Proposal: ghst power (editted)

You should be able to play with just a gotchi and if you want to play more you can buy more ghst to get more frens etc, in my oppinion.
this could flatten the reward curve for powerful gotchis as i feel there is no reason for this to be a pay to win to earn game. this idea leveraged onto the aave ecosystem can change the way people bank forever. I really believe that. This should get to the masses to understand the importance of collateral, stable liquidity, and what makes a bond more useful/ more powerful.
the network will grow and add value to top 20% of gotchis we should be concerned about the 80% for now and always so our game ecosystem is full healthy and vibrant. i understand the point to reward people that already have significant skin in the game first and foremost.
I do however stand by my original thesis that if this game is only financially exciting/viable option for whales then it doesn’t go adoptive and scale to masses. all users need to have value creation on the scale of whales.


PROPOSAL : Starting with haunt 2 part of the collateral for the ghst will be ghst staked earning frens from the sale of the portal as well as the collateral from the spirit bond. burned when gotchi changes hands and only redeemable on burning of the aavegotchi same.

The funds for this function I am proposing to be taken out of rarity farming rewards or added to protocol fee schedule elsewhere to flatten rewards distribution across more users giving the gotchi a higher value proposition as collateral for the average user. this incentivizes more hodling.

-spreads dilution of ghost rewards sales out across more time instead of lumped.
-gives a steadier stream of ghst bought to be staked lowering floating supply and enabling more price action higher.
-gotchi serves as more robust collateral as ghst will be appreciable and more stabilized as well.
-incentivize users to you guessed it hodl.
-gotchis have a steady stream of frens for all gaming purposes right out of the gate to not paywall more participation in ecosystem ending up with a less vibrant gotchi gang.
-burning of ghst rewards holders of gotchis more since their underlying is you guessed it. ghst
-massive value proposition increase for gotchi holders/gamers/users/bankers.
-more stable liquidity for important defi solutions for adoption growth.
-makes it less viable for people to buy and sell portals as it would lose its accrued ghst when transferred.
-i see the bazaar as a necessary function of the game but doesnt need to be the main value stream for users of the game. if the most exciting function of the game is flipping or whale padding it will inevitably get stale all users need to create wealth mid-long term

-not sure on technicals but could pose potential exploit or contract risk. or just be downright hard to even do.
-could add more potential risk from multi collateralization of gotchi contract.
-less ghst farming rewards available for top 20% distribution of users.
-users that buy gotchis at auction will be at a disadvantage as far as friend production goes but this should help drive portal sales later on in my oppinion.
* potential auction tax to seller, (further nerf gotchi dumping) to be added to ghst bond on purchase of resold gotchi to not totally disenfranchise users from buying bazaar gotchis to play game as they will get frens accrual too.

interested to hearing your thoughts…
you 2 most of all
defi for all
financial freedom for all
cute gotchis for all


the only way to receive staked ghst should be to burn the gotchi which should be only valuable to someone who needs the liquidity in an pinch. this should further lower gotchi count and turnover making og gotchis even more powerful and rare.


Hi fren, I think I speak for the majority when saying that if you’re going to label something as a Proposal, you should use proper punctuation, capitalization, and sentence structures. We are all busy and do not have time to parse long run-on sentences and stream of consciousness ideas.

I do not doubt there is merit in your ideas, but you should attempt to refine them into a more concise and viewer-friendly message before labeling them as a Proposal.

I attempted to read through this post but was not really sure what you wanted, or what the different options would be.



@coderdan thanks for the feedback, I just get so excited about aavegotchis. It makes me dizzy. perhaps this would have been better suited for idea board as I was partially working the idea out while writing. I will spend a bit of time to better explain the solution i have in mind in a followup post.


Sure, moving this to Ideas for now!


potential addon to this could be this model to get more users / communities in we could allow people to stake their ghst onto their favorite aave gotchi similar to how you delegate votes in other protocols. which would also give frenz this will incentivize people to get their real life frenz involved even if its only for as low as a single ghst on matic. the point is its cheap knowledge and user growth
a while back i remember a proposal for one ghst = 1 vote well maybe this is a way to meet in the middle and to keep voting in hands of gotchi holders.