Tramsfer GHST problem

I Tramsfer GHST Coin from Binance but GHST address not receive!!!


We can look into it, please post the txn hash

Is From Binance 2021-Nov-26 GMT+8


In 2021-Nov-26 00:38:04 GMT+8

transfer 3318 GHST to


bellow is my metamask wallet

Thank you very much

Unfortunately those funds are most likely lost. But read on for a little hope.

What has happened here is you have sent your GHST balance to the Polygon GHST contract address on the Ethereum network. There is no account, EOA or contract, at this address on Ethereum. It may be possible to recover your GHST if the owner of the private key who deployed the GHST contract on Polygon were to deploy a contract to that address that could return your GHST. The conditions have to be exactly right for this to work. The contract creator’s private key is needed, and their current account nonce (aka how many transactions they’ve done on Ethereum) must be in the right range. This is how uniswap achieves the same contract addresses on every chain.

For reference, this situation seems VERY similar to the incident outlined at How we sent ETH to the wrong address and successfully recovered them | by Anton Bukov | BitClave | Medium

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