FRENS Taaskforce Nominations

Hello all,

It has been a while since nominations from the FRENS Taaskforce were initially taken back in June last year.

Since the establishment of the FRENS Taaskforce we have had a couple of members leave as they became Pixelcraft employees. I have personally found it a bit difficult to keep up the time commitment spreading my effort across a few Aavegotchi related projects.

Using this thread to accept any nominations to join the FRENS taaskforce or for existing members that wish to continue within the FRENS Taaskforce. If you wish to nominate yourself please post here to introduce yourself and a bit about what you be able to bring to the FRENS Taaskforce.

This will eventually need to turn into a DAO vote to approve any Taaskforce member changes.


Any frens out there that would like to talk about frens emissions let yourselves be known. A lot of members have moved on and we need members interested in keeping tabs on the rates and adjusting accordingly.


What’s this entail? Simply running the math and checking each others work, then signing?

Frens Vercel deciding emission rates and signing. You even get a special badge to rock in Discord :smiley: @HARDKOR

I’m down.

I’m addicted to trading TA, mostly because I have a driving need to understand how things work, so the inner realities of LP’s is a fun topic to me.