FRENS Committee Applications

Hey frens, a week ago @coderdan brought up the idea of a Liquidity Managers Committee. In short, it would be a group of 9 people / multisig responsible for regularly updating the LP token FRENS rate. Please also join the original thread for further discussion of the exact responsibilities of the Committee (potential partnerships, budget, etc.). There’s still some things to be specified:

This thread should serve as an “application” form for people to apply for the Committee (or nominate other people). I will keep the thread open for 1 week and then create a poll for the final selection. Keep in mind that there are only 9 spots, so please only apply if you’re actively involved in the community and around on a regular basis - potential time investment will most likely include a (bi-)weekly meeting.

To make the decision easier for everyone, please include some basic details about yourself. No need to write an essay or dox yourself, but the DAO should know why you are the best choice for the Committee. I’d also recommend posting the ID of one of your gotchis so people can check your Kinship, GOTCHI ABUSERS NOT WELCOME! (If you’re nominating someone else, just give us a quick summary of why you think that person would be a good fit.)

 First let me say I love all my Frens.  

-We all pay attention to what we pay attention to, and I have always payed attention to government and money. Where most people find policy making and financial management boring its knocked me almost clear off my rocker with excitement. It’s clear to me that aavegotchi is a beautiful platform for individuals to semi privately govern and socially manage monetary policy like never before so of course I am fascinated and only want to participate more.
- I’ve been playing games since before I could walk. It’s a fine line between passion and addiction but I am sure we all know this balance. Above all else I want this game to remain fair, fun, and well incentivized for activity. I have been a crypto holder since btc was at 50 dollars and have never doubted the power of decentralization infinite scalability.
-It would be a great privilege to be part of this committee and it is not one I would take lightly on behalf of my fellow gotchi’s and hodlers.

my main ideals I would like to steward for the community.

  • keeping the game play to earn and not pay to win. this is near and dear to my heart and I think is essential for any vibrant game ecosystem.

  • making sure that platform has excellent incentives for growth while prioritizing health of critical liquidity infrastructure.

  • keeping the value proposition of frens tokens intact and expanding on their utility in a meaningful direction for community.

  • keeping event costs in line with across the board frens holdings while making sure their is sufficient avenues for use.

    In the face of fear, uncertainty and doubt, FUD, I keep myself reminded love, truth and wisdoms, LTW, strength. With these skills and ideals I want to be the person I know you all need on this committee and I look forward to any opportunities this DAO sees fit for me.

Thank you for your time, and happy farming!


I would like to nominate myself for this. I run and I am fairly active on Twitter and Discord.

I have many gotchis in the top 100 dependability as per Aavegotchi.PET - Leaderboards

One example: Aavegotchi 5702

I also provide liquidity and stake for frens regularly.


love your gotchi fren


Guess I’ll also apply myself. My name’s Moon and I’m the resident doge of the Aavegotchi Discord. I joined the community just after the presale and have been pretty active ever since. I absolutely love the Gotchigang and think it’s important for the community to actively manage the DAO. The FRENS Committee is a great next step in my opinion.

I’m also an active player, staker and liquidity provider, my pride and joy is @MoonGotchi.


Hey everyone!

You probably have already seen me around already if you’ve been active on discord or the forum. :sweat_smile:. I’m a gamer, a crypto trader/investor, a blockchain enthusiast, an Aagent level 12 and a strong believer in Aavegotchi’s potential. I am and have been a liquidity provider for several months as well. I own 2 gotchis, kenymccornick (#2812) and CryptoLover (#6012).

Moreover, I’m also a strong believer in play to earn, as I imagine a world where people earn a living with gaming (not just top players in eSports) thanks to microeconomies built around our favorite games. This means I’m not necessarily against pay to win elements, as most times it’s a necessary part of these microeconomies, as long as there is some balance.

Important things about me if you choose me for the committee:

  • I’m a very pragmatic person with a focus on simplicity. I sometimes find that overcomplicating stuff for features that people don’t use that much, don’t work well or are not a priority, is really not worth it. I love more functionality, but the benefits need to be worth the hassle/potential issues.

  • When working with others, I believe it’s important to say my piece only when I feel it can be useful and adds something to the conversation. Once done that, it’s also important not to get stuck, accept other’s opinions and move on. Pride and stubbornness are our biggest enemies in this sense.

  • It’s important to set priorities, cause most times in life we can’t do it all at once. Choosing what goes first and focusing on that, is a difficult but necessary task.

If you believe I can add something to this committee, I’d be glad to help. Thanks!


I’ll also toss my hat into the ring :cowboy_hat_face:

I’m relatively new to the crypto space, but have definitely gained an appreciation for the work being done in this area. Gaming has always been high on my list of interest and once I understood NFTs, decided crypto+gaming would be my focus. I’m also a bit of a systems engineer, which means I like how pieces of a puzzle work together. The Gotchi economy is one big, amazing puzzle to me. I am interested to see what happens when drop tickets are added and what will happen to the supply/demand of the other tickets. How will it affect the value of FRENS (the FRENS>Ticket>GHST conversion rate stays pretty consistent across tickets, but may change with drop tickets).

I’m also a small fry liquidity provider. I understand the importance of maintaining the incentive for people like me to continue earning, but also don’t want to screw up the economics and ruin it for everyone. I would be grateful to be on the FRENS committee to give back to this community in at least one small way.

Oh, and I have a couple of devoted gotchis :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: No potions here, just love and kindness for these guys:


Hey frens,

I’d like to nominate myself :slight_smile:

I’ve been in crypto since early 2017 and this year have discovered my passion for NFT’s and their potential for the future. I fell in love with Aavegotchi & GHST and was able to snag myself a few portals on H1 launch. I’ve been into staking and LP for the Quick/GHST pair and found that an incredible opportunity for both monetary and fren gains. I take the best care I can of my gotchis with the amount of travel I’ve been doing. I also quite enjoy making fan artwork for the little gotchis from time to time.

When @coderdan mentioned the need for a committee to help regulate the LP FRENS rewards, I instantly felt called to join. I’ve always had a fascination with economics and used to be an avid WoW player back in the day. Most of my time in game was spent dominating the auction houses :wink:

The purpose I see in this committee:

At baseline, it’s important to keep the rewards in balance with their monetary peg. I noticed many times when the LP pair either over or under rewarded stakers.

Prove the community is capable of handling non-critical tasks as part of the cocoon transition.

Finding more strategic partnerships to bring to the community.

As we prove ourselves and as time progresses, I see the committee also opening up into more responsibility. The thing that I am most interested in is how to balance FRENS inflation. In WoW, there were a number of money sinks that helped regulate the economy. There were a number of high-ticket, mostly vanity items, that players could buy to help drain overall gold in the ecosystem.

What excites me is looking at things like this. How can we help keep a constant drain on FRENS whereby players can use them for all sorts of things beyond just raffle tickets? As it stands, the FRENS are growing infinitely until raffle time.

Within the scope of this committee, this is what I am most interested in.

Beyond that, I am keenly interested in economy balancing at large. How to create GHST sinks to build the treasury, how to predict how many portals/wearables to create, etc. are all the things that interest me most. Oh, and of course, I am also keenly interested in more community driven artwork and involvement every step of the way.


OK, I’ll nominate myself.

I’m Doxy, and I’ve been hanging around here since last year. I’ve only been in crypto since March 2020, when I needed a post-lockdown hobby. Today someone asked me how I heard about Aavegotchi… and I couldn’t remember. But I love the whole Gotchi ecosystem - the combination of math, gaming, and finance really scratches my itch. Hopefully many of you know me from Discord as sometimes helpful & sometimes a smartass.

Favorite Aavegotchi moments:

  • Haaunt 1 drop - actually getting in to buy portals on my PC while randomly grabbing wearables from the Maall
  • Giving portals to my kids & watching them open them
  • Helping SoC find the bug that causes Haaunt 1 traits to be skewed high

I’ll post up the leader of my Gotchigang here:

And some of my other favorites:


Dear Frens, Kokusho here at your service.

I’ve been into crypto since before Mt. Gox and was on the site when everything came crashing down. I still carry with me the memory of learning about Bitcoin in 2011 and the impression that this new technology would be the harbinger for change that would bring us closer to a “correct” society.

I am astounded that the decentralized web has unlocked so much potential in so short a time. Between DAOs and NFTs, and everything in between and everything on the way. I offer my services to the Frens committee as a voice of fairness for the Aavegotchi ecosystem.Faust


I’ve always been a very ambitious person. I like to delve deeper than I’ve found most would like to go. Philosophically, existentially, physically, etc…
Among many things I’ve grown passionate about I have become an avid gamer in the past few years. Which lead me to the video game Rocket League. At this point I have put over 10 thousand hours into the digital sport, even building a competition PC for it. Over a year ago I played at a semi professional level with a teammate that has just as big of goals as myself. We’ve unfortunately had to put it on the backburner as we take care of more pressing and important matters in our lives, though we intend to continue long term. For me it is my physical & emotional health. I am pursuing personal mastery before I give my all towards my goals again. I find it too easy to lose myself in the grind and I lose focus of my own self care. When I obsess I can truly obsess.

