Incentives for delegating PP to Coderdan to get GHST on AAVE

Getting GHST on AAVE polygon is proving to be a pretty difficult task.

We need 80k of prop power to create a proposal on AAVE and we are around 3% of the way in our campaign to give Coderdan PP.

Could we provide an incentive to those that delegate proposition power in STKAAVE or AAVE to Coderdan such as a badge for Gotchis, or airdropped raffle tickets or a special wearable?

There could even be a tiered system with the more PP you provide the larger your incentive will be,

We could make the incentives dependent on the AAVE proposal getting raised or even passed to get GHST on AAVE.


I think the main problem right now is that the Aave governance isn’t even ready for a Polygon listing yet. We’ll have to wait for them to launch cross-chain governance first, after that Marc could probably carry us with his enormous PP.


Didnt AAVE liquidate like four months ago?

Even experiencing the surviving the liquidation it would be super hype to see ghst listed on AAVE

Do you mean this? Aave Protocol Liquidation Retrospective: May 2021 | by Watson Fu | Gauntlet | Medium

Liquidations occur when an individuals supplied collateral falls under the collateral factor in relation to the borrowed funds.

This is the platform working as expected, although high congestion on ETH was causing gas prices to spike.

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Seems like the vote is live!


This is just a snapshot vote to gauge for community sentiment

There should be another onchain Aave Improvement Proposal shortly