Forge 2.0 New Schematics

Hey all,

The Forge Team would like to propose a new round of 15-20 schematics to be distributed toward the end of our 3 month contract. As new schematics were not specifically included in our Forge 2.0 deliverables, we want to allow discussion within the community and consider a DAO vote before fully moving to production.

New traits would be assigned using MikeyJay’s Schematic Trait Selection Framework. New sets will be determined using his upcoming Set Selection Framework document. The goal for both documents is to identify the traits and sets that will most balance the current wearable selection. Ideally, this creates demand from gotchis that previously had no wearable, makes RF more dynamic, and balances our asset base which makes building on the protocol easier.

Here are the current ideas and goals for a Forge 2.0 schematic release:

  • Sets designed with specific collaborations with other NFT and Web3 communities
  • Current collaboration plans: y00ts, Nouns, Collab. Land, Lens, and Sandbox
  • Hopefully will attract new users from our collaborating partners
  • Increase Aavegotchi brand awareness to our partners
  • Explore NFT utility specific to the collaborating partners
  • Create longitudinal relationships through meaningful cross-pollination efforts
  • Refill geodes with non-collaboration wearables
  • Ensure new schematics make use of previously sold and unmatched cores
    • Unmatched cores: uncommon eye, rare face, rare pet, legendary face, godlike head, godlike pet
  • Balance the godlike set meta by expanding old godlike sets to 4-piece set bonuses
  • Generate revenue through sales and utility for raffle tickets through another raffle

We are planning to propose the above Frameworks to the DAO to guide future content release. This will allow any team or individual to propose a new wearable schematic or set with a transparent, DAO-sanctioned stats.

I have met with all the above collaborating partners and have a clear path forward from an IP perspective – they are all amenable to collaboration. We are still exploring additional NFT utility beyond BRS modification/aesthetics but I am very excited about the potential ideas.

Let’s plan for a DAO vote with specifically identified traits and a separate vote for the Frameworks. As always, thanks for the support and feedback.

Discord discussion link: Discord