Gotchiverse Game Bible Chapter 3 Discussion

Chapter 3 is live! View it here: The Gotchiverse Bible: Chapter 3


Overall really impressed with this Chapter.

One concern I had with the use of GLTR for the Wearable Crest GBM Auctions.

A competing guild or whale could act maliciously and push up the price in the auction for a wearable crest resulting in the crest being owned by the whale/competing guild and sitting idle (or they could resell it to the guild at inflated prices) rather than with a guild that has focused on acquiring those wearables.

Edit Proposed improvement:

What if instead of glitter wars for getting wearable crests it is a dao vote? If you or your gotchi owns that wearable you get 1 vote per unit owned. Then the vote can be delegated to a guild. Votes are tallied up and the winning guild gets the crest. If you want to support GLTR tokenomics there can be a fixed GLTR fee (set by Aavegotchi DAO) to claim the wearable crest post vote.

Proposal: Replace Wearable Crest GBM Auctions with DAO Vote with Fixed GLTR Fee


Is it just me or does the wearable crest multiplier for guild channeling seem a bit crazy. Five whales with godlikes can come together and obtain insanely massive alchemica levels each week.
Instead of 20x and 200x multiplayers for mythical and godlike, I think we should consider 16x and 32x.


200x seems like a lot, but it’s very unlikely that 5 owners of the same godlike would be able to coordinate to channel at the same time (as many owners of the godlike items are not particularly active). Lets look at some more realistic scenarios and the prices of wearables to get those results: 1-3 godlikes being channeled at the same time. I assume purchase prices of 50k GHST for a godlike wearable, 6k GHST for a mythical, 1k GHST for a legendary, 150 GHST for a rare, 50 GHST for an uncommon, and 20 GHST for a common.

I only did up to 200 gotchis participating at once.

I’m using the FUD numbers here as an example.

Teal highlighted numbers: With 1 godlike (50k GHST), an owner will be able to generate 4,000 FUD by himself. It would take 9 myth items (54k GHST), 22 legendary items (22k GHST), 46 rare items (6,900 GHST), 89 uncommon (4,450 GHST), or 170 common items (3,400 GHST) to achieve those same results.

Green highlighted numbers: With 2 godlikes (100k GHST), the owners will be able to generate 12,480 FUD. It would take 21 myth items (126k GHST), 54 legendary items (54k GHST), 121 rare items (18,150 GHST) to achieve those same results.

Pink highlighted numbers: With 3 godlikes (150k GHST), the owners will be able to generate 29,203 FUD. It would take 37 myth items (222k GHST), or 95 legendary items (95k GHST) to achieve those same results.

What’s the takeaway here? Even at 200x multiplier, given current market rates, communal channeling with godlike wearables is not OP, and is not even particularly optimal. The most likely scenario, imo, is that godlike owners will only be able to group up in groups of 2. Many of the godlike wearables are sitting with whale owners who are unlikely to be particularly active in the game. The same results being achieved by investing 100k or 150k in godlike wearables can be similarly achieved for a fraction of the price by guilds utilizing legendary or rare wearables.


Really like it. My comments are really just nits. I think it could just use a little refinement around the Guild Channeling definitions and examples to avoid potential confusion.

  • This section was a little confusing since it combined the defined term Base Channel Rate with defined term Gotchi Presence into a single term:
    “Every extra Aavegotchi holding the designated Wearable that joins in the ritual increases the total by the Base Channel Rate Gotchi Presence, which results in exponentially more Alchemica being dropped:”
    Additionally, in the graphic its then called the Gotchi Presence Bonus and later in the formula it’s referred to as the Bonus per Gotchi
  • The term Wearable Crest Rarity is defined, but then the term is never used again in the Guild channeling section. The term Wearable Crest Rarity Multiplier is introduced later and defined as “designating the base rate at which alchemica is dropped” The graphic then defines these numbers as Wearable Multiplier and none of the terms are mentioned in the formula, but it’s implied that it’s included in Base Rate.
  • Define Base Rate and Bonus per Gotchi or change/expand verbiage to align with previously defined terms.
  • It would be helpful if the examples plugged the variables into the formula so a reader could quickly pick up the math. Perhaps a very simple example where the instances only go to 2 or 3.
  • Make instance font below the sigma the same font used in the exponent
  • If using verbiage from the graphics, perhaps formula reads as follows:
    Base Channel Rate x Wearable Modifier x Presence Bonus^i-1

A couple of questions to get a bit of clarity around Chapter 3:

  1. What are the dimensions of an Alchemical Aaltar? How many Alchemical Aaltars can I fit on one humble vs reasonable vs spacious parcel?

  2. Is the modifier of 0 for the kinship score of 25 in the table correct? Using the formula this is what I get for a kinship score of 25.

  1. What can guilds do with the appearance of the Insignia Crest? Can it be any image?

  2. Can i rent a gotchi to use for Alchemical Chanelling on my own land’s Aaltar or can I only use the Aaltar belonging to the owner of the Aavegotchi?

  3. Where can NFT cases be placed? Outside and inside Gotchi Lodges? Or just inside lodges?


My personal opinion is that Godlike multipliers are broken. @Bearded’s assumption that Godlike owners won’t coordinate or play is non-empirical and it’s not the argument that should be considered in game design.

Godlike multipliers might impact in early stages significantly and there might be huge financial incentivization for the godlike owners to coordinate. Besides that, they will probably just lend out their items to guilds. And guild will never miss an opportunity to make a 5-gotchi ritual.

I’m asking for PC and other fellow frens, that are smarter than me, to look closely at multipliers and express opinions.


I agree that it’s a bad assumption to think that godlike wearable owners won’t collaborate fully. The game isn’t even out yet, so there has really been no reason historically for them to ever collaborate. That can and probably will change as we introduce these incentives.

I think it’s also important to take into account that basing the multipliers based on the expected APY of the wearable purchase is not the only way to go about this. Note that wearables accrue value in rarity farming, and godlike wearables will have very strong intrinsic aura value in the gotchiverse. And as the gotchiverse matures, it is likely that more and more utility and revenue generation models will become available.

Instead of targeting APYs, I would have liked to see an approach that would incentivize behavior that we would like to encourage in the gotchiverse. In that spirit, I think that 1000 gotchis with commons coming together for guild channeling should definitely be giving more total rewards than 5 gotchis with godlikes. When players enter the game and start guild channeling, I am unsure of how well received it would be if they even as a large collective had no hope of competing with a few whales in guild channeling.

There are plenty of avenues for godlike wearable owners to accrue value from their investments. In fact, I would even say that many of the mechanics planned for godlike wearables are probably OP. Ultimately, I believe guild channeling does not need to function as a proportional revenue stream to the value of the wearable. Rather than shaping the mechanic for the wearable, I’d like to see it shaped for the player experience.


Great chapter team and looking forward to digesting it more over the coming days/weeks! Something I’ve been wondering though is…

Could Mythical Wearables Also Have Auras?

I really like the inclusion of auras for godlike wearables, it really encourages players to build around potential hero figures within their guilds/communities. However, I just wanted to gauge peoples interest in pushing aura’s out to include mythical wearables too?

At a quick glance of the leaderboard there is (very roughly and I’ll pull up exact figures when I get a chance) 50 godlike gotchi holders. With 19k portals currently open, this leads to:

  • 1 in 380 gotchis having an aura

There appears to be roughly 500 gotchis with either a godlike or mythical. Allowing mythical items to also have an aura would lead to roughly:

  • 1 in 38 gotchis having an aura

Giving Mythical Wearables Auras


  • Smaller guilds/communities have a better chance at enlisting a “hero” gotchi with an aura
  • Diluted impact of several godlike gotchis teaming up as an ultimate death force (although that would be highly entertaining to watch) because mythicals can now form aura squads
  • The aura mechanic gets more use
  • Godlike auras would still be more powerful than mythic


  • There’s already 20+ godlikes so already plenty of different aura possibilities, adding mythicals may lead to a lot of double up auras
  • Increased GPU bandwidth required to support more on-screen auras
  • Dilutes the “hero” aspect. Epic fantasy battles are often fought with one devastating godlike figure. We’d be losing this somewhat by giving mythicals auras too.

I am not particularly biased in either direction but did originally think aura’s might be a bit more accessible. Let me know what you think!

  • Auras exclusive to godlike wearables?
  • Extend auras to mythical wearables too?

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Make the mythical aura be either a positive or a negative, and you have a neat mechanic there. There’s more mythical types, so it would not dilute the godmode power of the godlike. Its like being with Hercules, instead of Zeus :wink:


One more thing to add about Godlike Wearables and Guild Channeling.

The amount of reward for Guild Channeling should not only correlate with the price of Crest, but also with the coordination complexity. To coordinate 5 players is incomparably easier than coordinating 1000 players. But in the current design 5 players get almost twice more rewards!


Pixelcraft have based the multiplier off the rarities of items which in my opinion is the fairest and most objective way to do it. Godlikes are 200x more rare than commons hence the 200x multiplier. If you take into account cost then Godlikes are 2000x more expensive than commons, PC could of based the multiplier on that but seeing how price is subjective and driven by the market they decided to use the rarity multiplier instead.
Finally, if you look at the number of different godlikes (22) compared to commons (40) you’ll see there’s roughly 2x as many commons so the total amount of alchemica given to commmons vs godlikes is very similar


I don’t think you’ll be coordinating 1000. You’ll have the members of the actual Guild, that are getting both alchemica spilled in the lodge and their share of the guilds unspilled alch, and then there will be allies there, too, who only have access to the channeling because you made a deal with them to swap access, and there will probably be a submarket where Guilds(I’m going to capitalize when I mean Guild of players and its guild when I mean the lodge crest) sell guild membership to outsiders.

Theres a point where its more profitable to stop trying to get more of an item, and its more profitable to just charge people outside of your Guild for lodge access. The market will findthis price by the competition for Guild member wanting more items, and it being more worth it to hold the asset and buy guild access, than sell it to the Guild. As the lodge levels up, the value of the item should decline, as more and more of the channeled alch will go to the Guild instead of the guild. The in game utility of the item will be the other thing determining value.

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  1. Altars are 2x2, and each Parcel can only have one. Level 1 Altars are free and required to survey the parcel. You can install Level 1 installations with a Level 1 Altar, but going to Level 2 requires you to upgrade the Altar to Level 2 as well. Same for other levels.

  2. That may be a typo, as originally any Gotchis with kinship under 50 were ineligible for alchemical channeling. Later we changed it to be more frenly to low kinship Gotchis (but penalized with lower modifier). Will get that updated.

  3. Insignia Crests will need to be submitted to Pixelcraft for review and addition to the onchain contract until the game is further decentralized, but generally anything will be accepted, so long as its tasteful and SFW (and young players).

  4. Initially, as long as the Gotchi is in your possession, you will be able to channel with it on your land. We also plan to allow for rented Gotchis to channel on Parcels owned by the original owner.

  5. NFT Display case Installations will be onchain, placed on the Parcel itself and viewable to any gotchis passing by. They are separate from Lodges (although the interior of Gotchi Lodges will likely have the ability to display NFTs inside.


Really good chapter! Love and appreciate all the thoughts and work it took to fledge out this level of economic complexity.

I am particulary happy to see the official support for guild insignias as crests. Thanks for including it. Really interesting mechanic introduced here in relation to the wearable crests that will be auctioned off (for now at least).

Two things I would like to clarify:

  • is the insignia crest a requirement for communal channeling (in addition to holding a wearable of the crest for that lodge) or is it just to allow access to the lodge interior and participate in its social aspect?

  • will it be possible to do alchemica channelling on a parcel without surveying it? I think it makes sense and the screenshots seem to suggest that is the case but I would just like to confirm.

#5 - Can we have the nft display case be configurable in such a manner that a renter can use it to display their own stuff, for the duration of the rental? This would enable a secondary benefit to the renter and further incentivise rentals, as they could either display their art, use it to promote a viewpoint, or straight up advertise. This could also be a secondary income stream for rental guilds as while they are out farming the gotchigverse or playing, they could be getting a stipend from an advertiser as well, that they would not need to share with the owner. This is a value add for them, and also a way for a parcel owner to add value and attract rentals. This will make spacious parcels and roadside parcels have extra value, and spark a whole new round of people shuffling their assets around as they either decide they aren’t going to use this feature, and take the chance to get cheaper farm land elsewhere, or to maximize their position into areas they think they can farm advertising better.

