AavegotchiDAO x GoodGhosting Collaboration Request

Submitted by @Mycaleum & @Deepcryptodive

What is GoodGhosting?

GoodGhosting is a no-loss savings game, built on top of Aave. We launched our very first DeFi savings pools on Polygon, during the summer of 2021. So far, we have helped over 7000 users to save over $500k worth of assets on Polygon. All while collecting some nice NFTs and climbing our leaderboard.

Why GoodGhosting?

The GoodGhosting team believes in a world where saving is rewarding, easy and fun. Yet, traditional saving is none of that. We build decentralized social saving applications that combine game design elements with goal-based saving. We want to help our community to develop better financial habits, and have fun at the same time.

How does the savings game work?

Tl;dr If you make all deposits, you earn a slice of the pool’s interest, and additional rewards!

The goal of the game is to reach a predefined savings target. Each savings pool consists of multiple rounds, with a fixed time duration. To win, you need to deposit a fixed amount of money (e.g. stablecoins or other tokens) into the savings pool every round, prior to the round’s deadline. Rewards are generated using existing DeFi platforms (like Aave) in a non-custodial manner, where you retain full control over your deposits. After the final round, you can then claim your winnings. If you miss a deposit: don’t worry, it is a no-loss game. At the end of the game you can still claim back your initial deposits, but you won’t earn any interest in this case. Winning players earn higher interest rates than they would when saving by themselves. All without risking their initial deposit.

We also work hard to secure meaningful pool partners to provide additional prize opportunities to pool winners. This usually comes in the form of NFTs or in-game tokens and we seek high quality collaborations for our users. In the past we worked with pool partners such as BanklessDAO, Cometh, Aave, Polygon, Unstoppable Domains, Crypto Colosseum and hopefully soon also Aavegotchi!

Potential collaboration

Why Aavegotchi?

Aavegotchi is a one-of-a-kind project we have been keeping a close eye on from the very start. Both as players and as ecosystem residents. In our opinion, it envisions everything that DeFi and Web3 is about :ghost:

We want to expose our community to this great project, by introducing an Aavegotchi-themed savings pool. This pool will require players to save in GHST tokens, and earn them more GHST on top. We see it as a fun opportunity to cross-pollinate the GoodGhosting and Aavegotchi communities. To make this happen, we aim to work as closely and supportively with the AavegotchiDAO as possible. We look forward to an open discourse.

Why now?

Our savings pools typically require on-chain deposits of assets (typically stablecoins or volatile assets) that are listed on Aave. With the imminent arrival of $GHST to Aave, we will finally be able to run dedicated savings pools using the $GHST token as the underlying asset.
Based on a previous discussion on this forum - and our own observations - there seems to be a lot of overlap between the GoodGhosting and Aavegotchi communities:

We already started incorporating some of the suggestions in that thread linked above, in our own user interface. We are ready to ship them! :sparkles::ghost:

Suggested savings pool parameters

Initially we are thinking of the following pool parameters: Players will need to make weekly deposits of GHST. To be considered winners, players need to make 4 consecutive deposits of 10 GHST each (once a week) through our website. This means a total deposit of 40 GHST per winning player, over the course of a month. After all deposits have been made, there is a one week waiting period, until withdrawal of the winnings is possible. If there is additional sponsorship added to the pool, it will also be distributed to the winning players at this time.

Suggested launch date: February 3 (assuming a smooth addition of amGHST to Aave on Polygon)

A request to the AavegotchiDAO:

Besides inviting all Aavegotchi users and the DAO itself to participate in the upcoming GHST savings pool, GoodGhosting would like to request the AavegotchiDAO to consider co-sponsoring this pool.

Note that the exact amounts are flexible for us, and we are always grateful for any goodwill and collaboration. There is no right or wrong amount, but we are anticipating a game capacity of a few thousand players. To avoid dilution of the rewards, we suggest to cap the total number of players that are able to join the savings pool (e.g. at 4000 or 5000 participants).

Our request:

  • A total of 7000 GHST in sponsorship for this savings pool.
    To be shared between all winning players.

  • The ability to reward successful savers with Gotchi XP, or alternatively FRENS.
    Considering GoodGhosting an extensive mini-game that encourages people to stack more GHST.

  • An allocation of Aavegotchi NFTs (worth up to 3000 GHST) to be raffled to random participants and/or to all winners. These could be Wearables, Gotchi’s, Raffle tickets or Realm parcels. These could either be provided by the AavegotchiDAO, or alternatively purchased by the GoodGhosting team on the Bazaar. For these additional incentives, we hope to provide benefits to a small handful of lucky winners (via a raffle system), and/or a smaller reward that is feasible to be delivered to all winners.

These incentives will reward existing Aavegotchi players who decide to complete the GoodGhosting pool challenges, and will introduce our #DedicatedDeFi users to the play-to-earn Aavegotchi platform mechanics.

What can GoodGhosting bring to the table?

  • Up to 4000 WMATIC tokens in sponsorship (from our DeFiForAll grant).
    To be shared between all winning players.

  • An influx of new users into the Aavegotchi ecosystem.
    In recent months, we expanded onto the Celo network, where we created a rather big following and a solid reputation. So far, over 13000 users joined our Celo savings pools. As Celo and Polygon have similar but separate user bases, GoodGhosting has helped onboard many Polygon users to Celo and vice versa. By having a prominent Aavegotchi-themed savings pool, we will expose our users on Celo to Aavegotchi and GHST. Most often for the very first time. Since there is a free bridge available, be expect many people to make the leap from Celo to Polygon. And acquire GHST tokens to participate in this pool. People will also be likely to interact with Aavegotchi if they receive Aavegotchi rewards (e.g. wearables or raffle tickets).

  • We will create a YouTube video explaining Aavegotchi, and how to obtain the GHST token on Polygon. Directed at our community members.

  • We will allow users to play GoodGhosting using their Aavegotchi’s as avatar. This will show up in the shared ‘Players’ tab, as well as in the individual player profiles on Goodghosting.com.
    Examples below:

  • Some very special NFTs by our in-house artist Mali3D. More details soon.

  • An increased GG score for all successful savers

We look forward to proceeding in a way to benefit both Aavegotchi and GoodGhosting in some serious Ghostly synergy.

Thank you for taking the time to read this in-depth request to be best frens forever. Love you lots GotchiGang, help us #EndBoringSavings and increase $GHST use case across the space.

Do you support this proposal?

  • Yes, distribute up to 10k GHST in rewards + XP
  • Yes, but under different terms
  • No
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We are also hopeful to find an organic Gotchiverse Guild, or Coalition of Guilds, that is at a state of development to allow for partnership, promotion and synergy. We want to highlight all the best parts of the Aavegotchi ecosystem, including the deep community and culture. What better way to introduce rookies to Aavegotchi than by onboarding them with the seasoned veteran leaders in the space? We would like to explore similar opportunities here as well.

If it’s technically possible, we’d also like to invite the GotchiVault to participate in this savings pool. It could be a nice way for them to gain additional XP for all their Gotchi’s.

Future prospects

The Gotchiverse is not far behind and we anticipate active efforts to explore how we can operate additional savings pools from within the Realm. In the meantime, a GoodGhosting GHST savings pool will give Gotchi members a first taste of the concept, and something productive to do with their GHST.


GoodGhosting Resources and Team Contacts

Website: https://goodghosting.com/
Docs: https://docs.goodghosting.com/
Blog: Halofi 😇 (prev. GoodGhosting) - Medium
Twitter: https://twitter.com/goodghosting

For points of contact regarding this proposal, please reach out to:
@Mycaleum (Cale):

As the full time Community Manager (moonlight GotchiBrother), I am always available for discussion on details, questions, comments or concerns. As a fully Gotchipilled fren, I have a vested interest in buidling this bridge. I see a future where I am representing GoodGhosting from within the Gotchiverse, helping rookies learn about safe, smart DeFi habits. I can be reached on discord at Mycaleum#8283 and check this forum regularly.

@Deepcryptodive (Giel);

This man has been in the GotchiGang for longer than most, an Original Presaler, and recognized the sleeping giant’s potential very early. Conversations between CoderDan, Giel, and both teams have been happening intermittently in a group chat started by Nick Mudge in January 2021. How time flies in crypto land… Giel can be reached on discord at Deepcryptodive | GoodGhosting#1044.

GoodGhosting user data:


Sounds like a very interesting partnership, and a good way to leverage ourselves as a powerful defi lego while getting lots of extra eyeballs and exposure on GHST’s interesting properties as a "stable"coin with huge upside and comfy staking opportunities.

