Standalone event to auction Venly wearables before haunt 2

The plan was to have the Venly Biker Set dropped on their NFT marketplace but that did not go well and the majority of items are still available for auction. The actual plan is to auction them at the same time as the Haunt 2 portals, but some members of the community feel it would be better to hold a separate auction prior to the Haunt 2 release.

There is already an active Snapshot vote on the matter, the purpose of this thread is to offer a centralised a place to discuss it


I too would like a separate Venly Aauction. The Venly Biker Set is not related to Haunt 2 and IMHO should have been Aauctioned as close as possible to the unsuccessful Venly sale.


I think this is a fantastic idea for a few reasons:

  1. A sense of completion. The drop should have completed weeks ago. Let’s complete it :slight_smile:
  2. A chance for newer entrants to experience the GBM prior to the H2 big event.
  3. With so many amazing things coming out, I feel it’s a great idea to spread out the excitement. Why stack all the major drops at once? With a more even spread, it keeps the energy going. :smiley:

To be fair I reused most of your arguments :wink: Coderdan wanted a quick sigprop and I was the one asking at the moment so I created one. Regarding your first and third points I feel the same but I I think the main argument against is to not waste the (limited) Pixelcraft team resources on a separate event that close to the main one. Ideally auctions should have a low enough overhead that we are able to have them as often as every other week, but I don’t think they are there yet.