VP for wapGHST, Alchemica LP's, and Glitter LPs

As we have now launched GLTR staking and most of us have move our liquidity from the FRENS pools to the GLTR pools, it is time to make those pools officially part of the voting power.

The VP would be as follows -

wapGHST - 1 VP per token
all supported pairs that receive GLTR rewards - 1 VP per GHST staked

This thread is only for these items, as anything else will require discussion, and we should handle this as of weeks ago.

  • Post the sigprop
  • We need to discuss this more

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Having read most of the discussions in the past weeks, I am concluding that this topic is not „in need of being discussed more.“ It‘s discussion being virtually non-existent, it seems to be settled:
but I am not sure in which way.

Therefor I would want this SigProp to be put up immediately to reveal the status of this settlement.
Maybe with this wording:
„Continue the status quo of exclusion of wapGHST, Alchemica LPs and Glitter LPs to count towards voting-power.“

safe-guarding the status quo.
People who provide aforementioned LPs contribute to the economy and are taking risks/having stakes just as those who are holding Gotchis, Laand, Wearables, „frens-LPs“.

Personally I would love to receive VP for the LPs I provide! But maybe there is some sound argument for curtailing this portion of potential VP (as of now) that I am not able to see.
Maybe finding it so obvious that these LPs should give me VP, is blinding me to some important fact why they shouldn‘t (yet) count.


LOL, whoever said discuss it more… please speak up.

I don’t object to the basic idea, but honestly this is thin on explanation and supporting math before it can be a sigprop, IMO.

Can somebody help by showing a comparison between how the staked GHST for frens pairs are valued for voting rights, and how this compares to the new pairs? I’m not an expert on voting power, but I don’t feel like there’s enough info here yet that would compel me to make an informed vote on the details.


This is the same thing as the FRENS side AFAIK. You get VP for the GHST in LP. There should be nothing complex about it.

Normally I love math, but I don’t know how to make more math when it’s 1 for 1?

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Because I don’t know how the current VP is calculated, and others might not know either. Just saying if it’s that simple, that’s fine, but you should explain what you just said in your proposal.


OK, I dug up the CORE PROP that got USDC-GHST added. This was sufficient then, this is sufficient now.

We hjave a taskforce that runs the LPs… they are sure to handle this smoothly.

I put a feature request in. We can update the core prop based on the language they give us, if it gets that far.


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It seems to me too, that this proposal/discussion is an opportunity to deepen our understanding about how VP gets calculated.
I didn‘t find anything in the Wiki. This page shows how much VP exists, but it doesn‘t show its composition. (AavegotchiDAO Treasury Balance)

This page shows how the LPs one holds are contributing to ones VP.

I assume 1 GHST = 1 VP ?
I couldn‘t find any info, if the „stkGHST“-pools offer a different ratio.

An important question is of course:
how much Voting-Power will be added by not excluding wapGHST/Alchemica/GLTR-LPs?


The current method is 1 GHST is 1 VP and they figure it out for all of the official LP’s

It’s not added… it was deducted when we added a second staking mechanism. This is simply making sure we are tracking our GHST, in the other LP’s

We’ve added every pair that gives rewards in the app, and we added a single stake, and five pairs. It’s still GHST, you are still staking your liquidity in the officially rewarded manner, we just need a core prop to make it happen, because we, the DAO are in charge, and if we do nothing, we slowly fall behind our technologies.


I just tested some things…

So, the way VP is calculated for LPs is that it is how much GHST is in there, not the total value of LP.

However, if you move a stkGHST-MATIC LP from the FRENS side to the GLTR side, it’s not counted right now.

So… the prop should cover that as well.

Are there any other things we may be missing here? This is really just a prop to keep doing what we’ve been doing, but using our new technologies.

This is what happens when you move it to GLTR side.