Creating a Data Dashboard and Monthly Reports for Aavegotchi DAO Governance

Dear fren,

I’m Mialalala, and I am a longstanding participant of the Aavegotchi community, having contributed significantly to the Aavegotchi Asian market for the past years. I am writing to express my delight at the recent developments within the community, particularly with the unveiling of the 2023 roadmap, which has ushered in a new era of vibrancy and growth.

As we are all aware, the successful passing of AGIP64 (Close the GHST Bonding Curve) and AGIP65 (25/25/25/25 Split for Curve DAI) has paved the way for the upcoming “GHST Independence Day” celebration, which is set to attract even more participants to our community.

However, with the increase in community members and the decentralization of the entity, which will increase the complication of the operation and disclosure, I believe that it is now necessary to establish a DAO steward role to manage / disclose the treasury balance changes and governance data regularly. This will not only ensure transparency and accountability in the governance of the community but also provide a clear and concise entry point for new members to understand the DAO structure, including the treasury and governance.

Therefore, I propose that we consider the creation of a DAO steward role, which will be responsible for overseeing the management of the treasury and promoting good governance practices within the community (Some other fren in the community has raised this kind of request and demand as well: AavegotchiDAO Finances - #3 by Jesse_gldnXross). This will enable us to build a more robust and sustainable Aavegotchi ecosystem that is better equipped to meet the needs of our growing community.


  • It can be pretty messy when first joining a DAO. For newcomers, the entry barrier to join the community is high; they don’t know how to search for information and current status related to DAO, and how to contribute to working within a DAO, which hinders the participation of a large number of newcomers
  • The most important thing for a DAO is transparency, because the assets and rights of a DAO belong to the people, and the people have the complete right to information and decision-making. Therefore, a transparent data dashboard can be very important
  • Aavegotchi is currently one of thea leaders in the DAO industry, both in terms of assets and governance. We need more data-driven and content output to tell everyone about this, in order to establish Aavegotchi’s leading position in the industry. Good wine needs no bush, but appropriate data and content dissemination are necessary.
  • We are still in the early stages of the DAO, and we may make mistakes. Therefore, appropriate feedback and reflection with data and content retention can help us consider whether each governance has reached the optimal solution, thereby optimizing our governance decisions and fund utilization.

We hereby propose the establishment of a DAO Steward Team dedicated to the development and operation of the Aavegotchi DAO’s profile/dashboard. This team will also be responsible for generating a monthly treasury report to ensure full disclosure of all financial activities and governance recap regularly.

What’re the responsibilities of the DAO steward team?

The DAO Steward Team will be responsible for the following:

1- Building and operating the Aavegotchi DAO profile/Dashboard.

  • Aggregating basic information and social graphs, and converting them into a DAO profile.
  • Mapping the treasury addresses of the DAO and its associated parties, including sub-DAOs or DAO departments.
  • Analyzing the evaluation of the treasury assets, including fungible tokens (FT) and non-fungible tokens (NFT).
  • Tracking the inflow and outflow of assets.
  • Aggregating governance data, including proposals, voters, votes, and more.
  • Tracking the approved proposals and keeping a record of fund consumption


(Aavegotchi DAO Dashboard (Customized) - YouTube)

2- Generating Monthly Treasury Report

  • The status-quo of the treasury assets including FT and NFTs (balance sheet)
  • Monthly assets inflow and outflow
  • The Status-quo of governance (data about proposals/voters/votes; Approved proposals and rejected)
  • Follow-up and feedbacks about the old approved proposals
  • Publishing and sharing the report in Aavegotchi discord monthly

Proof of involvement

  1. We do not come from nowhere. In the past few years, we have had 23 Aavegotchis, 34 lands, and one partner land.

  2. The above content about responsibilities includes some of our upcoming actions and plans. However, we have not been slow to start, but have prepared in advance. Below is the draft version of the DAO data dashboard we have created for Aavegotchi (we will also incorporate more customized designs and personalized content)


(Aavegotchi DAO dashboard in current status - YouTube)

As one of the early members of Aavegotchi, we hope to support the team in their endeavors and make even greater contributions to the DAO. We are thrilled to see so many active DAO adopters and players in the community already. We believe that more and more fresh blood will contribute to DAO, and that such a community will become more and more dynamic and creative.

We hope that our contributions and plans, along with our request for a one-time grant of 6000 GHST and a monthly reward of 2000 GHST, will be considered. Grant can be issued all at once, while the monthly rewards can be released each month. To better test and verify our work, we propose a trial period of 6 months for the DAO Steward role.

Our Team Structure:

We will apply for this position through the entity team called ThePASS, which is a senior team focused on DAO treasury and governance asset exploration and research. We will allocate the following personnel and roles:

| Mialalala | Project Manager | Responsible for the DAO steward team |
| Muneeb | FrontEnd |
| Yung | BackEnd |
| Lim | UI/UX Designer | Responsible for dashboard design and future report design |
| Hakan | Content Writing | Responsible for drafting and polishing reports or other content |
| Fengyun | Technology Content Writing | Responsible for talking with the DAO and team from tech side |
| Di Kim | Data Engineering | Responsible for tracking the related data both about the treasury and governance |
| Nina L / Saya Lin | Content Publishing / Socials | Responsible for the monthly report publishing and sharing|

To sum-up, I propose the establishment of a DAO steward role within the Aavegotchi community to manage the treasury balance changes regularly. This will promote good governance practices within the community and ensure transparency and accountability. As we continue to attract more participants, a DAO steward team will be responsible for building and operating the Aavegotchi DAO profile/Dashboard and generating a monthly treasury report.

