Hedge treasury with Bitcoin exposure

As you can see under AavegotchiDAO Treasury Balance, the treasury holds DAI. A US-Dollar stable coin.
These treasury holdings are generated by burning GHST off of the bonding curve with ingame sale of wearables etc. (+ I read that it holds MATIC on Polygon as well)

With the idea of freeing ourselves from centralized issuance of money and to protect against likely inflation risks,

I want to provoke the thought of hedging our DAI treasury with (w)BTC.

-And welcome everyone to discuss if and how this should be done.

I encourage you to separate the IF and HOW.
So if you’d want it, but can’t think of a decentralized way to do it, go like this:
“I’m FOR hedging our treasury with Bitcoin. But it must be done automatically every month without any one person pulling the trigger to sell DAI for wBTC. (/it must be a ring signature /it cannot be done with…)”
From there we start the discussion on what’s possible and what is not.

Some important topics on how:
-When does the DAO have full control over the treasury/ would the team implement these changes before the DAO has full control based on feedback from the DAO participants. (Because afaik the DAO does not have full control for another year or so)
-What mechanism should be used to add the BTC. (buying? yield farming? +initiation of these events with signatures? or code? +what platform to use)
-Should additional assets be used to hedge? (eg building a portfolio with ETH as well)
-(new bullet point will be added once a topic seems very controversial)

I welcome everyone who feels responsible to take it from here and once we have somewhat of a consensus to initiate a new, summarizing thread and a community feedback-snapshot page where we can express our will. (I’m short on time this month, studies.) Also feedback on this thread is welcome.

Greetings from your Aavegotchi “LINK $1000 EOY”


this sounds like an amazing idea…
what if the dai was madai bonded with mawbtc
everyone wins thats 1…2…3…4… revenue streams…
see you on the moon aagents