Geodes and Forge 2.0 New Schematics and Distribution

Buckle in for a big post covering the Forge Team plans for a multi-tier rarity geode, our proposed Forge 2.0 schematic release, and our options for releasing new content as a community!

Multitier-Rarity Geodes

Decisions to make:

  • Do we like this outline and odds for geodes?
  • Do we think full geodes need a signal/core proposal?

Below are some of our goal for geodes:

  • Incentivize protocol engagement through interacting with the Forge
  • Use Geodes as a vehicle for new content release

Geodes are currently only obtained by smelting wearables which means you can only get new content by smelting old content and burning alloy in the process. This allows for predictable distribution of new content over time. A well-stocked prize pool will transparently drip new content to the community and could be refilled at any time – refills could be new schematics or other prizes, content, partnership items (Anata NFTs), etc.

MikeyJay designed the table below outlining odds for Multitier-Rarity Geodes. We plan to push this live by August alongside the Forge 2.0 New Schematic Release. We are planning to submit geodes as a stand-alone proposal for DAO consideration.

Forge 2.0 New Schematics Release

Decisions to make:

  • Do we want a new batch of 15-16 schematics?
  • If so, are we okay with the proposed 15-16?
  • Would we want to develop a godlike pet separately as part of a community competition that would fit with the other godlike sets and fill in all remaining archetype gaps for 4-piece godlike sets?
  • What do we want to do for distribution? Is the community okay with the Forge Team’s recommendation of 80% in geodes and 20% auctioned?

Goals of a New Schematics Release

  • Balance the protocol assets
  • Makes the protocol more attractive to build on
  • Allows for more gotchis to have wearables that fit them. More demand is good.
  • Balances rarity farming
  • 4 new godlikes with 4 new godlike sets could make a 4-piece godlike set accessible to every Gotchi archetype where only 3/16 currently have access to such a set
  • Introduces assets around which to build longitudinal relationships (y00ts, Nouns, Lens themed sets)
  • New schematics drive protocol engagement by supporting alloy value and incentivizing forging

The Forge Team would like to release 15-16 new wearables schematics using the below methodologies. The general theme of the release would be Web3 partnerships with new wearable schematics inspired by the y00ts, Nouns, and Lens ecosystems with an Aavegotchi-themed Godlike set. We’ve met with the above teams who support the release, are ideating additional utility, and have no IP concerns.

We have been hard at work streamlining the process of trait selection, set selection, and general guides for the introduction of new content. The complexity of our ecosystem, traits, sets, etc. all serve as a barrier for any party to introduce new content. Below is MikeyJay’s whitepaper on wearable schematic trait selection which should be used to guide the choice of any new protocol wearables or sets.

The first tab of this sheet outlines the impact for every possible choice:

We identified a pathway to provide every single gotchi access to a 4-piece godlike set which only 3 out of the 16 gotchi archetypes currently have access. It would use three of the new Godlike pieces and require a new +AGG pet. Pets are sacred in Aavegotchi and powerful contributors to lore and art. We could take this on ourselves to create or consider a community competition for its development. Also, as a community we need to decide if we want to fully balance the 4-piece godlike set meta with this next update or just partially address it. It could be reasonable to leave the pet out and leave a gap in gotchi access to 4-piece godlike sets.

Below are the proposed new wearable slots and trait types:


Traditionally, new content has been released via auction + raffle, however the Forge Team recommends a new approach to distribution that utilizes Geodes. We recommend 80% of all new schematics be placed in Geodes and 20% put up for auction. This strategy has multiple advantages:

  • Allows a drip release of new content overtime that will coincide with protocol engagement
  • Value created by new content will be driven to alloy and support the overall wearables market
  • Allows for some revenue generation with 790 pieces being auctioned (3160 geode prizes)
  • More user friendly auction experience than the last sale with significantly fewer items auctioned
  • Avoids the overhead work involved in a raffle and drives value to wearables vs FRENS

The Pixelcraft Team communicated concerns about a poor user experience with the initial sale. We hope that this plan along with multiple advancements in the V2 UI will adequately address those concerns.

Let us know what you think. I would like to shoot for an August release for full-functioning geodes and a wearable sale if this distribution strategy is acceptable to the DAO. This will need to go up for a DAO vote which I will submit in ~1 week pending community feedback.

Thanks all

  • The Forge Team