Trouble staking GHST on


I have been having trouble trying to stake my GHST on the website. I successuffly connected my Metamask wallet to, selected the polygon network. My GHST and metamask connection on Polygon are shown on the top right corner of the page.

I have filled in the box with the quantity of GHST, approved and reapproved the staking fuction on the MATIC, disconnected and reconnected, tried again, I still can’t validate the process. It is shown as « unstaked ». I tried on several browsers and got the same result.

Thank you for your help.

Could you post a screenshot of what your UI looks like? That’s usually helpful in troubleshooting. Also feel free to DM me in discord or TG.

I tried again today and it worked perfectly. The Frens balance appears at the top of the screen. Thank you



Staking works now, after I switched to Mozilla Firefox.

I was facing the GHST staking problems on the Brave Browser. The staking address was recognizing my GHST tokens but not allowing me to stake them. The buttons didn’t work.

On Mozilla Firefox, on the contrary, the staking function was successfully launched. It’s working fine now.

In both cases, I was using Metamask wallet.

I don’t understand why the staking function only worked on the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Thank you.


Hi, I am also having issues staking GHST which I think is a bug.

I experienced it on GHST-WETH pool and GHST pool. In the former, I manage to find a workaround, initially I set a custom spend limit on GHST but had to change to unlimited for the transaction to go through, which is undesirable because as best practice I tend to limit the spend approvals for any Dapps I have interacted with for good reasons.

I did the same on GHST pool, (revoke and reapprove by interacting with contract from Polygonscan) but got stuck when trying to stake from the UI as I’m getting the below error from Metamask,

“Internal JSON-RPC error.”
“execution reverted: �y� (ERC20: transfer amount exceeds allowance”

I am not too sure about the inputs for the deposit method in the contract on Polygonscan.

Imposing a custom spend limit should not stop users from staking GHST, I’m sure this must have been overlooked by the team and appreciate this can be resolved soon as I would like to start staking on the GHST pool.

With the help from @coderdan on Discord, manage to stake my GHST with custom approval limit of 10000 GHST, updating it here if anyone is facing similar issue.

Double confirm the allowance limit is indeed incorrect using ‘Approval’ feature. Once confirm, you can follow the below steps re-enter the correct approval limit.

  1. Revoke using, find the token and contract interacted with on their website and select ‘decline’ to revoke permissions.
  2. Head back to Aavegotchi and re-approve the staking contract
  3. Enter your desired approval limit, X and add 18 zeroes to convert it into wei (X*10^18)
  4. Now you can stake your GHST.