Trouble staking GHST on


I have been having trouble trying to stake my GHST on the website. I successuffly connected my Metamask wallet to, selected the polygon network. My GHST and metamask connection on Polygon are shown on the top right corner of the page.

I have filled in the box with the quantity of GHST, approved and reapproved the staking fuction on the MATIC, disconnected and reconnected, tried again, I still can’t validate the process. It is shown as « unstaked ». I tried on several browsers and got the same result.

Thank you for your help.

Could you post a screenshot of what your UI looks like? That’s usually helpful in troubleshooting. Also feel free to DM me in discord or TG.

I tried again today and it worked perfectly. The Frens balance appears at the top of the screen. Thank you