Thank Aavegotchi Proposal: Scalable, Automated, On-chain Rewards for Valuable Aavegotchi DAO Contributions

Author: @thrivegiraffe
GotchiID: #23926

ThriveCoin support: Daniel (@thrivegiraffe), Senad (@senad.eth), Joe (@Above_Average_Joe), and Robert (@shepherd)

Aavegotchi proposal co-creation support: @stedari, Thrax, @diddlypoo. @Mycaleum, @0xZFi, @Hefe, @zimteemo and many dozens of people who have been on our weekly Discord calls in the Aavegotchi server for over a month. → Thank you!

Link to Discord Forum: Discord


Aavegotchi DAO members provide extraordinary support to the DAO. They could provide even more - and better - support if they are thanked for all of their valuable DAO contributions with $GHST and an on-chain thank you note!

We propose a six-month Thank Aavegotchi pilot to thank (reward and recognize) valuable contributions to Aavegotchi DAO with $GHST + an on-chain thank you note. We’ll do it in a way that is automated, scalable, on-chain, and protects against bots and bad actors.

The impact of rewarding Aavegotchi DAO members for your value-creating DAO contributions should be greater efficiency, utility, and value for Aavegotchi DAO as well as more equitable shared ownership in our community.


We are deeply aligned with Aavegotchi’s work to enable true asset ownership for gamers at the protocol level. The excitement of this work is palpable in every community event and call we’ve been a part of since the beginning.

To continue pushing this work forward, we must incentivize valuable contributions across our DAO in a way that is automated, scalable, on-chain (transparent), and protects against bots and bad actors.

While Thank Aavegotchi can automate limitless valuable DAO activity, we propose to start by focusing on rewarding metaverse and governance activities most valued by the Aavegotchi DAO community - which we’ve served in weekly Aavegotchi DAO & ThriveCoin Discord conversations.

Sample contributions suggested by the community are included in the slide below:

Rewarding Value

To ensure we only reward valuable contributions, ThriveCoin - the tech powering Thank Aavegotchi - provides five layers of bot and bad actor protection:

  • Granular community control over rewarded activities;
  • System designed to incentivize concentration of activity within one account;
  • System can flexibly shift validation criteria in alignment with community needs;
  • Delayed review and reward states supporting additional layers of detection;
  • Spectrum of oversight for reward verification.

Case Study

ThriveCoin has been supporting Bankless DAO across two seasons. During this time, we have experienced broad adoption and support, and we have increased core user engagement across the DAO. Below are just a few examples:

  • 182% seasonal increase in Bankless DAO members using ThriveCoin.
  • 89% increase in recognized contributions made across Bankless DAO.
  • 41% increase in contributions from top 50 Bankless DAO members.


We think about the team in two ways:

Thank Aavegotchi Advisory Board:

[The first board selection will occur after this proposal passes the sig-prop. Top contributors have expressed the desire to nominate themselves and/or others for the board positions.]

The Thank Aavegotchi board oversees Thank Aavegotchi - from choosing contributions rewarded to choosing reward amounts. Their job is to look at data, get feedback from the community, and continuously iterate to better serve the community.

The board role requires 1 to 3 hours of work a week. Because this is work in support of the community, board members will be compensated at a TBD rate proposed and ratified in a community vote (e.g. they will not choose their own compensation).

Additionally, as suggested on our weekly Aavegotchi & ThriveCoin Discord community calls, board members will hold their roles for six months at a time, and one board member will be selected from each of the seven community pillars included in the slide above.


The ThriveCoin team will implement and maintain all the technology onboarding, implementation, and support. Additionally, we will hold community calls on the Aavegotchi Discord server in which we offer expertise, best practices, and feedback.

ThriveCoin’s tech supports ApeCoin DAO, Bankless DAO, and other top DAO communities. We are web3 natives, VC funded, and have been working with Aavegotchi members for months to ensure this proposal is aligned with community needs.


  • March and April: Feedback on Discord/Discourse.

  • Mid April: Snapshot Proposal passed.

  • May: Begin rewarding optimal contributions with fee revenue.

