Voting power for amGHST, wapGHST, and staked wapGHST

A few months ago we as a community had a large milestone, when GHST was added as a collateral on Aave (amGHST). We have further integrated amGHST by introducing wapGHST (wrapped Aave GHST), and allowing users to stake this wapGHST for GLTR. Aave GHST and its derivatives are the future of GHST and are much more efficient than unstaked GHST, as users earn Aave yield on their GHST in addition to other utility.

Overlooked in all this, however, is the fact that amGHST, wapGHST, and staked wapGHST currently do not have any voting power. This puts users in a difficult position – do they maintain their voting power and community involvement, or stake their GHST for Aave yield and frens.

I intend to introduce a SigProp in the next week proposing that amGHST, wapGHST, and staked wapGHST receive voting power at the same rate as normal GHST. This resolves the above-discussed issue, should provide additional borrowing liquidity on Aave, and ensure that we can get quorum on future votes as more GHST moves to Aave.

Are there any downsides to this proposal?

Full disclosure: I am one of the Vault Managers of the Gotchi Vault, which currently has a significant amount of GHST staked for frens. We have not moved any of this GHST to Aave/wapGHST yet, due to this voting power concern.


Oops. Redundant.