We are excited to support the team in their endeavors and make even greater contributions to the DAO. With more fresh blood joining the community, we believe that the Aavegotchi ecosystem will become more dynamic and creative. Let’s work together to build a robust and sustainable community.

More information

The PASS is a DAO aggregator and treasury tracking platform. It helps build the reputation system for DAOs by aggregating the social graph (onchain+offchain) and track, analyze, and evaluate treasury assets including FT and NFT assets, giving the communities a better and more transparent way to dive deeper. Discover DAO gems with

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Thank you for your attention, and I look forward to your feedback on this proposal.



Sounds really nice and i like the ui but with the new standard of doing request in usd amounts imo it would probably be better if you were to edit your proposal to change from $ghst to usd :+1:t3:


With the DAO becoming more and more mature, there are too many things going on in the discord and chat. I feel delivering a clear dashboard and report on this is crucial and also a good way for new players onboarding!

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First off- I really like the app you’ve built! Great UI and very clear and easy to use. From looking at it, it looks very similar to information that could be obtained via a DUNE dashboard. In other words, largely transactions that can be easily identified and classified via automated means.

Is a DUNE dashboard an apt comparison for what we would be receiving? Or is there a human-powered component here where somebody is going through DAO transactions that may not be regular and recurring (for example paying bounties to contributors, etc) and classifying them into a chart of accounts (marketing expenses, product development expenses, etc), pulling out key performance metrics and providing analysis, etc?

In general if you could speak to the unique human components or advanced features in what you’re proposing that would be above and beyond what we could achieve by creating a DUNE dashboard, that would be great.

Do you have an example of what a monthly treasury report would look like? For example, one that is publicly available that we could see on your site? I didn’t see that section for the couple of DAO’s I look at on your app.

Lastly, you mention a list of other DAOs that use your platform. Can you clarify which of those DAOs are paying similar monthly fees to what Aavegotchi DAO would be paying for dashboard creation and maintenance? Is what you’re proposing for Aavegotchi a premium service above and beyond what other DAO’s typically pay?


Thank you, friend! This is a really good question.

  1. Regarding the differences between Dune dashboard and a customized dashboard, here are some differences and amendments:

a. While Dune dashboard can track transactions of fungible tokens and NFTs, and calculate the valuation of FTs into the treasury, with a customized dashboard we can cover not only the value of FTs but also the value of NFTs. We have a specific NFT evaluation mechanism that shows significant differences if we hold gotchis or any other NFTs in our treasury.

b. Dune dashboard is a more closed environment where you need to search specifically for the entry, which means you need to know the project beforehand and it may not be friendly to new users. Additionally, Dune dashboard is not DAO-centric. On the other hand, ThePASS team is more focused on the DAO track and is more friendly to newcomers with DAO landscape data and leaderboards on the platform, serving not only existing players but also the larger potential target DAO audience. ThePASS is also a good DAO partner with a good credit history and partnerships with MeebitsDAO, BanklessDAO, MakerDAO and others.

c. Regarding the “human-powered component,” in our proposal, in addition to creating a DAO profile and data dashboard, we will produce a monthly treasury asset report. As you mentioned, we will manually tag and map transactions so that the audience knows where the bounty/grant goes and who is receiving it, decreasing the time the community spends tracking that information. Additionally, a monthly recap will help us reflect on the results of past proposals implemented.

  1. As for not finding the “monthly treasury report section” on the app, actually this is a customized function and service we will build for Aavegotchi DAO and that’s part of the reason we are proposing this.

We have example of treasury balance report of Jenny Metaverse DAO and ArtsDAO before but those serve for different purposes. In this way the details will be different but if it helps, you can check it here: The PASS—DAO Aggregator for reference.


Thank you for your thoughtful response. I’ve said for a while now that I think the DAO needs a dashboard to aggregate bulk recurring transactions (ie: bazaar fees, gotchiverse crafting, forging alloy, etc) as well as human contributors to do data entry of the irregular transactions (ie: paying contibutors, etc) and pull it all together and provide context to deliver a meaningful periodic financial report. So I think the general shape of this proposal is correct, but I do have concerns and suggestions for strengthening your proposal.

From my viewpoint, the unique value of your ask really hinges on the monthly reporting aspect, as everything else that is mission-critical can be replicated at a lower cost by commissioning a custom-built Dune dashboard or by simply using off-the-shelf crypto portfolio trackers.

From my standpoint, financial reports should answer these questions for each period, with period-over-period comparisons:

  1. How much, and from what sources, did the DAO generate revenue?
  2. What expenses did the DAO incur, and what was the nature of those expenses?
  3. What assets does the DAO hold, and what are they worth? This would not only include token balances and NFT’s, but loans made, liquidity provided, etc.
  4. What liabilities does the DAO owe, and how much? This would probably only be accounts payable (amounts due to contributors and/or vendors but not paid), but could in theory also include any future loans taken if the DAO takes part in such an activity.
  5. What were the overall inflows and outflows of value, and what types of activities led to those flows?

These reports could certainly be done monthly, but I think with an effective dashboard for tracking day-to-day, quarterly reporting would probably suffice to start.

What I believe the DAO needs, in essence, is a complete set of proper set of financial statements like any other business- (income statement, balance sheet, statement of cash flows). My hesitation is that it’s not exactly clear in the proposal that’s what the monthly report will be, or that your team has demonstrated experience in creating the types of financial statements I’ve describe above.

I think if you can commit to deliver on the financial statements above, and can demonstrate that your team has the business accounting experience necessary to deliver, then that feels like a much stronger argument for this proposal.