  • Monthly: Review contribution data; optimize contributions and rewards.

  • Monthly: Ongoing support, best practices, bot, bad actor, sybil protection.

  • Monthly: 10% increase invaluable metaverse and governance contributions.


Our goal with Thank Aavegotchi is to ensure that every community member is thanked for their valuable contributions to the DAO with $GHST and an on-chain thank you note. This should drive more efficiency, utility, and value in the community.

To measure the success of Thank Aavegotchi, baseline contribution data will be established and will be tracked throughout the initiative. We will provide monthly reports on our progress, and share successes and learning as we go.

# Specifications

During our Thank Aavegotchi pilot, we will reward value-creating contributions to the community across web3, web2, and IRL. Valuable contributions can exist across many dozens of platforms, including those on the slide below and many more!

We will use the ThriveCoin technology to do the following:

  1. Auto-validate contributions:
  • Auto-validate activities across all relevant platforms
  • Granular control over which activities to reward
  • Platform-specific quality control filters to greatly reduce fraud risk
  1. Auto-thank contributors on-chain:
  • Auto-record contributions on the Mumbai network, Polygon chain
  • Auto-log in IPFS file (blockchain storage) referenced in on-chain record
  1. Auto-reward contributors with $GHST and charitable contributions:
  • Contributions will occur within one Season of three months
  • Contributors receive their $GHST rewards at the end of the Season


Thank Aavegotchi should result in an increase in valuable DAO contributions, as determined by community members.

Sustainability Goal + Benefits to Aavegotchi DAO:

Assuming the initiative is a success, we will help create a self-sustaining rewards system that can fund itself without continuous grants from the DAO-treasury. We are developing such a system with ApeCoin, Bankless DAO, and others, and we are excited to propose it after the first few successful months of our work together.

Risks + Potential Consequences:

Overall, Thank Aavegotchi is designed to be a low-risk way of exploring the impact of thanking Aavegotchi members for their valuable contributions to the DAO.

$GHST is only allocated upon performance - including performance milestones ThriveCoin must achieve. We understand the importance of good stewardship of treasury funds.

Overall Cost + Alternative Paths:

The cost for the Thank Aavegotchi pilot is up to 18,000 $GHST a month for 6 months.

The cost is entirely performance-based.

There is enormous upside if we can drive greater value for the DAO.

There is near-zero financial risk.

  1. 0 to start. 100% performance-based. Rewards are distributed when valuable contributions are made.
  2. Up to 15,000 $GHST a month, on average, distributed back to community members who make valuable contributions.
  3. Up to 3,000 $GHST a month, on average, distributed to ThriveCoin for milestones achievement. The cost includes all tech, white-labeling, integrations, 24/7 support, and extensive customization.
  4. Before successful completion of the pilot, a plan will be submitted to the community to ensure sustainability of Thank Aavegotchi going forward.

** Alternative: the same concept, structure, and cost above, but using Alchemica tokens as the rewards in addition to $GHST. We will coordinate with the community to request community-desired amounts in $FUD, $FOMO, $ALPHA, $KEK and $GLTR.

Tech provision milestones:

  • Launch Thank Aavegotchi within one month of grant!
  • 20+ auto-validated, auto-rewarded ways to contribute at launch.
  • 50+ auto-validated, auto-rewarded ways to contribute three months after launch.
  • 75+ auto-validated, auto-rewarded ways to contribute six months after launch.
  • 99% uptime of Thank Aavegotchi webpage and supporting services.

Final thoughts

Thank Aavegotchi allows Aavegotchi DAO members to be thanked for your valuable contributions to the DAO. The impact should be more excitement, as well as more efficiency, utility, and value being created in our DAO.

This pilot is a performance-based grant. It uses ~0.1% of the Aavegotchi DAO treasury and it is entirely guided by DAO members. It has the potential to make an enormous impact for the DAO with almost zero downside.

Snapshot Signaling Proposal Time: 7 Days

Current USDC Equivalent in $GHST: $114,480. with 80% allocated back to the Aavegotchi DAO community.

