Establish the DAO Treasury Taask Force

I would like to propose the creation of the DAO Treasury Committee (could also consider DAO Treasury Task Force or DTF). This committee would be composed of 11-15 community members to help make recommendations and more efficiently manage our DAO Treasury. The DAO treasury (AavegotchiDAO Treasury Balance) currently boasts ~$5,000,000 worth of DAI and GHST which is currently being underutilized. In its initial form, the committee would make recommendations to the community which would subsequently be voted on and, if passed, enacted. As the DAO and its committees mature, we would engage in and foster ongoing discussions to become more autonomous and decentralized.

The following would be my goals for the DAO Treasury Committee over the next 3 months:

  • Establish a DAO Treasury mission statement to outline the guiding principles of the committee and its members
  • Pass the DAO signal and core proposals (mission statement included) to create the committee and elect its inaugural members
  • Propose an initial investment outline to consider and possibly include: DAI lending/pool deposits on Aave/Curve, GHST staking/lending, partnership engagement (Dinoswap/Quickswap/Sushiswap/etc), marketing efforts, land purchases, or other novel ideas
  • Discuss tool building to help engage and educate the community regarding the status of our DAO treasury funds
  • Publish minutes from meetings to ensure transparency and inclusivity

I appreciate and welcome any and all feedback, especially regarding thoughts on the DAO Treasury Committee’s mission statement. What do you view as the mission of this committee and the purpose of our DAO treasury?

Please also post here if you are interested in joining this committee, why you are interested, and include any special experience or skillsets that you would bring.

Thanks frens,

  • Dr Wagmi

Great post Wagmi, I agree to put this idea in motion.

The DAO treasury boasts a ton of reserves that will continue to pile up as marketplace activity flourishes, and GHST purchases and sales from the bonding curve proliferate. If the GHST token appreciates — as many in the community expect — even the more purchasing power we will have at our disposal.

A simple deposit of a moderate amount of GHST into an MAI vault would be a great way to get QI yield while earning frens on the borrowed MAI that would be converted back to GHST, and selling those tickets for repayment on like, a timetable that the committee sees fit. (It’d be even crazier if we converted the MAI to DAI and bought up the GHST from the bonding curve…)

Seeing that this is the 3rd committee being proposed, I also think we should encourage those who aren’t already in a committee to sign up before filling up the spots with others who already belong to one.


I can take part in this committee if it gets off the ground. I generally have a very conservative attitude to treasury management and regularly participate in risk discussions on AAVE. I can also bring to the table my data analysis skills which I have used to help with rarity analysis.


A DAO Treasury Committee/Taskforce makes a lot of sense at this point. With roughly $5M already in the coffers, those assets could and should be employed by the DAO to benefit the overall Gotchi community. A variety of strategies could be employed, depending on the wishes of the DAO, that could both bring extra assets into the DAO and spread the word about Aavegotchi throughout the overall crypto community. Protocol-owned liquidity is the rage at the moment, and exploring how that may pertain to GHST and benefit the Gotchi community is something I would like to undertake.

I’d be willing to throw my hat in the ring here as a committee member. I’ve been in crypto since 2016, have served in various roles in other DAOs, and I’m an attorney by trade. I’m quite comfortable writing proposals, taking meeting minutes, handling communications between the DAO and community, or serving in any other role that would best suit the DAO and community at-large.


Letting the treasury idle for a year is both a wise & stupid decision. The DAO has been wise enough to not dilipidate or gamble its treasury on high risks scheme. Althought it is missing a lot of yield while not really helping the community.

It could be used to reduce our slippage by providing liquidity and show confidence in the FRENS pools. It could start a ticket treasury to reward the various game designers, notorious DAO members, youtubers, aavegotchis, realm owners,… We could diversify the tresury (NFT/DeFi/Blue Chips/…).

I’d love to add my input and join this committee, while i’m already a member of the Wearable Task Force. WTF & DTF at Aavegotchi, my Linkedin profile can’t wait for the update


Thank you guys for responding as this is an awesome start. I would really like to have at least 4 more members on this committee. If you are interested, please comment here as a broad range of perspectives would be very helpful. I may have sounded too intimidating with requesting qualifications and ideas, though those are still helpful if you would like to include them. I will not plan to create the proposal until we have at least 9 members interested and have had an initial, informal discussion on discord.


Hey Wagmi,

I feel enough time has passed to throw my hat in the ring for this committee. Should another non-task force (WTF, Frens committee) member want to participate and no more seats are left I will transfer my committee status to this person, assuming they meet some qualifications for the role.

