Season 3 for Q1 2022

While I also liked the idea before, I think there’s a case to be made for completely separating Rarity Farming and Gotchiverse / REALM rewards. Both things have their own respective reward pools and mechanics that could be awkward if thrown together. Also if SZN3 were to happen before the release of the Gotchiverse we’d have to use an alternative method anyways.


The proposed schedule sounds great! The extension of the rewards up to the top 7.5k players is a key change, it will give a chance for many more people to obtain rarity farming rewards. In addition, this would also add utility and value to common/uncommon items, the few extra BRS points may be enough to get a decent gotchi into the leaderboard, which at the moment has a pretty steep cut-off (+532BRS)


This would double down on the rookie kinship and rookie xp boards experiment where kinship rank 1 was shared by over 200 gotchis and tie breaking depended purely on potion drinking or sacrificing.

These were failed experiences because delta kinship does not work in the slightest with how very little tie-breakers we have in a season, and how absurdly whale-oriented the tie breaks are, while frontloading all the leftovers to the BRS board and a yet-to-be-created board which has close to 5m GHST in funding waiting to be used as is in the realm sales contract.

Sorry, but this is a hard no from me.


After thinking on it more, I fully support your initial proposal and would love to see the formal signal prop submitted. We will be able to develop and reward engagement metrics upon realm release. Until then, let’s continue the fun we’ve been having for the last year, explore the new DeFi RPG wearable meta, and bring on some GHST stimmies to provide some much needed liquidity.


How does,
60% RF
30% XP
10% Kinship sound? It seems silly we’d be deflating where most users/effective community engagement come to participate. The XP meets have been substantial in keeping and attracting users as fas as I know. We always have good turnout.

60 brs, 30 kin, 10 xp :stuck_out_tongue:

XP - not only about eating gotchis, but also free drops from the team to the ambas.
XP goes to ambasadors easy, so not really a point of showing your interest in game.

Kin ship keepers r good, but auto-pet(thnx god, it’s saving my life!) yeah doing it for you, but you also paying for it, and you cared about it.

I’m still ok with original prop, but my gotchis moved lower in brs, cuz of h2, eh oh ah ugh. Regrading to “fair” brs competition, nah, h1 bug vs h2 pump whatever it silenced, not agree that it’s balanced. most of places on leaderboard now is after h2.

65 brs, 25 kin, 15 xp mb? everyone got a cookie sliced of brs :stuck_out_tongue:

But i still think that original prop with 70-20-10 is fine, cuz brs + wearables is an investments that you expect to pay it back. + about kinship, i still remember how i was waking up or going out of the bizz to basically pet gotchis 1 after another, yeah without knowing of pet all yet and etc. So it’s cool to keep it OriGinal


Would love to see a RF event with lots of potions airdropped during the season. Something like 1 game per round:

  • Top 1000 => 1 smol kinship + 1 big XP potions
  • Top 100 => 2 smol kinship + 2 big XP potions
  • Top 50 => 3 smol kinship + 3 big XP potions
  • Top 10 => 4 smol kinship + 4 big XP potions
  • Top 3 => 5 smol kinship + 5 big XP potions
  • Top 2 => 7 smol kinship + 7 big XP potions
  • Top 1 => 10 smol kinship + 10 big XP potions
Potions are our only way to make kinship RF fun again, especially if we don't decrease the kinship score from channeling in the gotchiverse

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My smol brain recalls three controversies from the 1st RF event that linger in different forms today that are being discussed here.
1.) 500 XP drop early gotchi supporters received. The issue IMO is XP has never been given out so generously again - there remains a gap between people who received the 500XP and the rest of the gotchis. Angel investors vs early adopters. We saw the leaderboard of SZN2 full of Angel investors who sacrificed Haunt 1 gotchis to win Haunt 2 rewards. I do not see how SZN 3 would be different currently.
2.) Hidden ‘Pet All’ button that many users were not aware of. Issue has evolved on what to do with petting services ties Coders vs noobs.
3.) Potions were OP. As a noob i was excited to see 7 of my gotchis in the top 100 without knowing about the hidden pet all button but by the time the 1st snapshot was taken, the majority of SZN1 RF top 100 kinship were potion drinkers. I still do not want to see more potions added. Whales vs minnows.
Hoping a refresher about SZN1 will help the galaxy brains here see the best solutions.


