Frens cap and pro rata share

I’m seeing a lot of discussion lately about granting frens to gotchi and other NFT holders. Personally I don’t think this makes sense—the NFTs have expected yield opportunities in the gotchiverse. But since we’re months out from the launch still, maybe to placate the grumbling, we can implement some of these ideas at least temporarily. The problem with doing this would be frens inflation. But maybe we could fight frens inflation by capping the number of frens that can be minted every day. We could set the max to something slightly higher than the average over the last month or so, and once we hit the cap, frens earners start earning a pro rata share.

I am still in favor of integrating some form of alchemica distribution to NFT holders instead of frens. Also slowly revealing and integrating mechanics from the gotchiverse will probably start to spark a little more interest.

I would for sure hold off on any further inflation of NFTs until the gotchiverse is live and they have utility.

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so you dont think we are now incentivising ppl to stay in ghst instead of buying wearables /gotchis/ realm ?

Kinda in the current environment. We are incentivising people to hold GHST, which is a good thing, because it keeps the price of GHST up. Asset holders pay for that since assets get the inflation instead of GHST itself.

The problem is that we need to also incentivise people holding assets. You can just take away the incentive of holding GHST and give that to asset holders instead, but would that force people to buy assets? or would they just move on to something more liquid that they can easily move around and still get yield on?
Same thing happens if you just give frens to asset holders. You are lowering the return on GHST itself, so people lose the incentive to hold it. Will they suddenly decide to put all that into assets if they have not already? Maybe, it would be an experiment