I’m in favour!


This seems like a relatively low-cost way to cross pollinate communities that make a lot of sense together. And I have a feeling that people who are used to petting twice a day will do well in this lottery structure.

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Welp, you know I am aaaaalll about this and have been a proponent of it since before testing started.


Next step will be to deploy the Good Ghosting dApp in Reaalm.

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Happy to see such a positive initial feedback from our grand plan. We know this Aavegotchi $Ghst savings pool has serious potential and want to benefit both communities. Hopefully even share some GameFi exposure to our Celo user base.

GoodGhosting is scheduling a community call for the second week of February. Likely the 8th but confirmation will be announced. We would love to anticipate having a team member from Aavegotchi or a AavegotchiDAO rep to join us for this call and shaare the Gotchi Gospel from our stage.

Thanks again for taking the time to check out our proposal and we look forward to good synergy.


Howdy frens!

Just keeping updated with this great response to the GoodGhosting collaboration proposal. Here’s a link to the recent $GHST overview video we did and will circulate through our community. We are adding more how-to videos in preparation of onboarding many more folks to Polygon in general and Aavegotchi in specific. I also expect to utilize the new resources from the GotchiU to help teach more in-depth.


This is what we wanna hear! From one of our existing community members: “I’m pretty stoked about this possible $GHST pool. So much so I purchased some GHST to have it ready :wink: … I’ve been looking at that project for a long time, but GG has motivated me to make a my first move. Thanks!”

The Cross Pollination is occurring.


Thanks for the initial votes everyone!

We put it up as a Signal proposal on Snapshot:

To level the playing field, we will hold off with launching the actual savings pool, until this proposal passes. Happy voting everyone ^^


Cool idea and great cross pollination. If the proposal doesn’t pass in it’s current form, 10,000 GHST to support the pool, no XP, and no wearables allocation(fren and wearables acquisition and distribution would be performed by the GoodGhosting DAO and treasury, not Aavegotchi DAO) may help improve acceptance and/or participation in the proposal.


Yeah that can also work. Might be allot easier when the GoodGhosting team takes care of the additional incentives (wearables/tickets), with some of the GHST.
The XP isn’t strictly needed, but it’s a nice bonus on top, and in line with the XP rewards of the current minigames.

Ps: Can more people that voted “Yes, but under different terms” put forward their suggestions?
We’d love to get a Core Prop up very soon, so we can launch the savings pool with clear expectations in regards to the offered rewards.


I’m delighted to see this proposal. A major draw for me initially to participate in this project was the notion of tying DeFi and NFTs together and the idea of the gamification of DeFi participation. Cross pollination is a great additional benefit!


Can you clarify on the 7000 GHST deposit to the pool. Will only the rewards generated from GoodGhosting staking the 7000 GHST on AAVE be distributed to winners and then 7000 principal placed in the pool will remain staked to provide staking rewards for future rounds, or is this a one-time shot and all 7000 GHST will be disbursed out to participants at the end of a round? Asking on behalf of the DTF to ensure we’re accounting for this correctly. Thx frens, looks like this should be passing tomorrow!


All of the 7k rewards put towards the good ghosting pool are to be dispersed among the winners. You can check it out over at GoodGhosting

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All the 7000 GHST will be distributed to the ‘winning players’ in the pool. This means it will get shared between everyone that made all deposits, at the time to pool closes.

We have added the rewards into the smart contract already. You can now see your estimated earnings from our UI. Example below.
Currently you get a minimum of $17 worth of GHST and WMATIC (at the current exchange rate), up to a maximum of $15k worth (in the unlikely event you are the last man standing).

of $15k worth (in the unlikely event you are the last man standing)


@Deepcryptodive What fun memories. Love yall lots.

Gonna see HaloFi on GotchiChain soon, yes???

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Indeed! Good times :slight_smile:

I would like to extend a reminder to the broader Aavegotchi community: there are still 25 users who can withdraw their funds: a total of ~940 GHST. At the time it might not have been so clear, but even when you were not able to make all deposits you are still entitled to get your full deposit amount back!
It’s available in the smart contract and is waiting to be claimed.

You can access it here:

Ps: @Mycaleum let me DM you on Discord :wink: