Govnuh pre-proposal - Maasters Socks Token

Pre-proposal idea discussion thread.

Maasters Sock Token (MST) - is Aavegotchis (Gotchis only) owners rights, as a voucher, to claim the real copy of the sock with “Your Own Unique Gotchi design that u can choose from any of your Gotchis” 1 MST voucher (aka any tickets we have) per 1 eligable Gotchi.

Process description:
Maasters Sock Token - Is your 1 time usage token similar to the “original unisocks” tokens, but with “Your Own Unique Gotchi design”.

Maasters Socks Token Distribution Method(MST DM):
Proof-of-OG - (POOG):
This is based, on your Gotchi summoning date - Some number of blocks that required for you, to be able for voucher claiming. (Mb 5-6mil. Need to discuss)
Could be a bond with kinship conditions. For ex.:
Proof-of-Kinship = Kinship >= some point that must be acheeved and chekecked (to hold the same kinship score or >).

No ID bond giving us another market item to trade - MST vouchers.
So some of us can have a few socks with the same gotchi design, or just to keep some for the future. Or, to sell this opportunity to the others + there’s a burned Gotchis, less socks to print, to wear :slight_smile:

“Choose one of your gotchis, to be printed on the socks, burn your MST token to redeem the real copy of the socks with the Gotchi printed on it, that you choose.”

Number of Printed Gotchis on this MST, will be based on the Initial Spirit Force*, but we might to discuss possible “Prints pump” with the additional Spirit Force, that will get burned for MST upgrade.
After the MST voucher burn, u can redeem the real copy of the socks with the gotchi printed on it that u had to be chosen.
Then, the Gotchi that got MST calimed - receiving a baadge - “Socked” (for ex.)

*10 usdc *25 usdc *100 usdc .


Collectors attractive model
New market to trade (moar GHSTs to the treasury and team)
More uniqness n utility to the AaveGotchis
Epic socks
Warm n comfy feet
More fun


More work

p.s. Lets make the Dobbe Gotchis feel free?
p.s.s. I’m okay if all the portals will get opened for the socks, kek.

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should definitely come with a real life collectible pair of socks =). could help differentiate a bit but also nothing wrong with a little advertisement irl.

would be cool if it was a sock puppet wearable.

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This is a very unique, cool and creative idea.

Right now the DAO is starting the creation of different committees/ councils, and this looks to me as the kind of thing that would be perfect for a marketing or a product council.

This way, our devs can focus on doing what they do best (build a great game) instead of on knitting socks!

Lol, jokes aside, it is a project a few members of the community could take over without needing much from devs or the DAO.

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Yes my dear fren @Angst, i think the same - should… if not 4 MuST, lol

Pet, yeah, could looks cool, but our spirit force have only 3 lvls of based rarity 10 - 25 - 100 (lol but i have mine with 125$) ~in usd collateral values. So we could have max 3 types, common, uncommon and rare.
But i think giving a pet is already too stronk n OP since socks have a utility in becoming a real pair and a ticket to do so on open market.
It could be decision of some gotchis to burn MST for having a pet instead of the socks… :thinking:
Then i think we should think of OPTION to bond sock ID and Gotchi, if gotchi getting burned, token burns, pet burns, which means, tickets not fore sale, pets is not for sale, it’s becoming sth like a Personally Name Items - aka in Diablo II.
So that pet could be used only by u+ and only by that gotchi.
Mmmmmm… But after sacrifice, pet burns too, and MST can be released from the gotchi and become a freely tradable MST (Maastes Socks Token - Socks itself as NFT) on open market - Baazaar.
:crazy_face: :exploding_head:

Thnx 4 support @JG1 Absolutely agree, our community have brilliant minds and hands, I’m sure we can knit dat codes, designs or whatever it takes to get dat, if we will want dis
Everything is just a concept art, raw idea, improvisation of insight that i’ve got not so long ago.
Nothing is set in stone yet. :vulcan_salute:
No rush, with h2 this would fly, but we can keep for h3 + nothing is discussed yet as a conditions of claiming and redeeming
Do we keep both, real and nft, do we get nft sock or just a badge?
Or anything else that ppl can come up with :eyes: :ghost:

p.s. Yeah, would be a nice “twittarrrrr noizeeee”, as a paart of Maarketing Straategy lol.
p.p.s. I have a Masters degree in marketing, but i’m on my own path all my life. Independent.
No big names or any years of spent somewhere, i have bussines, and i always work 4 muself and on myself. I invest in me, lol. sry 4 off-top, but i felt like i should say sth about it…

I think an easy(er) implementation would be for someone to make a UI/contract that stores a portal or a gotchi- and can only be claimed via claim/QR code in the socks.

Then the socks could be used as an awesome marketing tool.

Mirandus already does this with physical laser prints of their NFTs:

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actual swag would be awesome. and i think it is a good way to spread brand awareness: see #proofofaaveswag.


I din’t even heard of it!

Also, i want to refer to RTFKT studios, dat made a redeemable sneakers per (want to type Gotchi so much) CP(cryptopunks).
And they have a limited time window or mb some sort of the limit will be required 4 it + yeah, it doesnt sounds like PixelCraft things, so yeah, seems like we need someone to have a cotrol over it.
p.s. i can make forging in reality, for crafting products with good quality 4 ppl who redeemed.