No delta, no rookie, i’ve got a look on the rewards for rookie last night, 350 ghst dude, 350, for rookie!
Let’s go original.

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Just want to correct one part of #3: I had 3 gotchis in the top 100 kinship with only manual petting. And I know of a few others as well. It did take multiple alarms and waking up in the middle of the night for months to do it.


thank you for the correction. I edited to majority instead of all.
I bought used gotchis that had been neglected for a couple days.

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It was definitely super competitive. Those 3 were the first 3 of 5 I summoned on launch day. In any case, it doesn’t take away from the broader points that potions inhibited competition rather than facilitated it, and that kinship could be more complex and interesting by being more competitive (I may be adding the 2nd part).

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Agree with your points, but some nuance:

  1. 500 XP was a lot but players where asked 2 very important votes on L1, which costed about 50$ in fees. Snapshot votes are free, it makes sense they are less rewarded.
  2. I understand the feeling, but it was talked a lot on discord and thus rewards the most active members. Anyone interested could just launch a ‘pet all’ search on discord and find the info, or even open source petting bots.
  3. I had the same experience, and would have prefered no potions at all. But there were a bunch dropped in the baazaar, and then no more. So rn, potion drinkers - who played with fire - will just get an endless advantage.

If we were to create more potions distributed to players, it would even a bit the situation i think. If you lose a few ranks cause some gotchis drank potions, well they actually might have bought a potion you earned, or you could drink yours.

Another fix could be to adapt the distribution curve for kinship & xp rewards. It makes sense for rarity farming to keep a reciprocal function (steep decrease, the highest investors are the most rewarded), but it could be much more flattened for xp & kinship. Would be curious to hear about your ideas of what the ratio between rank 1 & rank 5000 should be. For RF2, we had 3000 for rarity, 650 for kinship, 250 for XP

Thanks for your ideas, I like Delta XP most of all. It will affects me in negotive way, because i can not participate in minigames with all my gotchis, but it will strengthen ecosystem and motivate small gotchi holders to actively participate in gotchigang life.

Another idea to be disscussed is XP. I think XP>Kinship since when Kinship stopped to be manual and appear to be automated. That’s why i propose such structure of rewards.

  • 1.5 Million GHST rewards pool
  • 60% BRS
  • 15% overall XP
  • 10% delta XP
  • 15% kinship
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Delta XP will suffer even more from ties than rookie/delta Kinship. A dXP leaderboard would basically be this:
Top10: High rollers who sacrifice for the baadges.
Top100: Aambassadors.
Top300: Mini-Game cheaters and those 5 guys who are actually good at arcade
Top1000: One big fat tie for people who attend all the calls, vote on everything, and grind the 5XP mini-game scores
Top2000: Second big tie for the people who missed one of the events/votes.

If you wanna implement any kind of delta leaderboard, then all the tie-breakers need to be changed in order to have a meaningful ranking. One could for example have a dXP leaderboard that is first tie-broken by all-time XP.


Please provide an analysis of how this frequency of rarity farming affects the treasury. I’d personally rather allocate these funds to on-board more users once the game launches.

The next proposed RF event would be funded by the RF rewards address, not the Treasury. If the Community wants to dip into the Treasury to fund RF the community would need to approve. Moon included the RF address in the post above.

Rarity farming has no impact on the treasury. It’s a redistribution of GHST accumulated from wearable & portal sales. It’s worth noting that the high rollers brunt the bulk of the cost for RF.

ie from the Haunt 2 GBM auction
Just five godlike cacti sold for 60k each, that’s 300k GHST
The ten gallon hat common item quantity 1000 sold for I believe 8 GHST each, for a total of 8,000k GHST

Rarity farming was a value add for high BRS gotchis & wearables that’s been baked into the project since day one. Whales and large holders by and large fund these events.


The Core Prop to launch Rarity Farming SZN3 has been affirmed two days ago.

My proposal for the distribution of the rewards is:

60 % BRS

20% Kinship

20% XP

The question that floows is of course:

„wen start“?

Is it possible/desirable to start SZN3 before the launch of the Gotchiverse? But maybe even more importantly/desirably before Land Distribution 3?

What would speak against starting as soon as possible?

The RF S3 rewards structure was already outlined in AGIP22, which has now passed. Reward structure is:

70% BRS
20% Kinship
10% XP

I imagine we will be seeing an announcement on the commencement of S3 in the next 1-2 weeks with an anticipated start date being the first or second week of March.