VQI - Aavegotchi and StarSeeds

Greetings Frens. My name is Dakota Kaiser and I’ve been stalking AaveGotchi and using VQI for years. I am the founder of the StarSeeds Protocol, which is a DEX strategy optimizer that invests into many different DAOs, including AaveGotchiDAO.

Recently, the VQI to Qi peg has gone far, far off. About 3 VQI to 1 QI.

I am proposing to utilize StarSeeds Protocol revenues to support re-aligning the VQI to QI peg in such a way that will increase VQI revenues for holders and for the AaveGotchiDAO treasury.

The StarSeed’s Protocol is offering to

  1. Purchase and long-hold (4-10+ years) several hundred thousand VQI minimum (likely more, pending certain conditions).
  2. Utilize StarSeed’s POL DYST and PEN to further incentivize the VQI-QI LP on Dystopia/Penrose.
  3. Utilize StarSeed’s POL EQI and influence within the QiDAO to encourage individuals within and the QiDAO and QiDAO as a whole (via a proposal) to support VQI with a QI grant to be used in Aavegotchi owned Qi/VQI POL.

In exchange for mutual participation from the AaveGotchiDAO including

  1. Adjusting the VQI tokenomic structure to utilize
    40% of QI Emissions to buy VQI from the Dystopia LP when the Qi-VQI peg is more then 35% off
    30% of QI emissions to buy vQI when the peg is more then 20% off.
    15% of Qi emissions when the peg is more then 15% off.
    5% of Qi emissions when the peg is more then 3% off.
    3% of Qi emissions when the peg is more then 1.5% off.

With half of the VQI bought this way being burned, increasing the ROI of VQI. The other half being paired with QI granted by the QiDAO and placed into the Dystopia/Penrose LP to earn Pen and PenDYST rewards.

100% of the PEN rewards received this way being locked and used to vote to increase incentives for the Qi/VQI pool. (As well as 100% of rewards from locked pen being locked and used the same).
70% of PenDYST being locked as AaveGotchi POL. Remainder to be distributed by the AaveGotchi DAO. (50% of interest from locked PenDYST being locked, and the other half distributed to support AaveGotchi).

  1. Increasing the fee rate of the Qi/VQI balancer pool to 3% (further incentivizing usage of the Dystopia LP).

The above conditions are flexible. As is the amount of support the StarSeed’s Protocol is willing to offer.

Since Qidao gauge votes no longer exist, i recommend that AaveGotchi take a 3-5% fee of all QI emissions from VQI to further support the AaveGotchi Treasury and ecosystem.

As an additional incentive for the AaveGotchiDao to approve this proposal, i will request an agreement from the QiDAO for significant additional regular vault ceiling increases for the VVghst vault.

Furthermore i recommend that the MAI minted from the VVghst vault be moved to a boosted pool to increase rewards for VVghst holders. It should be noted that the current pool that VVghst is using has a warning attached and is known to be potentially exploitable, resulting in total loss of funds. Please see the vulnerability warning here.

Please note that switching to a boosted pool can increase profitability by 2-5%. Furthermore by adding wUSDR and/or USD+ to the pool profitability can be further increased by an additional 1-3%. Further increasing the profitability of VVGhst, significantly. Obtaining a gauge for such a pool would be easy and the StarSeeds DAO would use its influence to encourage the Balancer DAO/Qidao/Tetudao to direct incentives towards this pool, further increasing VVGhst profitability.

I’ve been an active participant in the QiDAO for 4 years, and have helped guide significant policy shifts in the past. I am confident we will have their support as described. if you haven’t already applied for Balancers grant program you definitely should. I believe you already qualify for over $500K.

If the AaveGotchi community accepts this proposal, or some iteration theroff, i hope it will be the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial partnership between AaveGotchi and the StarSeeds Protocol.

If you appreciated all the work i’ve put into this proposal to improve AaveGotchi, I would sincerely appreciate some VLI and GHST for the StarSeed’s Protocol’s Treasury account at 0xBDCBD23316AAA2aDecA774e107868adCE38cC69E

Any VLI sent will be kept forever and the StarSeeds DAO will use reflection gauges to vote on AaveGotchi DAO proposals. At least 80% of GHST sent will be permanently locked into VVGhst, with at least 50% of the yield being permanently re-locked.

If the AaveGotchiDAO would be so kind as to share 1-3% of QI emissions from this upgraded VQI system, The StarSeeds Protocol would buy a very significant amount of VQI on a quarterly basis, which would then be long-held. Furthermore we would openly advertise AaveGotchi and VQI to our users, as well as include VVGHST (and potentially AaveGotchi Vault Assets) in our set of DEX strategies and POL.

The StarSeeds Protocol has been under development for 3 years by a small local community of 150 blockchain enthusiasts. We have kept ourselves carefully under the radar. Until recently. With the upcoming launch of StarSeeds Protocol V2, we are releasing incentivized farms on major DEXs such as Balancer, Beethoven, Velodrome, Meshswap as well as other partnerships such as an isolated lending market on midascapital.xyz and shared strategies with Tetu, Tangible, and overnight USD.

Our platform and ecosystem is being completely revamped for our V2 launch. The focus of our platform is four-part

  1. Providing a simple process with limited options for crypto newbies to benefit from the kinds of returns that typically only world class expert traders are able to obtain, in addition to stability, making cryptocurrency safer and more appealing to normal people.
  2. Working with DAOs across every chain to implement many layered strategies that benefit every protocol involved and all of our DAO community members.
  3. Optional gamification elements to make crypto fun and making having fun a profitable activity.
  4. Empowering people across the world with better methods of obtaining financial freedom.

You can learn more at docs.starseeds.exchange. Our next phase comes with full DAO control of our Treasury and deployed DEX strategies and a much higher level of yield enhancing gamification.

Please feel free to DM mem. @dakotakaiser on discord/telegram and starseeds_protocol on telegream.

I hope you found these suggestions useful. All my blessings my fellow frens. I’ll see you in the Gotchiverse!

–By the way, all of these strategies can be applied to the new from of EQI LP that Qidao is integrating into.

The StarSeeds Protocol would be happy to take all of this work and management off your hands and still share benefits to the aavegotchi ecosystem.

Wrong place for this discussion

Please try the Gotchi Vault discord as the DAO generally has no say over 3rd party products such as Gotchi Vault

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