I hold both a BA in economics and an MS in business analytics and I feel that this makes me apt to understanding a lot of nuances behind diversifying the treasury responsibly. I also have a lot of practical experience interacting with DeFi and think I could generally add value to this area of critical growth for aavegotchi; that being our coffers.

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I can help offer ideas to manage the DAO treasury.
Could even consult the PieDAO fellows for some suggestions.


This could be interesting

Id be interested in joining the DTF as well. Id like to be more involved in the DAO and have actually been thinking a lot about different ideas for the treasury, so probably a good time for me to start being active. I don’t have any formal qualifications to speak of but I spend a vast majority of my free time focusing on Aavegotchi and DeFi in general and anticipate applying what I’ve learned into helping our community and DAO :slight_smile:


I would also like to throw my hat in the ring to be part of the committee and/or task force.

I graduated from the University of Michigan with BA in Graphic Design, a BSI in User Experience Design, and a Minor in Entrepreneurship in 2019, and have been working as UI/UX Engineer Consultant for a couple of start-ups since graduating and have been heavily invested in crypto and the future of decentralized autonomous organizations and systems since my friend’s and I first dabbled with a creating a crypto trading bot during college.

I know I’m young, but I think my background and youth gives me good insights into trends that could help inform us how to grow the DAO funds over the long run and how to best allocate portions to support future community growth, increased ease of use of the platform, and an overall better user experience for everyone in the gotchi ecosystem for generations to come.


I’d love to be on the task force. I think way too often about economics and how to strike a balance between fairness and equity in every aspect of my life. I’ve been a member of the Aavegotchi community for a few months and it’s awesome! I hodl a few gotchis and a few parcels. I’ve participated in the forum and discord from time-to-time. I’m great at math and theory, and I am a treasurer of a non-profit in real life. I’d offer a moderate risk profile.


Hi all - I am formally submitting my name to be on the Treasury Taask Force as well. I have fallen into the Gotchiverse over the past few months and love what is being built here. I want to help however I can. From an experience standpoint - I have been very active in Qi Dao’s governance and helped brainstorm different treasury actions the DAO could explore to maximizing protocol health/growth and worked to establish partnership engagement efforts across the ecosystem.

I am happy to be the scribe of the Taask Force as well. I am a great note taaker and can compile meeting minutes to give the community a snapshot of our conversations. I am very much looking forward to becoming more active in the DAO and growing the Gotchiverse.


i would be happy to contribute my services and welcome the opportunity to learn from and be a part of this task force. Formal education is in finance, relevant professional experience includes leadership, finance, trading, project management and regulation. I enjoy finding and learning about emerging blockchain technologies and use cases. My focus has been primarily on defi and gaming to date, but i follow a range of projects.


I am very excited about the explosion of activity and interest in the last week. I am hoping that @BowtiedNerd will join the committee as well and am waiting for his answer prior to gathering the group together and submitting our initial signal proposition. In the interim, I would like to submit to this group and the community a rough draft of our mission statement for feedback:

Mission Statement
The Aavegotchi DAO Treasury Taask Force is a dynamic committee assigned with making DAO treasury management recommendations to the community. The initial mission and goals of the committee will be: 1) Grow and cultivate the DAO treasury with an emphasis on safety, security and transparency; 2) foster and encourage growth of the overall Aavegotchi community by increasing awareness, actively promoting adoption, and maintaining current user engagement; and 3) Partner with Pixelcraft to assist in developing and identifying tools and infrastructure for ongoing DAO Treasury management.


While this would definitely be helpful, another angle you could include would be requesting a budget from the DAO (say 100k GHST) and then using that to further the interests of the DAO. Could be hiring developers, tooling, marketing, etc. Basically anything the Taask Force deems worthy.

Would be great to see what the community could do with a modest budget, and if it’s working well the DTF could request more funds from the DAO.


Hi Dan

Would love to help in anyway I can and would be great to be a part of things.

Cheers man
Wayne :sunglasses:

From above “* Pass the DAO signal and core proposals (mission statement included) to create the committee and elect its inaugural members”

I am confused why this thread talks about electing inaugural members but the Snapshot vote has the inaugural members already listed. If i vote yes on the Snapshot is that a Yes vote for the 8 members you listed or will there be another vote for the DTF members like this thread suggests?

The proposal should be create a taask force, and then we can elect them. I like the idea, but throwing names that NOBODY agree with is against the DAO


That was my thoughts too, while I agree with the need for the TF I don’t agree at this current moment that those are our best current candidates. This should be a separate proposal.