The dapp doesn't load the lists of auction

Hi, there.

After Haunt2 auciton was open, I tried to participate in aauction and bid on portal by mobile but it doesn’t work. At that time I was really angry and depressed to be out of hearty cheers in auciton. So I decided to re-connect to dapp and try it on PC.

8 hrs later, I turned on PC and connect my metamask to Dapp. Everything was perfect before I open the items of auction. Well, I believed that PC would not show any problems to me cuz I’ve used aavegtochi dapp on PC for over 6 months. It seemed to be no doubt.

But there was a same problem. When I went to , I couldn’t see anything. I don’t know why but I searched telegram, and discord to find out how I can solve it. But it didn’t give me the truth. All things didn’t work.

I changed my original RPCs to others, tried it on Brave, Chrome, and Firefox, used it on another laptop, and make another RPC for matic based on matic docs. Unfortunately All things don’t work…

I want to know how I can solve it. Thought this topic I wrote would not be appropriate for DAO but I thought this is the only way that I can communicate with admins of this project.

Thank you for reading

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