Giving Gotchi Owners The Ability To Reduce Cooldown Time For Solo Channeling

Hi all. After reading the latest chapter 3 of the Gotchiverse Game Bible and listening in on a few community calls and saw where Pixel Craft has mention the possibility of using $GLTR to shorten the cooldown time for Guild Channeling. Later it occurred to me that we now have the opportunity to address a problem that has plaguing gotchi owners since the initial haunt was released by fixing the issue of a “bad time” interaction with your gotchi. The possibility of shortening a gotchi’s solo channeling would be very beneficial by first adding another $GLTR sink and also addressing the issue of a “bad time” channeling. I can safely say that everyone that has tried their hand at organically petting their gotchi has missed an on-time petting and was forced to either wait for a better time or be stuck with a 2 am petting for example.

Since petting was setup the way it is, many owners just decided to pay someone else to do it for them. Now that Solo Channeling is very near to fruition, owners will not have an automated option for it and renting, which could be an option for some, may or may not always result in all of your gotchis completing Solo Channeling daily.

Being that most of the Solo Channeling will be done organically, there will mostly be many instances of “bad time” channeling where an owner must choose between an undesirable solo channeling time and waiting for a more desirable time. With the option of paying a small $GLTR fee, gotchi owners could have their Solo Channeling reduced by 12 hours to help mitigate this.

The only downside I can see in having this option is for a group of “bad actors” to try to game the system by having a large number of gotchis doing solo channeling 2x daily. I am reasoning that the $GLTR fee would make any actions like this very rare if any at all being that the financial gain from Solo Channeling is minimal and the $GLTR fees would add up if they used solo channeling cooldowns daily. The projected cost in $GLTR is TBA at this time because the cost of a Guild Channeling cooldown has not been released.

I welcome comments both positive or negative on this topic.


I feel this pain, and I think this pain is really the reason why everyone inevitably turns to petting bots.

I thought about this issue a lot, and I think one way we could rework systems like this is to simply use a some sort of time banking system. I’ll elaborate in the context of petting, but this should be applicable to any sort of channeling cooldowns.

Every gotchi can get one petting credit every 12 hours. Gotchis can only accrue 2 petting credits, and time only accrues when you have less than 2 credits. We can add on a restriction that credits can only be spent 1 or 2 hours apart.

I think this kind of system would alleviate a lot of stress and give human beings a fair chance to compete against bots. We really should not be pressuring people to set midnight alarms to remember to pet or channel imo. Hopefully we can build a world where people can check in once or twice a day at their leisure instead of going mad over timers.


It is nice to know that players understand what my goal is by trying to address a potential problem that was identified under the petting contract. Unfortunately in my opinion, trying to reconstruct a new petting contract that has been in use for already over a year would be meet with staunch opposition and be seen as a waste of developer’s resources. So up to this date, owners have had to choose between as you have stated setting an alarm to wake you or choosing an automated option by making one themselves or choosing a third party.

This is the main reason I would like to have the option of paying a small $GLTR fee to reduce the proposed 24 hour Solo Channeling cooldown. As far as I understand how the Solo Channeling would work, owners would have to enter each individual gotchi into the GotchiVerse to interact with their parcels. If this is indeed the case, I do not believe that a bot would be able to accomplish all of this because there will be a need for actually interaction with the site.

I truly believe when you have the ability to help mitigate a “bad channeling” time, you will end up with a better gaming experience as a whole. New and old players will not feel like GotchiVerse is a job were you have to clock in at a certain time and just enjoy themselves.

i understand your point of view but the solo channeling can be improved by just upgrading the altar, why would you need the gltr speed up?
if your kind of playing is “visit once per day” then the altar lvl 1 is fine, if you want more action , just upgrade it . the maths are always done for 100% efficiency (the equivalent of auto petter) but realistically few players will even try to achieve that performance imo (maybe an ultra competitive guild?)

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As it is written now, gotchis can only channel once every 24 hours regardless of altar level that is why i am proposing the 12 hour Solo Channeling cooldown for a small $GLTR fee if the time happens to fall on an inconvenient time.

I think you can get the full utility you were going for, with no profit motive, and a glmr burn.

At first glance, I think that if you have the fee for going early be on a curve, you can make it so it costs almost nothing to go 15 minutes early, but is unprofitable past 12 hours. After the 12 mark, you could still do it, but it’s like going to the payday loan place because you’re getting your paycheck early.

If all you are trying to do is keep your schedule in RL on track, you wont spend much glmr. If you are trying to juice it, that behavior will have diminishing returns. Kind of like a stimulant habit.

:sweat_smile: I was trying to follow the K.I.S.S Principle (Keep It Simple Stupid). I really did not want to take up too much of the Dev’s time by making an overly complicated contract. I was trying to keep it more inline with the proposed one that would be used to reduce the lodge’s 7 day cooldown in Guild Channeling. A simple one just to “burn off” 12 hours for a set fee of $GLTR to help adjust your next Solo Channeling time.
I was also thinking that another $GLTR sink would be something that would help the overall economy by adding more uses to the token.

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I trust the community to develop the algorithm. It would be a good thing in numerous ways.

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  • Be able to do a 12 hour cooldown paid in $GLTR no more than (1) once per day
  • Be able to do a 12 hour cooldown paid in $GLTR no more than (3) three times a week
  • Leave it as it is

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Bump, because this one is almost ready to go, and it needs to be done now or it’ll be too late to go back and change it.

I fully agree on this. I think the KINSHIP system needs a revision now that gotchiverse gameplay has started. In my oppinion Kinship is an indicator that the gotchi owner cares about the game / plays the game. Maye it would be feasible to acquire Kinship through lending out the gotchi or entering the gotchiverse with the gotchi.

Regarding the topic of shorting channeling time with GLTR I tend to be against it because I cannot foresee the consequences that the higher Alchemica emissions which would result out of this would have on our ecosystem as a whole. Better to see how it turns out in the starting weeks and then maybe tweek it.

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GLTR is an option. Another way we could play this is at certain kinship thresholds, your cooldown drops. over 500 kinship = 18hr, over 1000 = 12hr

ATM high kinship is getting rekt.

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For personal channeling I like @Mori s idea about accruing up to a max of 2 credits that can be used. Eg each gotchi accrues 1 credit per new 24hr period (and all operate on the same time zone GMT) up to a max of 2 credits.

Personal channeling is not directly competitive like kinship so I don’t think it would hurt to allow people to spend 2 channeling points on the occasional day 2 so they can maintain their schedule.

Implementation is pretty basic:

if (channel points < 2 && new 24hr period)
=> add channel point

EDIT: Actually it could be even simpler. Just set every gotchi to the same 24 hr channeling period and let them channel one time any time they like within that 24hr period.

Eg in your time zone the new 24hr period might start every day at 4am for you. So to keep in sync all you have to do is channel everyday just after 4am. Could channel at 4.30am one day, 5am the next and 11am the next and it would still count as one channel per 24hr period with zero stress.

The main advantage of accruing up to 2 channel points is you have to worry less about time zone conversions BUT that could be overcome by setting an in game clock for your gotchi that says “Your gotchi has 1 available alchemica channelling ritual, 5hrs remaining until next channelling period” etc

Also a fan of @notorious_BTC idea that more kinship reduces the gotchi cool-down period. That could also be incorporated into the above ideas fairly easily.

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Are you suggesting there be 2 options to decrease cooldown? One being it automatically decreases as the kinship raises and the other would be done by using $GLMR?

