Wearables Taask Force

Hey all, wanted to start a discussion regarding a Wearables Task Force (WTF from now on :wink: ). Akin to the Frens Task Force, the WTF would assist Pixelcraft in analysis of the current distribution of items within the ecosystem from a slot, rarity, and trait modifiers perspective. This would be to ensure that further release of items avoids duplication of existing items (ex. Monocle and Radar Eyes) and expands the amount of gotchis that can be equipped optimally (currently there is a skew of certain traits being modified in the same directions among multiple items, meaning many gotchis are left out in the cold as to what they can equip). This would both greatly expand the meta on a more even basis, as well as guard against dilution of existing items.



Glad to see this topic started. The Radar Eyes / Monocle snafu is not something we can have a repeat of, so a Taask Force is indeed needed.

I have a complete list of the number of items per slot and by rarity that I would be happy to share with the Taask Force. I would also volunteer/nominate myself as a potential candidate for the Taask Force as well.


I agree this is greatly needed!

I own wearables across all rarities and have a very good grasp of sets/ prices/ stats and their meta effects.

Please consider my candidacy gotchigang!


Hey frens! I think this is a really great idea to provide valuable community feedback to PC. I’d like to shamelessly nominate myself for the committee. As most of you know, I’ve spent the last 6 months keeping an unhealthy amount of attention focused on the baazaar and trying to spot and take advantage of market trends. I think that level of experience will be a value to this task force


This is a good idea.

A couple of tangential points I’ve suggested in the past that could be considered by this team.

Common and Uncommon items could get a bump of one more BRS bonus. That would make even poor stat match items worth it to equip. More incentive for fashion or budget buyers to fill out every slot rather than leave them empty. There shouldn’t be a penalty for dressing up.

Also with such an emphasis on eyes it might be neat to get some wearables that don’t cover them. Sparkles or teardrops or something along those lines. Maybe expressive eyebrows that could cover a handful of moods. There have been some recent transparent items and I think this is also a great solution. This is related to the previous point in that there is often a slight penalty for dressing up fully if you want to show off your eyes.

Aside from my suggestions, this area is something that has concerned me from the very beginning. A Taask Force that is aware of the meta and acts with that knowledge would be very beneficial to the whole community but especially the most dedicated users that notice peculiar gaps and inconsistencies.


Strongly agree with this one!


Hi there, thanks for your input. Regarding a BRS bonus, that’s out of the scope of this topic as it would be more of a core mechanics change. Feel free to discuss it in the dao-discussions channel on discord, tho personally i feel it is a bad idea as it would have very far reaching implications.
Regarding not covering eyes, this has been brought up several times. We’ve seen some transparent items released that are nicer for seeing eyes, and the godlike eyebrows recently as well. Also hope we see more of these types.


This is not only important, but seems like a natural step in developing the DAO. I support everyone who has volunteered and thank them for their involvement. I would also be happy to help with this if we want more members, though I don’t offer any particular technical skillset to the analysis.


I think this is a good idea and would be helpful to us. Similar to how the Aave Guardian vote happened last week, we can compile a list of all applicants and post to Snapshot, now that they support adding basically unlimited options (they didn’t before).


I agree this would be beneficial to have! Since minting of similar wearable boosts might create some unexpected assymetries if there is no oversight. In addition, I think input for new wearables from the Gotchi community could also be gathered through the committee and be proposed to Pixelceaft later releases :grinning:


I missed this, what happened?


I think this is a great idea to have a taaskforce to help ensure the wearable rarities, slots and trait distributions are balanced.

This tool can be enhanced to assist with determining the balance of wearables in Aavegotchi. Diddypoo shared some feedback with me that i haven’t had the time to implement. Aavegotchi Stats


They are basically the exact same item (mythical eyes, -2 AGG +3 BRN, 50 quantity) except that the Radar Eyes are part of a full myth set which makes them an overall better version of the Monocle.

I really like the idea of a Wearables Taask Force, let’s get the ball rolling! image


Love this idea and support those who have nominated themselves already. There’s a nice mix of OG’s nominated and I feel comfortable in them guiding the PC team in a way that best supports growth and diversity.

I would like to mention a few ideas that would be great:

  1. Revisit some of the older items that have awkward sets & bonuses. It would be really nice to see more sets that cross-pollinate across the whole ecosystem. Mythical items like handsaws which currently only have set bonuses with common items aren’t exactly practical. I’d love some creative inspiration here and to see new sets created that are more same (or next level) tier. Also like Gotchi emperor set is a combination of all rarities. Perhaps we can make more combos out of these items that are more feasible.

  2. As stated already, pay more attention to what is underserved and also already created. We have three mythical pets and only one legendary. As it stands, that means the legendary pet slot has fewer items in circulation than mythical. I’d also like some attention given to the stat distribution of the gotchis summoned already and see where we are lacking in stats on wearables.

  3. Another thing I think would be nice is to have certain sets have one theme and two tiers of rarity. As an example, the coin gecko suit is all rare. What if there a legendary alternative coin gecko suit that could set bonus mix with the rares? I think it’d be nice if a player could have the rare suit and then work to upgrade one piece to legendary and be able to stay with the same set bonus (and get a slight bump as they now have legendary in the mix). I really like the different tiers of the rofl frog and would like to see this more :slight_smile:


I love the idea of this task force and thanks Diddly for proposing it. It will be important for this task force to be very transparent with its discussions and recommendations. I advise publishing the meeting minutes in the discord in addition to publicizing each final proposal for the upcoming round of items. This will lessen the market advantage of the committee members, some of whom are self-admitted baazaar sharks.


Not at all a wearable whale unless my rare collection of pajamas and juice boxes counts, but this would definitely be a good tuning knob for the DAO and the community, and would ease workload on the devs as well I’m sure. More perspectives in a constructive setting will lead to better outcomes for all gotchi chads :+1:


I’ve been thinking for a while that something like this would come along. I think this is a fantastic idea and a natural step that the DAO should take.

While I don’t own any mythical or godlikes myself, I have done a lot of work kitting out each and every one of my gotchis and have definitely found some trait distributions to be much harder to find good sets for than others. I think @notorious_BTC hit the nail on the head with his points above.

I’d love to be involved with this, however I can. Aavegotchi was my first NFT project I got involved with back in May and I’ve been transfixed on it ever since. Helping to identify the gaps and provide feedback/ideas for wearables sounds like fun. :slightly_smiling_face:

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We can see somewhere whether or not there is a body item for every summoned gotchi?

Thanks :smiley:

Seeing something with handsaw + beer helmet + xxx sounds like a crazy dangerous set :open_mouth:

Hmmm then lets just make a set that is 2xhandsaw+Beer helmet and call it “Crazy Dangerous”.
it’s a no-brainer for the no-brain gotchi out there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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