Rename GLMR Token to GLAM

Hi Frens!

Inviting discussion around changing the name of the GAX liquidity reward token (GLMR).

The issue with the current name is that it is also the native token for the Moonbeam network.

Moonbeam one of the largest projects in the Polkadot ecosystem and has the potential to be one of the largest coins by marketcap once their full genesis supply is released over the next few months.

Obviously there are hundreds of coins out there and we can’t tip toe around all of them, but maybe we should not collide with one of the (potentially) largest?

The biggest downside of keeping GLMR would be confusion for newcomers trying to learn and play the game (imagine if one of our central tokens was named ATOM or AVAX).

Developers can comment but I imagine this change would be relatively simple - Updating the GAX contracts and whitepaper/website to reflect the naming change.

Pegasus#8500 suggested a new name with no known conflicts that could be a great alternative: GLAM

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unless there are already lots of materials created using the expected GLMR or other integrations, i dont see why not :slight_smile:


Agree it does create some confusion with Moonriver.
I would propose GLIMs as an alternative.

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Yes we’re very aware of GLMR token and recently have mainly just been using it as a placeholder. Definitely open to some suggestions for the community on this.

GLAM, GLIM are both pretty nice. Some other alternates:

GAX (the name of the exchange)
GIB (sounds like a meme)

Keep the suggestions coming! The good news is that the token contract has not been deployed yet so we still have plenty of time to change.


gax would be nice, but it doesnt relate to the speeding characteristic for installations .
Strss would work for that, you earn stress on the gax to deliver it into the gotchiverse so the shipoors build faster

GLAM → Gotchiverse LAnd Moonshine