Reshape aavegotchi's value system

There was a problem with positioning in the aavegotchi value system. In aavegotchi the main body should be gotchi, everything else is derivative. At present, there are more and more derivatives, and the main body of value has been depreciating. If it is not developed around the main body of value, all derivatives will be meaningless. The price can only fall again and again. Derivatives are meaningful only if the price of the main body of value keeps rising. What we’re seeing now is a whole bunch of nft land nft ornament wearables all out of the main. To solve this problem, I have envisaged 3 ways:

  1. New derivatives will be issued in the future, half of which can be issued through official issuance channels (can be auctions or lottery, etc.), and the other half will be obtained by those who hold gotchi. The main body profits and the whole system is positive.
  2. Official repurchase and destruction of the floor price gotchi, and the new portal of the same amount will be issued when the demand is urgent.
  3. Set the upper limit of the total amount of gotchi or the supply has a halving plan. Only in this way will the value of the main body increase, and the derivatives will increase in value, and there is no such thing as the self-growth of derivatives beyond the main body.
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Defining a plan for future haunts that continues to shrink them is pretty achievable. It would be good to state that up front, to define the tokenomics.