With regard to channeling at an aaltar, is it true that gotchis and aaltars both have their own cooldown times? The way chapter 3 reads to me, all gotchis have a 24-hour cooldown for channeling, and aaltars have a varying cooldown time depending on their level- and both cooldown conditions must be satisfied in order to channel.

If this is true, you’d need progressively more gotchis to justify upgrading your aaltars… as your aaltars would be able to channel more often but there is no similar mechanic to allow your gotchis to be able to channel more often to take advantage of an upgraded aaltar’s faster cooldown.

Considering the balance of gotchis to land parcels in the game now, does that create a balance issue? Or am I misunderstanding the way the aaltar channeling cooldown works?


I can imagine GLTR playing a role here.

You need to level the altar up to build higher level buildings. This is the main point of the altar. Overtime, it can support more gotchis, but you aren’t missing out on anything if this feature doesn’t help your situation. In the very beginning, it matters, but it takes one week to get to level three, and 2 more for level 4, so it’s a moot point after the first month. It appears to me that this mostly just makes it good to have a 1/1 ratio at the beginning, but doesn’t totally wreck you if that’s not how you are set up.

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Hello again fam! I reviewed the top 1000 BRS gotchis and initial estimations were not too far off re: unique godlike/mythical equipped gotchis.

Potential Implementation

As it appears there is some appetite for extending auras to mythical wearable holders (78% based on 23 votes) I’d like to present the following implementation options for voting prior to raising a SigProp.

Option A - One Aura, Stacked Boosts, Godlike Boosts > Mythical, Same Radius

Of these options, this will likely be the simplest implementation method for PC.

  • Your gotchi emits one aura with the combined effects of all equipped godlikes/mythicals,
  • There is one set aura radius for all Godlikes and Mythicals
  • Godlikes confer better boosts than mythical e.g. Godlike aura HP regen +5 HP/sec vs. Myth aura HP regen +2 HP/sec

Example: If mudgen diamonds add +1 speed and all seeing eyes reduce lickquidator accuracy by 50%, equipping two mudgen diamonds and all seeing eyes will give frenly units +2 speed and reduce lickquidator accuracy by 50% all within the same radius.

Option B - One Aura, Stacked Boosts, Godlike Boosts = Mythical, Godlike Radius Multiplier > Mythical

Similar to option A with the following key differences:

  • There is a base aura radius used for radius calculations (E.g. base radius might be 5 gotchis),
  • Each Godlike or Wearable equipped adds a radius multiplier,
  • Godlikes would have a larger radius multiplier than mythicals. E.g. Godlikes might be 1.5x and mythicals 1.1x
  • Multipliers stack. E.g. equipping 1 godlike and 3 mythicals would lead to a 1.5 x 1.1 x 1.1 x 1.1 = 2x aura radius multiplier,
  • Godlikes and mythicals have the same boosts e.g. for a godlike and mythical that promote HP regen they would regen the same amount per second

Option C - Blend A & B, One Aura, Stacked Boosts, Godlike Boosts > Mythical, Godlike Radius Multiplier > Mythical

A combination of both options A and B. Godlike aura boosts are better than mythicals and equipping a godlike applies a better aura radius multiplier than a mythical.

Example: Say we have the following wearables equipped with the following boosts:

  • 1x Aave Flag (Mythical) => Provides +2 armor boost and 1.1x radius multiplier
  • 1x Link Cube (Godlike) => Proivdes +5 ranged damage boost and 1.5x radius multiplier
  • 1x Royal ROFL (Godlike) => Reduces lickquidator melee damage by 30% and 1.5x radius multiplier

This will lead to:

  • Overall aura radius multiplier 1.1 x 1.5 x 1.5 = 2.48
  • One aura that boosts frenly unit armor and ranged damage and reduces liquidator melee damage.


Please note the boost types and radius multipliers shown here are purely to help demonstrate implementation of each option and would be left to PC/community to adjust at a future date.


  • Option A - One Aura, Stacked Boosts, Godlike Boosts > Mythical, Same Radius
  • Option B - One Aura, Stacked Boosts, Godlike Boosts = Mythical, Godlike Radius Multiplier > Mythical
  • Option C - Blend A & B, One Aura, Stacked Boosts, Godlike Boosts > Mythical, Godlike Radius Multiplier > Mythical
  • Option D - Other (If you vote here please provide details :slight_smile: )

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