For all the Looser of GHST-ETH to Matic

Hi Frens !

I’ve heard a lot of peeps that did loose a great amount GHST Token because they didn’t read and they were to fast to proceed.

So I know a guy that loose almost 300 GHST-eth to matic without using the bridge… ouchhhhiiiii :frowning:

So, I was a bit sad to see some people struggling because they didn’t know about the bridge and loose all of their investment so they just might quit our ecosystem of aavegotchi… And they’re not sure, they’re gonna retrieve their token.

So I wanted to know if the Gotchi Boss can make a “gift for them” for all the GHST-eth loosers…

But of course, they should prove first that they lost with a screenshot of what they loose or something else.


Un grand merci de ton article… vraiment une communauté au top :heart_eyes:


That’s a kind gesture, I don’t it’s fair to match them 1:1 though…


A kind idea. We could always create a donation pool similar to the santa hat one (I wasn’t around for it, just read about it)


Yeah same here, I lost 3000.04 GHST yesterday sending them back to my binance wallet through metamask via the Matic network without using the bridge…
That was worth over 5000 $ by the time… :dizzy_face:
First, i couldn’t get any portals and then I lost everything because of this…


That sucks, sorry to hear about this