Question: Aavegotchi ethereum-matic bridge

So I tried to transfer some USDC to matic network using the bridge tokens function on the aavegotchi website, but i dont seem to have the USDC on matic yet after about an hour. I used the bridge on the matic website for some quickswap tokens and it took about 10 mins. Am i doing something wrong? When i look at my USDC balance in my metamask wallet on Eth mainnet, all it says is “approve usdc spend limit”. here is a screenshot of that.

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So can you see your usdc in your matic address?

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It says you have approved the spend, but not actually made the send? Did you not have another metamask notification asking you to confirm transaction?

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no it was saying my usdc balance was zero on matic network. and on ethereum network it was still showing my usdc balance saying approve to spend

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im pretty sure i did but i dont remember for sure now

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Before bridging the USDC to Matic you have to make the Ethereum network allow you to spend them. This is the transaction that you just made. Now you have to migrate your USDC to Matic with the bridge transaction which costs more than the approve made before. Once you have completed the bridge you will see no USDC on Ethereum and the previous balance on Matic. Hope to help you this :slight_smile:


Hi i send 20 usdc from bridge matice to my eth wallet
But nothing received yet after 2 day

This is tx

Eth address