DAO Treasury Task Force Extension Thread

Count of Monte Cristo reporting for duty! I have experience using Gnosis and I’m part of a few guilds. Regarding the possibility of leaving, unless I die unexpectedly, I’m not the kind of person to forgo obligations without first transferring them in a responsible way.


I would love to be considered to contribute as a trusted signer. I have been a very active member of the Aavegotchi community since mid 2020 and am a current gnosis signer for a large Aavegotchi Guild.


I go by PG in the discord and have been a commited member of the community for almost a year now. I worked on the multisig setup for our guild and am one of the current signers. Extending the offer to the DTF only seems natural so I’d be happy to contribute


Would love to help out and join the signers, long term aavegotchi community member and contributor here focused on continuously growing the ecosystem.


GOTCHIGAANG! I’m also a longtime dedicated member/aagent and also a signer for a guidl gnosis already. Hapi to help keep it safe and contribute time. Aavegotchi was my first project to dive into and am dedicated to the community.
cheers frens!
gotchi 7673…


I’m happy to put my hand up for this. Have plenty of experience using Gnosis Safe previously when I was part of the frens taaskforce and currently with the WAGMI Warriors guild. Long-term member of the community, with a decent-sized investment in Aavegotchi and time investment in the creation of tools and content for the ecosystem.


I’d be glad to be a signer, I have experience with Gnosis Safe. I’m a treasury signer for WAGMI Warriors guild. I’ve been involved in the community before the migration to Polygon.


I’d be happy to sign on here. I’m on frens task force, wearables task force, and long time community member. I have limited experience with the technical side, but am a GHST permabull and fairly big investor :slight_smile:


Providing liquidity is inherently risky because of the possibility of impermanent loss. Are these treasury funds only be managed with the sole goal of providing the maximum amount of liquidity? How important is it to make a market when buyers and sellers disagree widely on the price of an asset? Might the legal liability for such losses be one of those “legal and strategic” reasons for which Pixelcraft doesn’t want to manage it.

I can see this committee making decisions that have far ranging consequences on the volume of trading in the game, the price of tokens, and the valuation of assets. We also have to ask ourselves if the creation of derivative markets for Alchemica, which LPs would facilitate, is something desirable for the long term success of the game.

These funds should be managed very conservatively, leveraging through borrowing against them should not be permitted. Liquidity should be provided sparingly at first. Preserving these funds should be an additional goal to that of providing liquidity to the market.


I don’t think there’s any designation for this extension committee to actually DO anything with these funds yet. But control over the funds must be assigned to SOME address, so making the multisig now makes a lot of sense. I think this extension should be seen as a multisig that exists solely to secure funds and release them when the Aavegotchi DAO comes to a decision on how to use it. This appears to be reflected in the extremely high confirmation threshold for the multisig.

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Aavegotchi and a crypto stonk 401k are my only investments. This has my full focus and is the only thing Im dcaing.

I have gnosis experience, am a signer on the guild multisig(never been more than 8 hours for me to sign, usually right away)

Im an IT manager and hobby coder and EW TA margin trader that makes his own indicators and has deep market knowledge and experience with at least even cexs and 4 dexs.

Im addicted to learning and understanding things and I respond to conflict by learning more about both sides, so I make a good resource on a team.

Im located in Sacramento, CA


Hey @coderdan you mentioned this as being something you might be looking for in a possible extended member of the DAO Treasury Taask Force:

Technical knowledge of operating a multisig and liquidity provision is suggested, but not required.

Just curious, it seems the core DTF members would remain the active team who would introduce new ideas/strategies, open them for discussion and create proposals. And the extra signers (extended members) will not be a part of the runnings of the DTF per se, but more like responsible members of the Aavegotchi community who are readily available and committed for the long-term who can act as trusted signers, as suggested by the quote above. Does this seem accurate?

Thank you fren.

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signing as a candidate!


You just answered my question during the hangout. Thank you fren :slightly_smiling_face:

I would def be interested. Going strong over at 8bitgg and would love to be more involved with the greater community. Been in crypto for a decade and def understand key management etc.


I also want to put myself up for vote.
I am an derivatives-trader since age eighteen, in crypto since about two-and-a-half years.
In a former life CS-specialist.
Doxed to Pixelcraft.
Since march of last year… now about 70% of my crypto-holdings are in Aavegotchi (ratio growing…)
I am considering Aavegotchi to be my retirement and my legacy for my kids :slight_smile: - so I am quite happy with the 30 year plan.
In the Discord I am Nestor#0726


Thanks for your signaling everyone! We’ll set the cutoff time 12 hrs from this post, and plan to put out the Snapshot vote early next week.


This is ChiChi on the Aavegotchi discord server. I am interested in this multisig role mainly to contribute to the community and help understand, safe guard the funds. I started to know Ethereum when it first started and did not fully dive into the entire crypto space until beginning of 2018. I have been doing liquidity farming and been in the metaverse space for close to 1.5 years. I have been with Aavegotchi for over six months and have been very passionate about the project. I am personally heavily invested into the gotchis (40+), parcels (70+), and numerous wearables. I have a software architect background. I am readily available in my timezone, but can accommodate requests outside my timezone given 12 hours notice that is usually sufficient.


I don’t know if people are reading these or just voting for their friends, but just in case…

I’m a good candidate because I have been burdened with an absurdly high IQ and ADHD and this means that while I never want to be in charge(too much work maintaining power, better to be the advisor that stays through regimes, if ego is not the goal), I am very useful in finding new and better ways to do things and in seeing the downside to things, and at extrapolating extended results of a decision. I don’t care what people think of me and my motive is always to optimize a system and make it more logical and successful. The success of a project is always more important to me than my person angle, because I always have ten projects going, so a completed project that is perfect is worth 100 mediocre success, in my heart.

I 'm not for the whales, I’m not for the little guy, I’m not for me(I’d put my effort into writing a bot and doing the 20 unfair things I can think of that would be better uses of my time than putting all my effort into fairness and game mechanic design,)I’m for US vs the world, and for fairness and transparency.

I have an evil mind and a good heart… I see the angle on how to fuck people over, every time. I see how to abuse the system. I know enough languages and systems to know what is feasable, and I put all my effort into thwarting these exploits before they happen.

Also, I have some brilliant ideas for the DAO treasury that if elected, I will give to the treasury, to be used for the entire community, as in game assets, instead of developing the MVP myself and selling it to the person who could make best use of it if they kept it to themselves. For example… imagine if the vault was just built in and not a separate entity, with it’s own token… you’d be getting better yields from it, the treasury would grow more, power would be less concentrated. Too late there, but I have several ideas that are as big or bigger than the vault in how they will affect the ecosystem, and the benefits can go to all, or they can go to me and a couple other people…

I got a lot of newer people and smol wallets so far. That’s probably because I constantly help newbie and explain things to them… you need that in these taskforces, as things are complex, and if we don’t explain, people don’t understand and this reduces transparency, and we need transparency for a healthy market.

You can vote for 9 people, most did 0-4. Take a shot on the wildcard…


Glad to see the changes made for the game environment