Disbursement Addresses:

  • Thank Aavegotchi Advisory Board Multisig: 86,400 GHST or USDC equivalent in Alchemica (If Path B) allocated over 6 months to:

Polygon: 0xB383d59F337ebd93308d494C47Ce520c8cE10078

  • ThriveCoin Support Multisig: 21,600 GHST or USDC equivalent in Alchemica (If Path B) allocated after reaching Thrive’s Tech Provision Milestones to:

Polygon: 0xdf673bAf06511E972a26E3C8389686BD0E52770D

PS we already designed the Thank Aavegotchi community page. We’re pretty excited about it. Here’s a sneak peak :heart_on_fire::


Posted this on behalf of the lads at Thrivecoin, it’s been a pleasure working out this proposal with them at the weekly informational calls and I think we’ve reached a really solid approach with this!


Your support from day 1 and the way our community has embraced and shaped Thank Aavegotchi is what truly matters and it’s so meaningful to us - thank you so much @Thrax! :pray: :purple_heart:


OP has been edited to amend a typo in the cost, (removed a zero) :sweat_smile:


This is pretty aawesome. I support!


Hi, I’m Daniel, a cofounder of ThriveCoin and co-author of this proposal. This is a very meaningful proposal for me and our whole team. There’s so much vision and values alignment between Aavegotchi and ThriveCoin - we’re both stewarding the web3 ownership economy in innovative, creative, and - I believe - essential ways.

I’m excited for your thoughts, questions, feedback, and co-creation. Also please feel free to ping me here, on Discord at thrivecoin#4835, or on Twitter at I look forward to connecting, and to together Thanking Aavegotchi! - Daniel


I appreciate efforts from the Thrive Coin team. You guys have been great! IMO a bounty allocation towards activities that may not be currently recognized being a major area of improvement. Tracking contributions fairly and accurately is where Thrive Coin specializes.

This proposal is a major allocation towards community members who have been contributing in significant ways but have not got the recognition they deserve.

I’m curious to see greater community feedback on this proposal, especially from those who have been building with little recognition so far


@Musashi13 thanks for your kind words. We’ve really appreciated your contributions!

@Hefe thank you - and yes! Our desire is to reward and recognize value creating contributions across Aavegotchi DAO… and in doing so drive greater efficiency, utility, and value. Also, yes… this is what we do! We care deeply about creating a DAO ecosystem where all people are equitably rewarded. So we’ve built - and are continuing to build - the infrastructure to make it possible in a way that’s automated, scalable, and bot and bad actor protected.


I like everything I see here :ghost::purple_heart::sparkles:


Why do we have this and DAO directors? I don’t think we should stop here and instead truly make Gotchi Income really the match that lights the Universal Basic Income fire globally.

“top contributor advisor” and “rewarding contributor” seems to be a conflict of interest as one getting rewarded are also advising

Looking at the vote result, since this will most likely pass.

If this has to happen, I would like to have PC on the advisory board as they are a independent 3rd party with no conflict of interest

Why do we have this and DAO directors?

Could you please elaborate on your comparison? I’m finding it difficult to understand your point.

Could you please elaborate on your comparison? I’m finding it difficult to understand your point.

Thank you for posing the question. I’d like to know how this proposal fits into our DAO directors activities. Will this create another advisory board that does its own thing? Which is okay as long as its independence is explicitly noted. Does this advisory board report to the DAO directors? A proposal about coordinating that doesn’t explicitly cover important relationships is concerning.

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Thanks for elaborating.

The AavegotchiDAO Foundation Board of Directors are not an advisory group. The Directors manage the AavegotchiDAO assets on behalf of the DAO. No decisions are made by the Board, the Directors manage multisig wallets and can only follow the explicit directions set forth by the DAO.

Thrivecoin have presented this proposal to the DAO and are looking to include advisors for all aspects of the Thank Aavegotchi project. This has no correlation with the AavegotchiDAO Foundation, but more in line with something like a Taask Force.

For the record, I personally support Thank Aavegotchi and am excited for the community to be rewarded for participation.


I support! Thrivecoin AavegotchiiDAO
I hope Always successful

Thanks for this meaningful proposal and your great support