Paarcel Size / Available Alchemica as Factor for Haarvesting Rate

I want to propose considering revising haarvesting rate so that it is impacted by the size of the parcel or the amount of unmined alchemica available in the parcel. It seems a bit odd to me that a level 1 haarvester on a plot with 25k Kek haarvests at the same rate as the same haarvester on a lot with 2.5k Kek. I would expect that the Kek would bubble up a bit quicker if there is more available.

Right now, the size of investment required to haarvest all the alchemica in a spacious parcel is massive, such that it hardly makes sense to farm a spacious parcel unless you’re a whale, but we don’t have nearly enough whales to farm all the spacious parcels. If the haarvesters worked just a bit faster on the spacious parcels, it might encourage more players to work the fields in the larger plots.

This could be a very simple multiplier, something like 1x for humble, 2x for reasonable, and 4x for spacious, or it could be a factor of the amount of alchemica under the ground, so the multiplier diminishes as the alchemica is haarvested. In the latter scenarios, I’m envisioning some sort of logarithmic such that the highest multiplier isn’t likely to get much higher than 4x–e.g. sort out a formula such that 700 Kek = 1x and 22000 Kek = 4x.

An alternative option to consider would be to base the multiplier on the amount of alchemica divided by the size of the paarcel (so if you rolled a parcel with an unusually high amount of some alchemica, it will haarvest faster).

Since we’re already underway in round 1, this might be something to implement in the next round, or maybe something to phase in over a few months.

Bigger parcels have room for more harvesters. Either build more harvesters or upgrade them to higher levels.

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not a helpful response

Idk what to tell you, spacious parcels already have the best returns, and you’re just asking for even more.


So far I’ve seen CoderDan push back a little on all suggestions that involve messing with the emission rates for alchemica over the 30 year time horizon.

Too easy to unintentionally ruin the longer term tokenomics with proposals like this imo.
@bigal00004 have you worked up any long term modelling on the impacts of lifting the emission rates to support your proposal? I would also wonder if changing emission rates per parcel is do-able on chain?

To me, spacious parcels have always been marketed as large opportunities that require significant capital investment to take advantage of, and it seems it’s playing out that way which is totally OK.


Spacious paarcels have the same return as other paarcels with the same number of haarvesters. The only benefit to the spacious parcel (w/r/t haarvesting) is that you have room to build more, but as mentioned in the original post, this requires heavy investment and there don’t seem to be enough people interested in that sort of investment.

This isn’t asking for more returns, just an idea to fix the problem of under-utilized paarcels. The true whales who max out their paarcel still only get the max amount available from the survey. If people don’t think the number of under-utilized paarcels is a problem, then nothing needs to change, but I expect it will cause a significant drop in the price of spacious paarcels.

Separately, the alternative proposals in the original post would not depend on paarcel size, but rather available alchemica divided by the average amount for that paarcel size so that a plot that is unusually rich in one type of alchemica will pump it out faster—what’s the point of the surveying if it’s almost impossible to haarvest all of the alchemica before the end of the round?

I don’t think this would impact long term emission rates because the maximum available alchemica in a given parcel wouldn’t change. That said, I’m not sure what happens to un-haarvested alchemica each round. This would absolutely be doable, it’s just a matter of applying a mathematical equation.

Spacious paarcels have the same return as other paarcels with the same number of haarvesters.

You haven’t done the calculations if you believe that’s the case. After costs, but not including GLTR, I calculated the returns for a spacious to be about 14x a reasonable and I don’t think humbles are even worth farming.

This isn’t asking for more returns

If you have to build less harvesters (less GLTR used potentially and less alch to build them) then you are definitely asking for more returns.

just an idea to fix the problem of under-utilized paarcels

Do you have any data that spacious parcels are under-utilized? And what does that mean? Just because they aren’t being used yet doesn’t mean they don’t have value. People might not have enough alch to build on all their parcels at once, I don’t see that being an issue. They can focus on one parcel at a time.

what’s the point of the surveying if it’s almost impossible to haarvest all of the alchemica before the end of the round?