There are a few things I had learned grinding everyday. The main one is that it’s okay to sacrifice for your pursuits, but there are more important facets of life than just “success.” What is the point of achieving anything if we lose what we were or want to be along the way? This is something that obviously extends to every part of our lives. Everything I have studied within the past decade alludes to the fact that it’s all about the foundation you build upon. You can use the strongest materials in the world, yet everything will crumble when set upon a weak foundation. This is an important principle that weighs every single decision I make and will continue to influence my choices in the future. It will always pay to take extra time and effort. Another important trait I have been learning is how to most effectively act as a teammate. How to quickly step into a supporting role is something I’ve been training to do for years. Synergy is great for any group.

When it comes to Aavegotchi, I am all in 100% of the way. AavegotchiDAO, REALM and Yield Generating NFT drew me in immediately, I could tell that this was an important project. I would like to think I have treated it as such for the entirety of my involvement. I intend to pass Aavegotchis down to my children.
I own 9 Gotchis so far:
Aavegotchi 4915

Aavegotchi 6343

Aavegotchi 4916

Aavegotchi 4914

Aavegotchi 4918

Aavegotchi 2782

Aavegotchi 8602

Aavegotchi 1964

Aavegotchi 8820

Without using any potions the 4 that I have owned since launch were within the top 100 Kinship for the entire first round until the potion users took over. I like to think I am a serious member. lol

I would say my most redeeming quality is the ability to always think logically and truly grasp the root of what would need to be accomplished. I tend to enjoy bringing everything I can to the table, especially if it can benefit more than just myself. I believe all this would make me a good fit. Lastly, cryptocurrency has united communities all over the world and will continue to do so for years to come. Many will say if you’re involved right now you are still early, which makes sense. The foundation of fiat currencies have been tainted for literal centuries. Our forefathers had issues with private banking and for good reason, many things they predicted have come true throughout the years. What we are all involved in is way more than just a game, and forming functionality like committees within the DAO is a huge step in the right direction.


I’d like to propose myself for this role for the following reasons:

  1. I’ve been a long time support of the Aavegotchi project, since just after the pre-sale
  2. I’ve been a long term Aavegotchi Aapprentice on Discord, helping run/support all 12 Aagent Missions
  3. I’ve been an active player of the game since Season One
  4. I treat my Gotchi’s well -
  5. I’ve started an Australian focused #gotchigang -
  6. I’m keen to see the Aavegotchi project have long term success, so I’m prepared to do my part where necessary to support this

Thanks for your votes.


Lots of great applications coming in! Right now the main blockers to implementing this are:

  1. Adding rateManager functionality (in final testing stage)
  2. Gnosees Multisig hasn’t launched yet on Polygon (but should be in July)

So far I believe there are ten frens who have applied for the committee? Do you guys think we should continue asking for applicants, or are we pretty happy with the current list? Everyone here is an OG and committed to the project so I don’t think there’s anything to worry about there!


would be nice to form the committee off chain and start meeting to write the final from several drafted proposals. then as a group launch the final proposal to the dao and make any edits on communities behalf before the on chain mechanisms are ready.

we could extend it one more week before the first meeting and inevitable vote to allow for last minute aspiring applicants. Although I do agree about the good OG representation. would be nice to have some public discord on topics before people are forced to vote there rates fates away if they so choose ( i doubt interest in these calls would be massively high ) but in dao fashion it should be open and transparent.

For example people should be able to compromise and discern good ideas from downright bad ideas quite quickly when you combine smart minds. this would be more evident outside of a forum post environment.

interested in your alls thoughts.

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I’m happy with the applications so far as you mentioned, but I also don’t see any problem with accepting more applications till things are ready. I’m cool with whatever you guys decide.


I think we’ve seen adequate interest. We could always run another week, but I feel the truly interested parties have already spoken up and made their presence known.

Overall the scope of the committee is quite limited and I think it’s a great proving grounds to transition through cocoon. I don’t think we need to overcomplicate things if we don’t have to.


Hi Frens,

I would like to put myself forward to the committee for a few things:

  • I am massively passiontate about NFTs in general and own over 150 of them
  • Funcitonal NFTs are something i am even more passionate about and when i have the funds i am acquiring more especially aavegotchis
  • i spend hourse everyday studying the crypto space and the blockchain technology and a masive believer in DeFI
  • I mentor many people in the crypto space and would be more than happy to do the same for our Frens
  • I am a Tekky, I can code in java and do software testing for as main job so i pick up techinical stuff very quickly
  • I am always looking for more ways to get involved in the Crypto and DeFi space

Look forward to hearing if i made the cut


Sorry frens I was away for a few days, but I also like the current selection. We should probably create a SigProp to verify it with the DAO though.

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I assume this is something you plan on doing @Moon?

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Yup got a draft ready, just need a channel to share it with you guys.

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