DAO Treasury Task Force Extension Thread

This is ChiChi on the Aavegotchi discord server. I am interested in this multisig role mainly to contribute to the community and help understand, safe guard the funds. I started to know Ethereum when it first started and did not fully dive into the entire crypto space until beginning of 2018. I have been doing liquidity farming and been in the metaverse space for close to 1.5 years. I have been with Aavegotchi for over six months and have been very passionate about the project. I am personally heavily invested into the gotchis (40+), parcels (70+), and numerous wearables. I have a software architect background. I am readily available in my timezone, but can accommodate requests outside my timezone given 12 hours notice that is usually sufficient.


I don’t know if people are reading these or just voting for their friends, but just in case…

I’m a good candidate because I have been burdened with an absurdly high IQ and ADHD and this means that while I never want to be in charge(too much work maintaining power, better to be the advisor that stays through regimes, if ego is not the goal), I am very useful in finding new and better ways to do things and in seeing the downside to things, and at extrapolating extended results of a decision. I don’t care what people think of me and my motive is always to optimize a system and make it more logical and successful. The success of a project is always more important to me than my person angle, because I always have ten projects going, so a completed project that is perfect is worth 100 mediocre success, in my heart.

I 'm not for the whales, I’m not for the little guy, I’m not for me(I’d put my effort into writing a bot and doing the 20 unfair things I can think of that would be better uses of my time than putting all my effort into fairness and game mechanic design,)I’m for US vs the world, and for fairness and transparency.

I have an evil mind and a good heart… I see the angle on how to fuck people over, every time. I see how to abuse the system. I know enough languages and systems to know what is feasable, and I put all my effort into thwarting these exploits before they happen.

Also, I have some brilliant ideas for the DAO treasury that if elected, I will give to the treasury, to be used for the entire community, as in game assets, instead of developing the MVP myself and selling it to the person who could make best use of it if they kept it to themselves. For example… imagine if the vault was just built in and not a separate entity, with it’s own token… you’d be getting better yields from it, the treasury would grow more, power would be less concentrated. Too late there, but I have several ideas that are as big or bigger than the vault in how they will affect the ecosystem, and the benefits can go to all, or they can go to me and a couple other people…

I got a lot of newer people and smol wallets so far. That’s probably because I constantly help newbie and explain things to them… you need that in these taskforces, as things are complex, and if we don’t explain, people don’t understand and this reduces transparency, and we need transparency for a healthy market.

You can vote for 9 people, most did 0-4. Take a shot on the wildcard…


Glad to see the changes made for the game environment