I think I understand what you are saying but I am still a little confused. What does the timezone have to do with the 24 hour period that you must wait until you can solo channel your gotchi? The 24 hour countdown begins as soon as the action is done regardless of when it is done. Truthfully I am not a big fan of the credit approach. IMO there should be some sort of fee besides gas if you wanted to make changes. As far as the window approach, it sounds really nice but I am unsure how they would construct and implement the contract that is why I proposed a way combine the two by giving people the option to pay using $GLMR tokens if the need arose. For example you could have rented your gotchis for 8 to 12 hours forgetting that you did not do your solo channeling, now you would have the opportunity to claim them, do the solo channeling, wait 12+ hours (under a 12 hr paid cool down) and pay $GLMR to pick a time that is more suitable if the current one was not to your liking.

Ok time zones is probably something we can ignore and may be muddling the concept a bit.

Basically, for the contract what we do is start each Gotchi with a 24hr timer. Within that 24hrs you can channel once anytime you like. Once you get to the end of that 24hr timer the contract starts a new 24hr timer in which you can once again channel one time anytime within that new period.

The time zone thing was more about ensuring every gotchi had a correctly synced and equal 24hr period.

This is almost a counter proposal suggesting we introduce this as a QoL feature without fees.

OK then let’s talk about this for a minute. If I am understanding this correctly, each gotchi would have a start time of let’s say 0001 UTC so they would have 24 hours to solo channel with it resetting at 0001 UTC the next day? So basically it does not matter when you channel as long as it happens before the timer resets, correct? Again I really do not see where time-zones should have any bearing because 24 hrs is 24 hrs regardless where you live. IMO UTC would be the standard because it favors no one and easily converts. Also would be easier to use when opening new portals since the clock would always run in the background as opposed to the summoner thinking that a newly born gotchi’s time begins as soon as they claim them. I have to agree this is a very interesting way of doing things, but it goes not address ways to actually reduce the cooldown between solo channeling times. This way does give you flexibility but for example I was busy all day and could not solo channel until 2200 UTC on day 1 which is fine because I did it within 24 hrs. Since I am still up I go ahead and solo channel at 0005 UTC on day 2, now I cannot solo channel until after 0001 UTC on day 3.

UTC 00:00:00 = timer reset - this is simplest to code, no explanation needed.

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Yup that’s basically it. The timezone concept can be removed TBH if we go with different cooldowns and was kind of just me giving an example of what it might look like for someone (e.g. depending on your personal timezone you might be looking at 8am - 8am 24hr channel periods etc.).

If we were to incorporate different cooldowns we would definitely have to make the channel period separate from any given specific timezone in the world (e.g. gotchis not synced) and as you say, derive it initially from your gotchis summon time.

Channel periods actually work really well with differing cooldowns. So if for example 500+ kinship reduces gotchi channel cooldown to 18hrs you would eventually end up with random channel changeover times like the middle of the night. Incorporating channel periods there’s actually zero need at all to wake up at midnight to channel because you can effectively do it before you go to bed and then again for the next period when you wake up without missing a beat.

Channel periods and differing cooldowns actually go hand in hand when an individual gotchi keeps a track of his/her cooldown periods. Even if you went from 24hr cooldown to 18hr cooldown (due to kinship getting over a certain value) you would just pick up a new 18hr channel period starting from the end of the last 24hr channel period. And then continue on in 18hr cooldowns until the next kinship threshold is hit to reduce cooldown again and then continue etc.

With every gotchi having their individual would seem like the better option. This would allow the implementation of a kinship based, auto occurring shortening of the solo channeling time. I was thinking of starting at 750 shortening the channeling time by 2 hours to max out at 12 hours total time when your kinship reaches 2000. We could have the time decrease at 750, 1000, 1250, 1500, 1750 and 2000 for the max.

As I have mentioned before I really find this approach to be very intriguing but how would the manual cooldown work in this scenario? I also have mentioned that I am not a fan of giving this ability away for free because you would be inviting bad actors in to abuse the system, so how would a paid cooldown work? It seem like you would be almost locked in that cycle so anything down would be basically paying for the ability to solo channel an additional time because again your cycle would not be influenced by using a windowed system as opposed to having the time you actually did the transaction become your new starting point then reducing the next solo channeling time from that point.