Fireball on-chain guilds


About a year ago we tried to imagine how guilds may look like in aavegotchi. And deployed a very simple guilds claim page

21 guilds took a part in experiment and soon they will receive something very special!


green – alpha version (3 month)
blue – beta version (4+ month)

for estimated 25k ghst team can deliver:

  • green (contract, graph, work with guilds, data, integrations)
  • proof of concept for a blue

after guilds framework will be stable we can:
(a) transfer registry to the dao
(b) deploy a new guild registry from a dao


  1. deploy an empty gnosis safe
  2. claim a guild flag-name in registry contract
  3. (optional) add members and other associated addresses
  4. (optional) set warehouse access rights



Q: If I already have a complicated custody structure, do I need to move assets?
A: NO! All you need to do is to simply add all your members addresses as a guild members (safe owners)

Q: can I delete my guild?
A: yes, simply fire flag(nft) removal function!


what do you think?



Do you think it is reasonable I apply for 25k ghst grant for the on-chain guilds and see how far I can develop it within a fireball team in next 3-4 months?

is DAO interested funding fireball team to work on this? I think its a best spot we can help right now. Guild should help to organise our community in a better manner


IMHO i do not think we even have enough “active” guilds (we have maybe ~7) at this moment to make this a worthwhile project at this time :man_shrugging:t3:. What i would like to know that if we did a similar priced grant, how long would it take for you to build an instance, quest or mini game for the gotchiverse?


we don’t have a lot of guilds because they are underdeveloped, there is no tool or mechanics within the game or dao

this grant will help with guilds development and I already have a two agreed integrations with other aavegotchi projetcs


Im building also a:
(1) kinship minigame (KIN for a KING!)
(2) aavegotchi quests (fireball school of witchcraft)

will apply for them once features will be more developed

Yet the guilds will be finished faster and they are much needed for all many products!

Did you thought if this feature was funded 6 month ago? maybe we would have 20+ instead if 7 guilds

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The reason we don’t have them is that this was not developed.

Guilds are the only way this game can become great. No community of solo players has ever survived long. People come back for the community, not to be alone with 1000 other alone people.

It’s an absolute travesty that this wasn’t funded earlier, and its time to start acting like we believe in this game instead of pretending there is some magic bullet. You have to develop the whole ecosystem or you have a failure, guaranteed.

If you don’t make it so guilds are real and on chain, the only guilds will be service providers and insane diehards like TOPM or Maafia.

When people come in here, they should see immediately that there is a way to hook their guild up, be recognized as a real thing, be able to use that guild in games and contests and not have to pretend their guild is more than just a discord and loose agreements between randos.

No offense, but if you are not in a guild, this is not something you understand, and you wont value it correctly.


Well, ask some people in guilds what they think, and base your opinion on that?

To flip that to my own behavior, so I can own it… I dont do fakes. I dont yhink jpgs have value. Im not qualified to judge it based on how I value it. Other people clearly value it greatly. Therefore I dont go there, and were I to have to vote on something related to fakes, I would do whatever the people in my guild that are all about fakes are doing.

inadvertently explains why guilds make us stronger

I apologize, I feel VERY strongly about the role guilds play in gaming. There is nothing that will ever hold inertia as much as groups of compadres competing against other groups.

Think of how the real world plays out…

Replace sportsball team with guild.

Were building a game that promotes community and we dont even officially recognize it.

This is a presnub.

We have some guilds, that are official, they have partner parcels, so… Definitely real.

The rest of us are whatever we say we are. There is no meaning to the word guild. PC blew that up by calling ownership of a wearable a guild.

You know how markets hate uncertainty? Well, social investment gaming groups are largely going to go nuts on one game, because thats how gaming is done(the web3 gaming guild ss a different thing, i mean competitive gamer teams) and they are going to pick games that they can plug into and see themselves as competitive. Of there is no structure, you dont know if you are competitive.

Actually… we should demand that PC recognize guilds by turning friendly fire off for guildmates.

I promise you everyone will squad up fast and there will be constant warfare and fun.


you have to think from dao prospective:

is having a tool and effort in guilds direction from fireball team will add more then 25k ghst value ?

