End tickets at next raffle - Go GTLR only

Can we just stop connecting tickets with passive yield then? GLTR seems like enough of a reward for the GAX. Let’s taper FRENS rewards to 0.

If we want more tickets, could we vote as a DAO to buy them in bulk as raffles and reward cases present themselves? lol we could do a GBM with tickets, or just sell tickets for GHST.

I think the first reward case we’d have is with a pay to play aarcade game that rewards scores/top scores with tickets. This would be organized by the potential ATF and playable from within the gotchiverse, of course. Personally, I would be happy to wait until this happens before seeing more tickets generated.

Should we reduce FREN/GHST rate?

  • Reduce immediately to 0
  • Reduce gradually (3 months)
  • Reduce gradually (6 months)
  • Reduce gradually (12 months)
  • No reduction at all

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One issue to consider: if we denominate raffle tickets in terms of alchemica… what is the overall impact on the Aavegotchi protocol? I think we need to have a clear vision as to whether raffle tickets are part of the Aavegotchi protocol (gotchis, wearables, etc) or part of the Gotchiverse game (parcels, installations, tiles, etc).

By denominating raffle tickets in alchemica (or GLTR), we’d really be taking them away from a core mechanic of the protocol, and shifting them over to be a mechanic of the Gotchiverse game instead.

As @coderdan has said in the past, while the two are closely connected, the protocol and the game are not one in the same. Food for thought.

This is the big conversation we should have immediately… I have been wanting to start it, but I have been looking for the proper way to frame the discussion so it is actually productive.

We appear to be at a bit of a lul here, where we might be able to handle a bunch of governance related minutia that gets sidelined when people are fighting over the mechanics of how they can extract yields.