No one said you need to farm it all before the end of the round


Xeko and eMM are spot on here. The spacious is the play, and while yes, the recipes drive you toward only upgrading one parcel at a time, and yes, there is not enough alchemica on the game yet, to even get close to building out all the spacious parcels, they are actually quite rare, and we will see them dry up over the next month or so, as while it takes 90-120 days to break even on a spacious speed build, you recoup enough to buy another spacious, quite quickly, if that is your goal, so we should be seeing lots of market action, coming up.

The is ZERO need to make spacious more attractive. The reasonable is the baseline, imho, the spacious is the LE, and the humble… that’s for people who just need somewhere to channel, and the harvesting on it is really just to support the altar leveling and make it make sense, if you own say, one gotchi, and a humble.

We must be talking past each other.
1 Lvl 1 Fud Haarvester on a Spacious = 4.2 Fud/day; 1 Lvl 1 Fud Haarvester on a Reasonable = 4.2 Fud/day
2 Lvl 1 Fud Haarvesters on a Spacious = 8.4 Fud/day; 2 Lvl 1 Fud Haarvesters on a Reasonable = 8.4 Fud/day
3 Lvl 1 Fud Haarvesters on a Spacious - 12.6 Fud/day; 3 Lvl 1 Fud Haarvesters on a Reasonable = 12.6 Fud/day
I can keep going, but it seems to work out the same each time.
Neither of these proposals would result in haarvesting more than the maximum available alchemica in the paarcel.

Now, if we say that haarvesters on a spacious harvest at double the rate of reasonable (doesn’t have to be double, could be 1.5x, 1.2x, etc), and extrapolate over time, it starts to make spacious paarcels make more sense. Let’s say we have a reasonable paarcel with 25k FUD and a spacious with 250k FUD. We build 4 Lvl 4 FUD Haarvesters and 3 Lvl 4 reservoirs on the Reasonable–that costs roughly 9000 FUD and 3800 FOMO (about $300 and several weeks of waiting). It’ll take about 200 days to mine the parcel dry. Then, if we build the same 4 Lvl 4 FUD Haarvesters on the spacious, along with 6 Lvl 4 reservoirs on the Reasonable (don’t know about you, but I’m not logging in twice a day to empty the reservoirs), it costs 15000 FUD and 5900 FOMO (~$475 and several additional weeks). At double haarvesting rate, it takes 3 years to mine the paarcel dry. Or we could build 5x as many haarvesters and reservoirs, pay nearly $2500 and wait like a year for the haarvesters to finish building, then we can mine it dry in the same amount of time as the reasonable. Sure, you end up with a lot more alchemica (as was expected since you paid up for the spacious in the first place), but I just don’t think many people want to make this kind of investment, even over the course of several years (sorry if my back-of-the-napkin math is off–it’s late here).

You might be right–as I said, if people don’t think there is a problem of under-utilization, then nothing needs to be done. The only data I have is looking at all the big empty paarcels. That said, I suppose it’s hard to really judge because they take up so much more space and stick out compared to the smaller ones and it might just be my neighborhood with all the active reasonables and empty spaciouses.

I’m under the impression the alchemica resets after each round–if that’s not the case, does it add to the alchemica under the paarcel? If that’s the case then I expect to see the unhaarvested alchemica to build up even more over time as the spacious paarcels go unhaarvested. You might not view this as problematic but I do. Not a dealbreaker or anything, but still problematic.

I hope you’re right but if there was some way to short the spacious paarcels, that’s where I’d be putting my money (but not really–I wouldn’t short anything Gotchi).

Ill give you a 1500 FOMO boost alpha humble, and a 3500 FOMO boost reasonable, that’s already built to L4 with dual 4’s and 10 1’s, for ANY spacious parcel. That work as a short for ya? (your math is all messed up on how this works, BTW. If you are building L4’s on a spacious, you are gonna waste most of the alchemica and it will take forever)

Reading again, yes, I see you’re not changing the total amount of alchemica available over all of time, but you are speeding up the maximum potential emission rate at any given point in time - which could still have an impact if all alchemica is farmed years before current expectations.
I believe any unharvested alchemica just remains in the ground ready to be farmed - I don’t believe any is forfeited.

I’m under the impression the alchemica resets after each round

It does not, the next round adds to what hasn’t been farmed yet.

explain this to me. which part is wrong? or do you just mean the example isn’t optimized?