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don’t bring this sentiment over here :slight_smile:

The sentiment is, improving things is better than invalidating them

Actually sir i am apart of several guilds. Imo there needs to be something to accomplish in-game before you can reasonably expect a large amount of people to gather in groups. When the original guilds were formed, each had a list of things that they wanted to see done. As it stands right now there is not much to accomplish in the gotchiverse. Lol i can see that your passion on the topic of guilds and you are correct in saying gaming guilds would be wonderful if we had a functional multiplayer game. I have nothing against guilds all humans desire companionship but i am against spending 25k to onboard so small a niche of the community, being that only around 5 guilds i think would be participating, at this point in time. I do however see this as a great tool once a higher demand is seen.

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I had similar thoughts initially… but thinking on it, it seems a fairly reasonable amount for what it is, and it could lay a solid foundation for the growth of guilds, etc. A game will (and must) come, along with more interactions. So could be worth building up the groundwork now?

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But what is it really? Well again i am not against something like guild onboarding in the future once we actually have a game for players to rally around. Imho we should start with the game, which brings in players that want to form guilds and then we can start this process. I do not want to think later “damn we could have used that money for a couple of hack-a-thons to attract a few builders to the Gotchiverse”. :man_shrugging:

sigprop is on

This is not an either or thing. We can squeeze at max 3 hackathons in between now and the official bull run. Thats 60k(its 20k to be a psrtner at ethden, for example)

We need to stop framing things as either or.

We have a limited number of people who can build, and they are largely huge invest I rs or guilds that add up to huge investors, and they are going to buikd the things that they see the game needing, to realize the dream they invested in. They clearly see value in it or they would do something else instead.

This is the smallest ask of any of the props, and its from the biggest investor and a guild that is elite programmers. Not trusting them to know whats the rught use of theur time is cheeky, at best, and downright arrogant at worst.

I fully trust the power dev guild to build us guild tools that will empower and attract devs.

I fully trust forge team to work economic magic on the protocol assets.

I fully trust the farmy to be ambassadors, and I trust that whatever orium and metaguild decide they should build is going to be just the thing, too.

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Having guilds onchain will legitimate them by making them first class citizens of the ecosystem, almost like a native part of the protocol, and alllow for deeper interactions with it. It can also pave the way for other organised entities. The use of non-transferable NFTs to add qualitative and quantitative attributes with the ability to have policies on top of the multisigs makes it a very versatile solution and will allow for all kind of onchain activity tracking


And as I have said before, the topic of guilds is an area you feel strongly so imo you are not being objective. Yes ot may be a smaller ask when looking at ~200k. Imho it really does not matter if the ask was from the smallest asset holder because that should never influence anyone’s decision. Every proposal should be based on that proposal’s merit not who writes the proposal. As i have said before, i have been in crypto for awhile, so i do not trust anyone lol. I do however base alot on someone’s actions and i have no doubt that they could do it. What i have been saying is that there are a lot of other things they we could prioritize with that money because its not like we have a lot of active guilds at the moment. I am sure once we actually have a game (multi-player hopefully) we could see an uptick of players joining/making a guild but as of now we have what 7 or 8 active guilds. Again yes its a cool idea but imho its really an early ask🤷‍♂️

You don’t wait until you have 20 guilds banging on the door needing guild infrastructure yesterday. We all agree we want guild infrastructure so lets get on and build it, get an MVP out, start iterating on it and give people a chance to build on top of it.


And again i am not saying its not a good idea, but we should be prioritizing all our efforts especially at this critical point in time. 20 active guilds would be great but how do you propose to get any new guilds without a game to attract them? I personally would love to see at least 15 active guilds banging on the door for this but right now you must admit that is not the case. Imho we are trying to put the cart before the horse doing it at this point. Yes it would give the few active guilds something to play around with and I do like the idea of it incorporating the different community led projects but in reality this proposal as it stands is rather early. Would it not be easier and more cost effective to just do a basic MVP of:

  1. guild registration
  2. voting power
  3. warehouse access rights and asset management (gotchis, wearables and land)

Basic guild infrastructure would be put into place. We could always come back and vote to add the other things as we grow and if we feel they are really needed.

You’ve literally just described exactly what this proposal is for.