing the least on slippages, I could advise on all related financial decisions.
I have a good knowledge of the DAO and where the funds are located, I believe having a reference person can be useful for the DAO.

Being in the Curve Transition Team + Directors allows me to know (and sign) and understand each movement of funds.

Thanks for your consideration :smile:


You or Mori would be the obvious choices. I hope to see you both in one of the positions you mentioned. Chonya is a good choice for another, as he is not on any other projects and has always been a stabilizing force in the DAO.


I see a lot of proposals for new roles, work projects, and approvals for previous work done. I think there needs to be a system set up for a grant program that sets an annual budget and screens grant seekers through a series of panel approvals and testing. Grant proposals should have: setup and maintenance costs and should be held accountable for project proposal costs submitted. I do not think it is appropriate to come request additional funding after the initial proposal was approved with unscheduled or unforeseen costs.

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I was under the impression that the three positions were always part of the foundation. Maybe its just so normal that Im making assumptions.

Can @Jesse_gldnXross please clarify?