Creation of Aavegotchi GrantsDAO

I am putting forth a proposal to create a GrantsDAO council that would be tasked with allocating funds to individuals or teams that want to build something for the Aavegotchi ecosystem.

The DAO currently has 1.6 million DAI and 1.6 million GHST sitting idle, and i think it would be a good idea to start putting some of that money to use.

The purpose of a council instead of doing everything via a snapshot vote would be to streamline the operation of selecting and executing funding for the ideas that would be accepted.

Regarding how many members the GrantsDAO should have , that would be up for discussion.
How many would be enough to make it sufficiently resistant to collusion , but not so many that it would be a hinderance for fast execution and progress.

Synthetix launched a GrantsDAO last year, that consist of 5 members, 4 of these members would need to vote YES for a proposal to get passed and funded.

Another approach would be to have 7 / 9 members where the majority vote would decide if funding should occur or not.

Another issue to be adressed is if these council members should get compensation for their efforts.

Also we would need to adress how long the members would be in the council, as i think rotation of members would be a healthy thing. Maybe changing members every 3/6 months could be an idea.

Members of the GrantsDAO could be voted in via either rough consensus in Discord or via Snapshot vote, and should be active members of the community.

Any ideas or suggestions ? Feel free to reply below, and if it seems like there is support for the proposal we will proceed with a snapshot vote on the creation of the GrantsDAO.


Thanks for initiating this discussion! I love the idea of getting more Dao committees initiated; maybe we can use this as a broader discussion regarding the types of committees we think should be launched? Iā€™m thinking that we should divvy up the Treasury funds into different buckets; e.g., a certain amount of funds are allocated to the investment committee (invest funds for growth), a grants committee, maybe a community engagement committee, and a marketing committee? Just spit-balling here.


Totally agree on the idea of having multiple Councils/committees , was just thinking maybe it would be cleaner to have 1 forum post for each committee proposal.

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Yeah I think some additional committees would definitely be dope, they also need funding from the Treasury though. So getting that passed should be highest priority right now in my opinion.

Some thoughts i have about how the DAO would look initially and some things it might fund.

  1. Initial funding of a multisig controlled by the members that are voted in , maybe 50k ghst initial funding from the Aavegotchi DAO.

  2. Creation of a website where the DAO can list things they would like to see built. The website would also contain a typeform for people to submit ideas to the DAO that they think would be valuable and they would build.

Some things the DAO might fund initially (from the top of my head)

  1. The DAO website
  2. Aavegotchi dressing room for equipping wearables to your aavegotchi(s) to see the visual look of different items/sets aswell as the BRS impact on the gotchi
  3. Some different bots for the discord server (help/info bot, bazaar sales bot etc.)
  4. Someone to run a weekly Aavegotchi newsletter / News video / Voice form

Trying to get the ball rolling here, we have alot of funds sitting idle we can put to use to enhance our ecosystem! Nothing gets done before we get started, lets go!

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I think this would be some sort of power delegation.
Question is how the members are going to campaign this.

Yes it would be a delegation of power to make the process more efficient, since now it is very inefficient to get anything done with DAO funds.

How do you mean campaign ? How to find people to build stuff , or how to campaign to be on the grants dao ?

I suggest if this would be implemented, people who would be interested in being in the Grants DAO would post their application in discord in a channel, then we close that and set up a snapshot vote with said applicants names and those 5/7/9 people who get the most vote, would be voted in.


I mean if the community members may need to show their influence or to advertise so they can get voted into the GrantsDAO. But it seems you cleared my doubts.

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Possible roadmap to get the GrantsDAO rollin