Help get ghst listed

Obj: get GHST listed on major exchange

Need: create separate treasury, which is not part of rarity farming and used to pay for fees involved in major exchange listings.

How: raise money thru donaations

Incentive: offer special badge similar to unicily and a single special edition wearable which will only be available by making a donation. Donation level should be close to the value of a similar item currently in the bazaar. larger donations should NOT be incentivized. The Donation amount should be set at a minimum of 25ghst for the badge and 400ghst to receive item. The item will give a single trait of +4 BRN and will be a RARE item, so it will be similar to Thaave Hammer. total count will be 300. Item name will be ‘Helping Hand’. One item per address only, Donating addresses must own a Gotchi for at least 30 days to be eligible to receive item.

Assuming all donations opportunities are taken advantage of there would be 300 x 400ghst = 120,000 ghst would be raised. Assuming a price of at least 1.5USD per ghst this would net us about $180,000 toward paying the listing bribe. This number could be significantly higher depending on smaller donations to receive the badge. These funds would be eligible for use solely for exchange listings which would be TBD by further DAO vote.

Vote Options:

Yes, create separate fund for CEX listing, using donation example above

No, stay poor

Note: I am open to the conversation about using GBM to do this as well, though I liked the idea of the community ‘donating’ instead of bidding wars (I also really liked the item name i came up with). since the item will be very close to the cost of a current thaave hammer, it would not theoretically be of huge hype, and risk people rushing to get one like H1. And if it happens that someone wants to own a bunch of non set items that are just cool and buy them all from different addresses… their arbitrage is opportunity is low and we still make the money to get to the exchange listing.

A side benefit here will be easing some of the supply and demand issues we may see as more H2 owners gear up their gotchis.

Tell me what you all think!!!


GHST is already available on Kraken, Binance, and What qualifies as a major exchange in your view?


Gemini or Coinbase? I guess the thinking here was to have these funds available and set aside from rarity farming and the actual use of those funds would be TBD by the dao


I think we have a comfortable level of big exchange listings. Something that was mentioned yesterday that feels good for me is an idiot-proof bridge for tokens. I believe it was diddlypoo who said it. A bridge that doesn’t feel like a bridge is what most normies need.

Getting players to bridge from ETH > Polygon is the biggest hurdle imho.

If we dedicated some time and resources to making this as easy as possible, I think that would be of the most benefit for greater adoption. That, and when opensea allows for erc1155 so our gotchis can trade with wearables :smiley:


coderdan did a great job of getting me pumped on the last hangout lol. and I primarily use Coinbase (mostly for convenience) , so i dont actually see GHST on my preferred exchange. This ideaa was maaybe not quite as lit as I was, but i wanted to try and contribute in some way =). I think it would be nice to get CB listing, as that tends to pump coins hard and will give us some great press, but i definitely agree there are decent exchanges already available.


Yeah Coinbase listing would be cool, that’s up to them though. Don’t think they officially take bribes :wink:

I think what we are missing is Exchange → Polygon withdrawals for GHST directly. Currently it is possible for Matic only I think.

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We’re working on getting more listings but it’s not really something the DAO can vote on, so gonna close this thread. Of course we’d love to see GHST on Coinbase and other top tier exchanges, and are working in that direction. Stay tuned :slight_smile: