Requesting Alchemica and 30 DAO Parcels for the DTF to use as Contributor Compensation

Hey all,

I would like to propose that we leverage DAO assets other than GHST to compensate our contributors. We have a variety of assets as a protocol, some of which have considerable goodwill value such as parcels in the DAO district. We can leverage these assets to better compensate and acknowledge past, current, and prospective contributors. Parallel to this effort, I would like to design a transparent, stepwise process towards earning a DAO parcel. The system would reward contributors with “X many contributions to the DAO” or “any contribution of sustained, ecosystem-wide impact.” Also, shouldn’t the DAO district be developed, boast wicked NFT displays, and not barren? This would be a really cool way to start development. Potential pros of using alchemica/minted NFT displays/parcels as compensation:

  • Gives the DAO more options in reimbursing contributors
  • Leverages assets outside of GHST
  • Develops and promotes a contributor/builder culture specifically inside the gotchiverse
  • May have potential cascade effect where contributors build and develop their earned parcels, keeping assets within the ecosystem

I would like to initially request something along the lines of 30 DAO parcels and 4M FUD equivalents worth of alchemica. These would be managed by the DTF until otherwise designated, acknowledging that the DTF may be absorbed by a new, more formal DAO leadership structure over the coming months.

Thanks for your feedback frens,



I think assigning lands for contributing DAO members seems reasonable. Owning land specifically in the DAO square would act as a acknowledgement to those members’ contributions while hopefully making organizational efforts for DAO meetings in the Gotchiverse more likely once there are better features implemented to communicate

To me this sort of seems like leasing a home to the landkeeper of a park, the land parcels in this case would still be owned by the DAO, correct?


DAO square most definitely needs to be a showcase of talent and contributions.

This is a very cool idea - I’d love a deep dive into hearing what people think is possible.

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Just spit balling here as devils advocate but I’m not 100% sure why the DAO needs 30 or 50 new parcels minted and handed to them for free along with ~$20K in alch (unless I’m misunderstanding here).

I recall hearing over and over how rich the DAO is in funds to give out to contributors. Seems like there are already a lot more funds available for community projects than there are projects to fund.

The DAO receives a big cut of alchemica used in crafting as well as other sources of revenue.
We all want a strong and well funded DAO, and I’m not sure this is a bad idea, but to me this reads like a request for a handout.

Or is this all just redistributing funds the DAO already controls somehow?
And, if not, who is “giving” the DAO the parcels and 4M FUD equiv in alch? PC?
Or is this the DAO giving the DTF free stuff?
Now I’m confused.

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These are parcels and funds (alchemica) the DAO already owns but really has no way of using. The idea is to let the DTF use them to compensate and reward DAO contributors. For example, we have a current bounty that was performed by @MarvinP who requested to be paid in KEK. The DTF has no KEK to give, but the DAO has a lot. We need it to be in a usable wallet so we can pay that bounty and others. Additionally, we have many long-term contributors who have never received any compensation for their work. Acknowledging them and their contributions with DAO parcels/NFT displays would be a really cool way to support (and hopefully keep) our most active contributors.

What’s your vision for the DAO parcels?


Thanks for clarifying! The interactions between the different task forces and DAO are a little confusing, I think, to those not intimately involved.

I’m confident community rewards/incentives/reimbursements/remunerations will be handed out in a fair and open way with the team we have in place.

(…runs off to change vote)

As far as a vision for DAO square, my imagination is taking me to a long row of grey administrative buildings - that’s why I’m not an aartist lol.
How about an area of parcels set aside using SDKs as an interactive workshop zone for learning various skills like how to use the SDK on your own parcel to make cool dapps, maybe even going as advanced as how to build other things in the gotchiverse? Could run classes there or have content available for anyone to rock up and view at their leisure.


A hackerspace is most definitely something we should have.


I would like to see a transparent, stepwise process towards earning a DAO parcel prior to voting yes for such offer though.

Help us build it! What does it look like to you? My initial thought was to assign an impact score to contributions in a point system (1 -3). Define the impact as best as possible with DAU on the website or tool (,, etc) or the ecosystem wide impact (notorious + MikeyJay’s research on recipes, Mori’s creation of the VRF rolls for parcels). Lower impact examples would be less frequently used Dune dashboards completed as a bounty. Map out all of the contributions we can by looking at DTF funded bounties and the most widely used community built tools. Finally, set a threshold based on all points accrued to both acknowledge past contributors and set demonstrate what it takes to earn one. This would allow anyone that was overlooked to reach out to and for their points to be entered and assigned.