Proposal: Link to Twitter when name starts with @

I’m proposing that names that start with an @ automatically link to the corresponding Twitter account. The detail of design decision is up to the team, just underscoring the name or adding a cute little fitting pixel Twitter Icon next to the name would be two ideas.

Given blockchain, cryptocurrencies and especially the AAVE / NFT scene is deeply rooted within the Twitter community, it even has its own name CryptoTwitter, I think this will bring value and adds social engagement and reach in general.


  • Adds social engagement and reach
  • Adds a new vector to then naming meta
  • Adds a new way of customizing Aaveegotchis


  • Not sure, I guess if you dont like Twitter?

That’s a neat idea! If anyone would like to help implement this feel free to HMU. If not, we can do it internally.


With verification? Or do you intend to link just any twitter account and impersonate people?


There should be some verification system to get an approved mark with the name to avoid impersonating people


I dont think linking to someones Twitter site on an NFT falls under impersonation, but maybe in a later stage there could be an optional verification


We could ask Cent how they made their Valuables tweet tokenization system, they had a simple way to log in via twitter to authenticate you owned the tweet you were tokenizing and selling.

Course, nowadays people went over to using tokenizedtweets which doesn’t care at all who owns the account and tokenizes to whoever calls the account with their address first in a reply to the tweet :sweat_smile: