Option to persist user settings to user's wallet address

If a user plays Aavegotchi on multiple browsers, or even the same browser on different days, the settings the user has selected do not persist:

I propose that either by default or by adding a new setting to “Sync Settings on all devices”, all of the settings made on this page will sync based on user’s wallet address and not have to be reset manually by user.

This would be particularly helpful for the sound setting, which is on by default. If you use metamask mobile the sound is very loud with headphones on, and there is no way to disable it, even if you disable sound in settings on metamask mobile it does not disable the UI sounds. I have had this issue trying to disable sounds in the desktop browser as well, turning volume down does not always seem to disable sound.


I agree with this idea because it helps with increasing user experience which is very important in any game.

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